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ba4558 as low pass filter

  • Novice question about low-pass filterMarch 15

    I am trying to construct a simple low-pass filter for the following scenario: A high-voltage DC signal with lots of noise. I looked at Wikipedia's article on a simple passive low-pass filter. I understand how the capacitor "looks like a short" t

  • What's the sharpest frequency response for a non-causal low-pass filter whose step response doesn't overshoot?May 8

    Butterworth, Bessel, Chebychev, and sinc low-pass filters are used in various cases where there are different tradeoffs between having a uniformly-decreasing frequency response, a uniform phase response, a steep cutoff, or "brick-wall" response.

  • LF Low-pass filter for RFJuly 15

    I need to measure the RMS power in a DC-10KHz range of a signal that contains RF frequencies (up to 1GHz). My idea was to design a low-pass filter with 10KHz cut-off frequency, and then measure the RMS power by sampling with a MCU or using some trueR

  • Designing a low-pass filterOctober 4

    I want to design a low pass filter with common-mode choke that has a cutoff frequency of 100 Hz. This is going to be used in a bus 24V DC power system that will deliver 10A to the load. I want to use it to clear EMI, RF interference and noises. Since

  • 100W Low Pass Filter

    100W Low Pass FilterFebruary 17

    Currently I have a 60W amplifier for the 400-500MHZ band with a 50Ω impedance. In order to prevent jamming other frequencies I will need a low pass filter to block any frequencies above 500MHZ. I just made a full Internet search and haven't found any

  • how determine the RC time constant in PWM digital to analog low-pass filter?

    how determine the RC time constant in PWM digital to analog low-pass filter?July 1

    I 'm looking for the best RC time constant and its reason in a PWM to convert digital signal to analog based on duty-cycle and frequency and other parameters. PWM frequency is 10 kHz. --------------Solutions------------- The best RC is infinite, then

  • Low Pass Filter Design

    Low Pass Filter Design July 5

    Possible Duplicate: Injecting a communication signal over DC power supply lines I have a pretty simple circuit, but I need to send an output PWM signal through the same place I'm getting my voltage. The voltage is DC, so I figure since my PWM is an A

  • Recommended placement and routing of an RC Low pass filter

    Recommended placement and routing of an RC Low pass filterJuly 16

    What are the recommended placement and routing techniques for the following RC low pass filter circuit: I made an initial placement and routing that's shown below: Actually it's randomly placed and routed because I don't have any recommendations. Tha

  • Understanding the AVCC pin wiring on ArduinoLeonardo (low-pass filter?)

    Understanding the AVCC pin wiring on ArduinoLeonardo (low-pass filter?)July 20

    The Arduino Leonardo has an interesting difference with previous boards: the AVCC pin of the ATMEGA32U4 is connected to +5V through a MH2029-300Y ferrite beads and to GND through a 1uF capacitor. In ArduinoUno and ArduinoMega2560, this pin was simply

  • Audio to Low-Pass Filter to Comparator to LED = Fading LED based on the Frequency?November 14

    If I were to pass an audio signal through a Low-Pass filter with a cutoff frequency of 200 Hz (bass), and then send that signal to a comparator, then use this signal to drive an LED, would the LED be able to change its brightness based on the frequen

  • Canon 1Ds Mk II's scratched Low Pass filter. Now what?January 25

    Besides our workhorses (Canon 5D3 and 60D), we have an old camera - Canon 1Ds Mk II which has its OLPF scratched. That is, the camera works (ok, more or less because the signs of time are present on it - however is usable) without any problem for ape

  • How to clean an actual CMOS sensor? (Not the IR low pass filter)

    How to clean an actual CMOS sensor? (Not the IR low pass filter)February 5

    All of the "sensor cleaning" instructions I've found are actually for cleaning the IR low pass filter in front of it. Unfortunately, I've got a tiny bit of tape residue on the actual CMOS sensor of the camera. (Not to worry, this is a $40 camera

  • Q value of a passive single stage RC low pass filterFebruary 12

    I'm a student trying to understand filters. I would like to know what the Q value of a series RC low pass filter is. As far as I'm aware, one can't design for it, but I'd still like to know what it is! Surely it must have a Q value! Also, is it possi

  • When to use buffer/ low-pass filter on ADC input?February 17

    Sorry if this is a bit of a sophomoric question, but when should you buffer an ADC input, specifically from a potentiometer. I've seen circuits add a low-pass to the wiper/ ADC input.. is this only necessary if you have switching noise on the referen

  • Is a low load resistor a big problem in low pass filter and amplifier circuit

    Is a low load resistor a big problem in low pass filter and amplifier circuitMarch 2

    I am going to use AVR's PWM output signal to pass through a low pass filter (maybe plus an amplifier). I found the speaker has a quite low resistance (8 ohms). I tried to simulate my schematic on Orcad, obtaining very a low voltage signal on speaker

  • low pass filter design for accelerometer

    low pass filter design for accelerometerMarch 13

    I find the following code for a simple implementation of a low pass filter. #define alpha 0.1 accelX = (acceleration.x * alpha) + (accelX * (1.0 - alpha)); I have been experimenting with the value for alpha. But I want to know how exactly we can find

  • estimate SNR improvement due to filter bandwidth of low pass filterMay 22

    I facing a problem in GSM simulation. I am having a perfect GMSK modulated (I can assume that GMSK filter is 200kHz or 270 kHz band limited) signal in Tx path adding AWGN of 6dB SNR (Noise 6dB below Signal). I am passing this through a baseband filte

  • Low Pass Filter that can quickly turn on or off?June 19

    I may be pushing physics here so please tell me if I am. I have a signal I'm trying to anti-alias at 50Hz (sampling at 100Hz). The problem is my input signal is essentially an Amplitude Modified square wave that matches the sampling frequency with a

  • Using sox low pass filter with jackAugust 10

    How do I run sox with jack so that sox takes the input from jack, does something (in my case, a low pass filter) and outputs the processed stream to jack. sox foo.wav bar.wav lowp 1000.0 Will take an input wav and output to another wav, however I nee

  • LC Low Pass FIlter in Buck Converter

    LC Low Pass FIlter in Buck ConverterSeptember 7

    Hi In this circuit below: What role is the LC Low Pass filter playing? The switch is switching ON-OFF alternatively, at a frequency which determines the Duty cycle, and we get an average output at the point before L. Now why do we need to hook up an

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