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Bitbake on Ubuntu 14.04

  • install bitbake ubuntu 14.04November 23

    I have not seen any bitbake package exist in ubuntu software center or sudo apt-get install bitbake also not working. Can someone help me to install bitbake on ubuntu14.04? Thanks

  • Checksum failed while bitbakeDecember 16

    I am using ubuntu 12.04 to build gumstix-microwindows-image. However I am getting this error when I do bitbake gumstix-microwindows-image NOTE: Handling BitBake files: | (4957/4958) [99 %]ERROR: opening /home/hassam/gumstix/gumstix-oe/user.collection

  • An Hob ERROR: Timeout while attempting to communicate with bitbake serverJuly 30

    I used hob edited recipes (added iptables,curl,python,tar..) based on image core-image-full-cmdline. Then build packages,and all succeeded. When I build Image,occured an error: Hob found an error hob Exception- And the message in the log file like be

  • Ubuntu Add-Ons with PHP

    Ubuntu Add-Ons with PHPAugust 16

    The family album has been growing and coping with the volume of images, stored under Ubuntu is becoming a problem. With the attitude – "waste time to save time" – started exploring the options for some kind of digital workflow to automate whatev

  • How do I add a user to multiple groups in Ubuntu?September 2

    What's the command line utility and the arguments it requires? --------------Solutions------------- The utility is usermod and is used like: usermod -a -G group1,group2 username Where username is the user you want to modify and group1 and group2 are

  • How do I prevent GDM from running at boot on Ubuntu?September 16

    I have a Ubuntu (Hardy Heron) sever that currenlty boots up and runs gnome. I would like to make it so that when it boots it only goes into text-mode (e.g. the x server never starts) I tried: sudo update-rc.d -f gdm remove without any avail...how can

  • Error "broken packages" when installing GVim on UbuntuMarch 1

    Trying to install GVim on Ubuntu 8.10, I get the following error message: $sudo apt-get install vim-gtk -- The following packages have unmet dependencies: vim-gtk: Depends: libgtk2.0-0 (>= 2.15.0) but 2.14.4-0ubuntu2 is to be installed E: Broken pack

  • Package an existing Ubuntu installation into an ISO imageApril 1

    How would you pack a current installation of Linux to a bootable ISO image? What I'm trying to do is have my current Ubuntu installation on a DVD and whenever I'm using a different computer, I could boot from the DVD and have my whole environment alr

  • How can I configure unattended installation of Ubuntu?April 30

    I'd like to configure an installer for Ubuntu which runs in 'unattended' mode and answers all the questions with defaults or pre-configured settings. Ideally it should run and reboot on it's own, resulting in a working system with no user input. Redh

  • Ubuntu, how to setup a new machine like an existing oneApril 30

    I have one machine setup with the apps I need, and I'd like to install the same on a new Ubuntu box. Is there a script that will list all the installed apps, so that I can diff between the boxes and so add the missing items? Thanks in advance, Chris

  • ubuntu 9 index corruptedMay 1

    I upgraded to Ubuntu 9 and I am now getting this error: Tracker applet There was an error while performing indexing Index corrupted. I've tried re-indexing, but the problem still shows up. Does anyone have any ideas? --------------Solutions----------

  • Installing Subversion on OpenSuse or Ubuntu for Linux newbieMay 1

    I currently sell a program to admin the Subversion server on Windows. I had several customers ask me, if my program could admin a Linux box through a mapped Samba drive. I need to setup a test server in VMWare. Linux is pretty easy to setup nowadays.

  • Are PERC 5/i RAID controller drivers available and easily installed on Ubuntu 9.04?May 1

    We are looking to migrate a Dell PowerEdge 1950 with PERC 5/i RAID controller from an aging Windows 2000 Server installation to a modern Linux distro, probably Ubuntu 9.04. I have come across some discussions regarding drivers for these RAID controll

  • How can I install Ubuntu from a Kubuntu installation?May 2

    I've installed Kubuntu in a laptop but I like to use Ubuntu instead. Is there some way to install Ubuntu without having to reinstall the whole thing from scratch? I've been trying to find documentation about this on the net but nobody seems to have t

  • Ubuntu PPPoE connection timeoutMay 2

    I am trying to setup my internet connection on Ubuntu 9, but I am having some dificulties with it. I managed to get it working but it continuously disconnects and reconnects. Here's what I get immediately after a connection : [email protected]

  • Is it safe to upgrade an Ubuntu 8.10 Server to the latest release?May 2

    The server is running Apache, Subversion, and Atlassian Confluence. Can this be upgraded safely, and if so, what is the command line? I'd like to stay on a more recent version of the platform but make as few problems for myself as possible. ---------

  • update a network of ubuntu desktops from a serverMay 4

    I need to update 100+ workstations that run ubuntu. The problem is that i want them to download the packages from a local server so that they don't use to much internet bandwidth. I net a kind of caching proxy for this that downloads a specific packa

  • Install a mysql-cluster 5.1 in ubuntu 9.04May 4

    I have 4 servers with Ubuntu 9.04 I want to install mysql-cluster 5.1 but the package in the ubuntu repository doeas not have ndb binaries. What is the beast way to install mysql 5.1 with ndb binaries in ubuntu 9.04 --------------Solutions-----------

  • usb flash size decreased from 32 Gb to 5 Mb (after trying ubuntu) May 4

    Out of the box, Windows will not allow you to partition a USB Thumb / Flash Drive. How can you do this? In case anyone is wondering Why you would do this? It's interesting in the case of a BitLocker ToGo drive where you can take a large thumbdrive (l

  • Howto install recent mono on a Linux distro other than Suse (e.g. Debian/Ubuntu)?May 5

    How does one go about installing a recent version of mono on a linux distro other than Novell's Suse? http://www.mono-project.com/Main_Page promises a "Linux" download, but they 'only' offer downloads for Suse and links to outdated versions of m

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