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autorun inf genarates every time

  • How to force a specific action of an autorun.inf stored on a USB device?January 19

    I would like to force the execution of a command on my external HDD Usb, without waiting that Windows XP provide me the context with all possible choices. Do you now if it is possible with some tweaking or registry or autorun.inf self? This is the co

  • Start a batch file silently from the autorun.infApril 19

    Is it possible to start a batch file silently with no window created from the autorun.inf? --------------Solutions------------- What you would probably have to do is code the autorun.exe (or whatever you want your .inf to start automatically) such th

  • Is there a robust way to vaccinate removable media against autorun.inf malware?September 27

    Where I live (Bolivia), it seems that around 2/3 of USB sticks that I encounter have malware that executes via autorun.inf and tries to infect the host machine. Most internet access here is conducted on public computers where security and malware pre

  • USB drive autorun.infOctober 11

    I've got 2 identical USB drives with identical files... including the autorun.inf. Yet upon insertion 1 comes up with the Autoplay menu & the other opens a usb contents window. Why would this occur? Is this Windows based behaviour - not how the USB i

  • How to use autorun.inf without upsetting anti-virus software?December 16

    I wish to use autorun.inf on a CD so that it auto-plays an installation package. But I know that anti-virus software doesn't like autorun.inf files. How can I use an autorun.inf file without upsetting anti-virus software? --------------Solutions-----

  • What is the code of autorun.inf?January 23

    I have just installed Ubuntu LTS (lucid lynx) 10.04.3 into my USB stick. But when I insert it to a computer in a computer shop, a program named autorun remover automatically removed the file autorun.inf, making Ubuntu LTS unusable. I want to make the

  • autorun.inf - not showing my program in the list of options?May 8

    I have a program thats called myApp.exe My inf file is this: [autorun] open=myApp.exe action=Run myApp icon=myApp.exe label=myApp The icon works and the label. But it won't show the .exe in the list of options when you plug the USB drive in. Everythi

  • creating autorun.inf for windows 7June 25

    I'm trying to create a dvd for an offline version of a site (for language learners) and would like it to autorun. However, it appears not to work on Windows 7. The autorun.inf file is only: [autorun] shellexecute=index.html Can anyone tell me why thi

  • Writing autorun.inf file for USB drive March 4

    This question already has an answer here: Is there any way to force a Windows 7 computer to process autoruns.inf on a USB stick? 1 answer I would like to write an autorun.inf file for my USB pen. My current autorun.inf file contains the following. Ho

  • AUTORUN.inf not workingMay 8

    Could sombody please tell me why my Autorun.inf is not working when i burn it to CD rom..? I have checked the fille names and they all exist? [autorun] open="VTS\TREADSTONE LT\TREADSTONE LT.bat" icon="VTS\TREADSTONE LT\ICO\TREADSTONE.ico&qu

  • "autorun.inf" autogenerated in each drive generates EXE and PIF files in Windows CP August 8

    This question already has an answer here: How can I remove malicious spyware, malware, adware, viruses, trojans or rootkits from my PC? 18 answers I have Windows XP SP2 installed on my laptop, its been infected by a virus, which creates autorun.inf i

  • How to prevent viruses from creating Autorun.inf in storage devices?September 3

    One of the solutions that I've come up with is to create a new folder named Autorun.inf inside the storage device and placing some dummy files inside it. So, whenever a virus tries the win32 api to delete autorun.inf as a file it will fail. However t

  • Preventing Avira from detecting Autorun.inf as a virus (everywhere)

    Preventing Avira from detecting Autorun.inf as a virus (everywhere)September 21

    I have created an autorun.inf to specify an icon and label for my removable drive. Unfortunately Avira detects it as a virus and won't let it show the icon or label. This is frustrating because I made the file myself, so I know it's clean! How can I

  • Autorun.inf to disable autoplayOctober 26

    So basically I have a usb drive, the goal is to disable the autoplay menu on any computer it is inserted into. Is there any way to use a flag in the Autorun.inf to disable autoplay so the device can be connected without any user prompt. It is difficu

  • Creating an install drive - can not open output file autorun.infDecember 19

    I am trying to make an install/boot drive for a computer that has no operating system and no optical drive. I used the ISO from Ubuntu.com and the burner from pendrivelinux.com. When the program starts writing to the flash drive, there is an error di

  • Windows creates autorun.inf when mounting samba shareMarch 8

    I'm running samba on my Linux machine. When I mount a samba share from Windows, such as my home directory, a file named autorun.inf will be created inside the mount. It seems to be a text file but horribly disfigured and even file claims it to be a b

  • Autorun.inf in Windows 8/8.1 for USB DrivesAugust 9

    I have created a file named autorun.inf to make one of my software setup run when the usb is plugged into Windows 8/8.1 OS . This is my autorun.inf code: [AutoRun] shellexecute="Mem.exe //It would be nice if i could add path to this like my Doc//mem.

  • Is placing an `autorun.inf` folder in a drive's root a good safety precaution?October 5

    Is it possible for viruses to use Windows' autorun.inf mechanism to start their execution? If so, is placing an autorun.inf folder a good safety precaution? My reasoning is that it can help in one fo two ways: Best case scenario, the virus cannot wri

  • Autorun.inf file modified by windowsFebruary 1

    I wrote a little Java app, wrapped it in a Windows executable, and burned it onto a DVD. Then, I stored an Autorun.inf file along with it, which has the following attributes: [autorun] label=Darts UseAutoPlay=0 icon=Darts.exe open=Darts.exe action=Pl

  • How to autorun files and scripts in Ubuntu when inserting a USB stick like autorun.inf in Windows?

    How to autorun files and scripts in Ubuntu when inserting a USB stick like autorun.inf in Windows?June 30

    Is there a way to execute a specific script or open a file with a particular program when inserting a USB stick on Ubuntu like the autorun.inf file in Windows ? If not, is there another way ? EDIT: According to the answer I got I have created a file

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