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  • Problem in Recurring payment using money scirptsDecember 10

    we offered 20% discount last year and I've just received a recurring payment and it should be for full amount but its the same payment as last year. It just means if people renew their membership we lose on 20% of each membership fee. Am using MS Cor

  • scirpt problemMarch 25

    What i do wrong??? #!/bin/bash PROXY=`ping -c 1 | grep 100` if [ ! "$PROXY" ] then { if [ $chk=1 ] then { echo OK chk=1 } else if [ $chk=0 ] then { echo "gnet still down" } else echo "gnet down" | sendmail [email

  • in Shell Scirpt I want to use ::ssu USERNAMESeptember 1

    I want to ssu or alternate command in shell script. However it's asking for password in middle of shell script. I don't want to do that. Any alternate command or suggestion? E.g. ssu <username> cp -r /path/ ksh wrapper.ksh after finish wrapper.ksh,

  • include an php scirpt for each request September 23

    I wonder if it is possible and include a php script that always runs for each file. I should not have to include the php script from the php file, but I want to be able to include a script that always runs from the php.ini or something similar. -----

  • Centrally Deploying a wireless SSIDDecember 10

    So I want deploy a WPA2-Personal SSID that our managed clients will already have the network settings setup for(windows vista and windows 7 x64). I also want to deploy the network configuration via gpo so I can avoid touching the hundrids of machines

  • Linux Command Line Find and Replace HexApril 9

    Is there a command line Linux tool that will find and replace Hex representation of data in a binary file? Example Usage? For example: 's/00FF00FFFF06500B49/11BB00BFFF06500B49/g' --------------Solutions------------- Perl Scirpt: my $find_packed = pac

  • No ARP reply on tap0 (KVM bridged networking)July 30

    I wanted to assign an external IP address to my KVM guest and went the bridged networking way. Unfortunately the guest has no network connectivity and I don't know why. After investigating it seems that it doesn't get any reply for it's ARP requests.

  • Is there a way to display the number of messages for any label in the Gmail label list?August 30

    The Gmail sidebar displays the list of our labels (or some of them, according to settings). Next to every label name there is a number showing how many unread messages we have for that label. Is there a way to display also the total number of message

  • How did JavaScript become popular?

    How did JavaScript become popular?December 22

    In ancient history, Brendan Eich had a language design, and in today's world, JavaScript is a popular language implemented and used in many different places. What caused the language to become popular? Was it the C-like syntax familiar to previous pr

  • Bluetooth file transfer in shell scriptMarch 8

    I'd like to send files to my phone via bluetooth using a bash script or something similar. The ussp-push utility works, but I find it is much slower than the "Send To" option in gnome. Is there a way to use gnome's bluetooth functionality from a

  • How to execute php script using drush?August 23

    I am new to Drush. How can I execute this script to remove comments of a specific user? $uid = xx // the spam users id; $query = db_query("SELECT cid FROM {comments} WHERE uid = %d", $uid); while($cid = db_result($query)) { comment_delete($cid);

  • Adobe Flash Player installation progress always stopps at 12%November 16

    I can download the file flash player http://aihdownload.adobe.com/bin/install_flashplayer11x32_mssd_aih.exe I use Windows 7. Java Scirpt is activated. No Virus scanner is installed. I have a 32 Bit device. But in Firefox and Opera it sto

  • How can at execute a command from the command lineDecember 15

    How can I schedule a command using at without having to include the command in a distict file, neither from the mini at shell that reads from standard input? That is I want to execute the command find /path -name "pattern" > output.lst after

  • timeout package for centosJanuary 6

    I am running a cron job which often hangs and does not respond. The same problem was mentioned at stackoverflow I need timeout command for centos as suggested in this answer. Link for ubuntu timeout command. --------------Solutions------------- It's

  • Wordpress getting css and script files from client machine rather than the server machine

    Wordpress getting css and script files from client machine rather than the server machineJanuary 10

    I'm a noob Wordpress user and I'm having an odd problem. I managed to install Wordpress edit the wp-config file and everything. However when I browse my site from a remote machine no css or script files are loaded, although I can see the html page wi

  • Using DNS entries to determine locationMarch 20

    I'm trying to think of a clean way to determine the location of machines (mainly, which datacenter they belong to) based on their network settings. I would like it to be dynamic, and I'm thinking of using special DNS records that would be specific to

  • Can i make a launcher shortcut perform different actions based on a conditionJune 29

    What i want to do is pretty simple to understand. I want the same launcher shortcut to act like a ON/OFF swith for eg. Like suppose i have made a launcher to start LAMPP with the command gksudo /opt/lampp/lampp start This works properly to start lamp

  • Global proxy settings for windows 7 not stickingJuly 26

    I'm on a company network that requires a proxy to access the outside world. I just got a new Windows 7 machine and for some reason my settings never stick. To start with I'd enter the proxy settings and they would just be ignored (most of the time, e

  • How do I semi-automatically guess Wifi passwords?July 31

    In some travel destinations, free wireless APs with simple WEP or WPA PSK passwords are common place. Every hotel, cafe, and so on has one. However, language barriers can make it difficult to communicate the password. Common mistakes include "A"

  • Unity3D: default parameters in C# scriptSeptember 8

    Accordingly to this thread, it seems that default parameters aren't supported by C# script in Unity3D environment. Declaring an optional parameter in a C# scirpt makes Mono Ide complaint about it: void Foo(int first, int second = 10) // this line is

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