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bcmon for gold 300

  • summing values that match text criteraDecember 20

    I have a need to create an Excel Sheet that can compare a column of employees' names to a second sheet that has a certain number of monetary figures, as such: list of specific employees who's profit I need to figure on Sheet 1 Bob Smith John Doe Jane

  • Adobe Wins Gold in Online Olympics

    Adobe Wins Gold in Online OlympicsAugust 6

    When the Games of the XXIX Olympiad begin at the end of this week in Beijing, it will be the most web tech heavy Olympic Games ever put on. 5,000 hours of streaming video coverage will be pushed out on the web from Beijing, so much that 95% of CIOs t

  • How do I identify identify if a resistor is 300 or 1k?

    How do I identify identify if a resistor is 300 or 1k? October 14

    This question already has an answer here: How to find the resistor value using the color codes? 5 answers I got an Arduino-compatible board from this indiegogo campaign and the kits come with 10 330-resistors and 10 1k-resistors, but I don't know how

  • MySQL 5 Closing in on GoldApril 24

    The MySQL universe gets one of its biggest injections of momentum every year at the annual user's conference, just ended this past week for 2005. Sure to please fans of the database, MySQL AB co-founders David Axmark and Monty Widenius announced that

  • Reset Acer WT 300 thin client admin passwordJune 20

    I have an Acer WT 300 thin client that boots Windows CE. I purchased this device several years ago at an auction and need to reset the administration password so that I can alter the network configuration. When I press F2 at the Terminal Connection M

  • VMware - clone -vs- templating a gold master serverSeptember 12

    I'm a little confused. I have just completed making a "gold" master VM server that I'll be using for making new servers. To make new servers based on this gold master.... Should I simply clone the gold master? -or- Should I create a template and

  • Two public IPs behind a cable-modem using D-Link DIR-300October 5

    I have a cable-modem connection to the internet and I bought a router in order to share my internet connection betwen my laptop and my PC. The router I bought is D-Link DIR-300. The first weird thing I notice after connecting all the wires and cables

  • Disconnect LAN computer from modem with admin priviliges (D-link Dir-300)

    Disconnect LAN computer from modem with admin priviliges (D-link Dir-300)December 13

    i would like to know how to disconnect a persons computer from a local network when i have admin priviliges on the modem, the computer i wish to disconnect is connected to the modem by a LAN cable, im using "D-link Dir-300" --------------Solutio

  • View more than last 300 errors in error log? December 30

    cPanel only shows the last 300 errors in the error log, how can I view the entire log, or at least more than that? This is on a dedicated server with root access, so I assume there is a file somewhere with the entire thing if it can't just be viewed

  • Very long ( 300s) request processing time on Apache Server serving static content from particular IP'sJanuary 20

    We are running an Apache 2.2 server for a very large web site. Over the past few months we have been having some users reporting slow response times, while others (including our resources, both on the internal network and our home networks) do not se

  • VoIP phone recommendation with good speakerphone under $300 January 26

    I'm looking for about a dozen VoIP phones for a small office. Criteria: Not Polycom (terrible support) Under $300 USD Good speakerphone quality Any brands/models you would recommend based on your experience? --------------Solutions------------- We're

  • How do I generate 300 lists of 12 numbers between 1 and 33 without repeats in excelFebruary 5

    I am conducting a study in which each of the 300 participants are rating 12 prototypes each. We have 33 prototypes in total. How would I generate 300 lists each containing 12 random prototypes from the 33 in excel ensuring that no list contains a dup

  • Easy way to move 300+ IIS sites to new Application Pools?March 17

    I have a ton (about 300) of IIS sites on a server that need to be moved to a new Application Pool. I could do it programmatically using the C# DirectoryEntry class, but I'm wondering if there's any easier way? --------------Solutions------------- ADS

  • Optimal Configuration for five 300 GB 15K SAS DrivesJune 10

    I recently acquired an HP Z800 workstation that has five 300 GB 15K SAS Drives. This system will be dedicated to running multiple virtual machines under VMware Workstation (Note: I'm not using ESXi because I do plan to use the system for other purpos

  • PHOTOSHOP - combining 300 PNGs with the same backgroundJune 18

    I have 300 PNG images with transparency and one background image. All have the same size. I need to combine each of the 300 PNGs with the background and save as a new PNG. So, I need to create 300 new images created combining 1.png over the backgroun

  • 99designs Champions Win Gold for Australia

    99designs Champions Win Gold for AustraliaJune 20

    Hot off the back of their recent Webby award, two members of the team from 99designs were instrumental in winning gold for Australia, as the Codaroos took out this year's annual FullCodePress international website-in-a-day competition. In the Welling

  • Can anyone review the Yashica 300 AutoFocus SLR?August 9

    I recently inherited a Yashica 300 Autofocus SLR. Because the camera was manufactured (1993) before we had online reviews of anything (cameras, books, TV's, etc.), I can't find any reviews on whether it's a good camera in general or if it's good for

  • How does Canon EF 75-300 f/4-5.6 III USM perform for photographing distant objects?August 13

    Does anyone have and could share experiences with the use of? I can buy cheap lens Canon EF 75-300 f/4-5.6 III USM for my Canon EOS 550D What I have found yet is that it hasn't IS and is quite old and how about sharpness and light? f/4-5.6 is a bit m

  • How can I download MacTeX when every time I download it the download fails between 100 and 300 megs out of 1.5 gigs?September 20

    I've somehow managed to download this onto a computer over a year ago but now when I try to do it, every mirror I try (all over the world; I'm in US but tried US mirror first obviously) eventually stops transmitting data around 100 to 300 megs throug

  • Do you have advice for buying my first lens after kit 18-55mm (sub-$300)?

    Do you have advice for buying my first lens after kit 18-55mm (sub-$300)?September 26

    I'm looking to buy my first lens beyond the kit 18-55mm for my Pentax K-x. As a student my budget limits me to around a sub $300 offering. I am new to photography, and so I have a hard time answering the typical 'what kind of photography do you like

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