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bash csrutil not found

  • csrutil: command not found

    csrutil: command not foundOctober 30

    I am using a Mid 2012 MacBook and recently upgraded it to OS X 10.11 El Capitan. I was having trouble with it's new SIP feature and wanted to disable it. I tried to boot into OS X Internet Recovery using Cmd+R, which started Internet Recovery. When I

  • Best way to organise one's sh/bash/python/etc. scriptsSeptember 17

    What is the best way to organise the sh/bash/python scripts you collect and write on your system? --------------Solutions------------- I have all such scripts in ~/bin which also is a svn working for all the scripts I frequently use on multiple compu

  • how to check if a variable contains a value in bash shell October 23

    Using Bash, I have a string: string = "My string" How can I test if it contains another string? if [ $string ?? 'foo' ]; then echo "It's there!" fi Where ?? is my unknown operator. Do I use echo and grep? if echo "$string" |

  • Unable to use scp with a bash aliasMarch 9

    This code does not work: scp ~/Desktop/favicon.ico nameOfBashAlias:/public_html/mySite/templates/blog/ The alias is: alias nameOfBashAlias='ssh [email protected]' How do I solve this problem? Edit Is something similar to the following code poss

  • how to preform a Mid Function in BashMay 5

    I'm trying parse the text of a string in bash which I then can throw a case selection at, but I'm having the biggest trouble trying to figure how to do it. In VB I know its real easy like someString = "Hey there" Select Case Mid(someString,1,5)

  • Unique Features of bash compared to zshMay 5

    I have been a zsh user for quite some time (before that tcsh and before that csh). I am quite happy with it, but was wondering if there are any compelling features of bash that do not exist in zsh. And conversely, are there zsh features which do not

  • Bash script parametersMay 6

    I need to write a bash script, and would like it to parse unordered parameters of the format: scriptname --param1 <string> --param2 <string> --param3 <date> Is there a simple way to accomplish this, or am I pretty much stuck with $1, $2,

  • How to determine if a bash variable is empty?May 12

    What is the best way to determine if a variable in bash is empty ("")? I have heard that it is recommended that I do if [ "x$variable" = "x" ] Is that the correct way? (there must be something more straightforward) ----------

  • What is the difference between a 'Login' and an 'Interactive' bash shellMay 16

    What is the difference between a 'Login' and an 'Interactive' bash shell? I have quoted Wikipedia below but can anybody give a better answer? EDIT: This is a community wiki so maybe rather than voting to close you could provide examples of which situ

  • bash code in rc.local not executing after bootupMay 18

    Does anyone know why a system would not execute the script code within rc.local on bootup? I have a post configuration bash script that I want to run after the initial install of VMware ESX (Red Hat), and for some reason it doesn't seem to execute. I

  • BASH Shell Scripting assistance, backup script extracts meta data from filename & moves file accordinglyMay 26

    So I need to build a shell script (a skill I am rubbish at, I think too linearly and make everything a pipe) that will connect to a remote machine to a specific directory slurp up all the files older than 5 minutes, extract information from the file'

  • How to make bash scripts print out every command before it executes?May 31

    For example, I have a simple bash file #!/bin/bash cd ~/hello ls How can I make it display every command before executing it? Just the opposite effect of "@echo off" in windows batch scripting. --------------Solutions------------- bash -x script

  • In bash how do you delete a partial word similar to ctrl-wJune 7

    Say I have a directory with one file in it mylongfilename.blahdeblah.txt now the keystrokes mv [tab] [tab] will result in mv mylongfilename.blahdeblah.txt mylongfilename.blahdeblah.txt on my command line What I'd now like to do is type something in t

  • Permanent SSH Connection via Bash Script?June 12

    I have two OpenSolaris servers. The remote server has a MySQL database. MySQL is configured with skip-networking; so, I can't access that database from the first server by simply using the hostname and port. I must have an ssh tunnel setup to connect

  • BASH shell session logging on remote host

    BASH shell session logging on remote hostJune 14

    What's the best method of logging a BASH shell session to a file on the host machine? The preferred output format would be equivalent to PuTTY's "printable output" log setting, as viewed by the user inclusive of input and exlusive of ncurses con

  • Bash command for regular expression substitutionJune 15

    What bash command can be used for regex substitution on a pipe? cat foo.txt | someprogram --------------Solutions------------- You probably want sed 's/exp1/exp2/g' foo.txt > foo2.txt Read more at Sed tutorial, Another tutorial, and A small tutorial

  • Colors in bash after piping through less?June 16

    When I have dircolors defined life is full of... color. When I pipe ls through less to scroll around I lose the colors. Any suggestions? --------------Solutions------------- Most likely your ls is aliased to ls --color=auto, which tells ls to only us

  • Bash shell snippet to check if mounted Samba share is not busyJune 24

    #!/bin/sh mount -t cifs // -o password='' /mnt/tera_nas rsync -av --super --delete --recursive /home/ /mnt/tera_nas/home/ # sleep 5m (i want to avoid using this) # Bash shell snippet to check if mounted Samba share is not busy befor

  • Is there a way to configure bash to always page output?June 25

    I'd like to configure bash to page the output of all commands. Essentially, I want bash to behave as if every command I enter ended with '| less'. Is this possible? --------------Solutions------------- You could do this: $ bind '"\C-j": "|l

  • Bash snippet for apache error log to show what URLS are causing 404s?June 30

    I have a standard apache error log file. I would like to see what URLs are causing 404s, since I have moved this site around and I want to find bad links. Can anyone recommend a bash snippet that will parse this log using awk or something to show me

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