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backup toto tv atv 1220

  • Trouble resizing LVM volume after expanding Areca 1220 RAID 5 arraySeptember 16

    Thanks ahead for any help. My original setup was an Areca 1220 RAID card with (5) 2TB drives in RAID 5 with a hot spare, making only 4 of them part of the array for a total of 6TB. I then created an LVM2 volume and mounted it as /storage (my root is

  • Socks and Backups: Two Things You Can Never Have Too Many Of!March 16

    There are some things in life that will always serve you well, many pairs of socks and a good solid backup procedure for your data. Ask yourself the question how many times have you been hit by a hard drive failure or data corruption and not had a ba

  • How can I backup an SQL server (2000 and 2005) database?April 30

    Currently we backup our MSSQL 2000 and 2005 databases using software to copy files to tape nightly. Database sizes are 14-16Gb and 500Mb. As SQL server can backup a database to a file would we be better scheduling SQL server to create a backup file a

  • Can someone tell me how to reliably backup over a network using TimeMachine, without a TimeCapsule?April 30

    I've got a huge server (running Ubuntu Linux) which has got a 2TB raid sitting there just begging for me to backup to it. I run netatalk to enable sharing via the AFP protocol to my Macs (all my client boxes are Macs pretty much) and had setup timema

  • How to have a transparent backup server for SVNApril 30

    A few friends and I were thinking about a project. We would need a server to for a SVN repository and storage for basic things, that we grab once in a while (lets say they are all art and sound files). How would I set the server so if it goes down fo

  • Backup Strategy for Small Group of Windows XP computersApril 30

    What is the best way to backup a small network (about 40 workstations) all running windows xp pro ? The machines are spread out over 2 large buildings so it would be nice to have a solution that could be maintained remotely. --------------Solutions--

  • rsyncing a bootable backupApril 30

    jwz mentions PSA: Backups a backup system that's fairly clever. Your backup method is to essentially restore to the replacement drive. This seems to work simply on OSX. What all do I need to do to adopt this guide to Ubuntu? --------------Solutions--

  • How to provide proper backups for multiple Linux based servers? [on hold]May 1

    There have been several questions related to providing backups, but most of them were either too specific, intended for home usage or Windows-based. What I'd like to hear: How do you ensure that all of your Linux servers are properly backed up? How o

  • Microsoft SQL server backup : restoring data to one tableMay 1

    Is there an easier way to restore data to single table in an MSSQL server, rather taking down the database and restoring the entire database? --------------Solutions------------- There is a third party product, LiteSpeed for SQL Server, which offers

  • How do I automatically run nightly backups for Microsoft SQL Server 2005?May 1

    I don't see any built in mechanism for scheduling nightly backups in SQL Server 2005. What tools are available to perform this task and how reliable are they? --------------Solutions------------- The SQL Server Agent will do it for you. There is even

  • Sync up VMWare Images on backup SANMay 1

    I added an additional iSCSI SAN as a backup to our existing ESX Server storage array (homegrown, so no fancy NetApp or EMC software to manage this). Any way to automagically sync up the VM images in case the primary SAN fails? (vranger?) ------------

  • Why is RAID not a backup?May 2

    When someone mentions RAID in a conversation about backups, invariably someone declares that "RAID is not a backup." Sure, for striping, that's true. But what's the difference between redundancy and a backup? --------------Solutions-------------

  • Automated file synchronization / backup across LAN or FTP in a Windows Server environment?May 2

    What is the best architecture for automating scheduled file synchronization / transfers for backup purposes in a windows server environment across either a LAN or the internet? I would like to automate nightly (or perhaps hourly) file synchronization

  • Data Protection Manager Offsite BackupMay 2

    Our current backup scheme is to backup all of our servers to a NAS device, and swap it out with another one occasionally. Of course, this is no fun to manage, so we've been evaluating Microsoft's DPM. So far, DPM looks like it will work great, but th

  • How do I responsibly dispose of backup tapes?May 4

    Our old tape drives have failed and we not using tapes for backup anymore. We still have a stack of DLT tapes with backups which may contain sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc. How do I responsibly dispose of

  • improving rsync backup performanceMay 4

    What are the best techniques to improve rsync over ssh mirroring between unix boxes, assuming that one system will always have the master copy and the other system will always have a recent copy (less than 48hrs old) Also, what would one have to do t

  • Powershell command to backup a SQL Server DBMay 5

    Is there a PowerShell command that will execute a backup of all databases on a server? Alternatively, can I call a stored proc from PowerShell (that will execute the backup)? --------------Solutions------------- if you are running sql server 2008 you

  • Best practices for backup checking?May 5

    It is a common situation, when administrator makes system for automatic backuping and forgets it. Only after a system fails administrator notices, that backup system has broken before or backups are unrestorable because of some fault and he has no cu

  • Can I use RSync to reliably backup a Vista computer to a Linux server?May 6

    I've got a computer running Vista x64 with a standard user account, but I can elevate to administrator to install a service or RSync software. I want to backup by data drive (d:) to a server running Ubuntu. How can I do this reliably with RSync? ----

  • How do I backup my TRAC installations?May 8

    We use separate TRAC instances as our ticket system for many projects and need to have them moved off site several times a day for disaster recovery. What is the best way to make this happen? Is there something similar to svnsync for subversion? ----

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