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bleeder resistor for 10000uf 30v

  • Bleeder resistor: switch resistance on when capacitor is powered off? October 5

    Possible Duplicate: How to discharge smoothing capacitors? I have an aluminum capacitor (~600-800uF) smoothing a DC current (~60-70V, ~50-70mA). I have a resistor in parallel to drain the capacitor when powered off. It is important that this capacito

  • Switched bleeder resistor on a capacitive power supply

    Switched bleeder resistor on a capacitive power supplyOctober 10

    I posted a more vague version of this question a few days ago here and this question was linked as being similar. Answers in both threads were extremely helpful and were along the lines I was thinking, namely using a transistor or FET to switch the r

  • Is a bleeder resistor on a small circuit mandatory at the decoupling capacitors?

    Is a bleeder resistor on a small circuit mandatory at the decoupling capacitors?July 29

    I have this basic circuit with an MSP430 (The outputs go to LEDs) I have noticed a strange (to me, not saying much though) circumstance. In this circuit, I always have to wait around 20 seconds or manually short out the capacitor (when it's off) to g

  • Discharge / Bleeder resistorsJanuary 28

    I need to size and build a bleeder resistor network or could be as simple as two bleed resistors....im not sure but I have an application where a we have a step up transformer from 120VAC single phase to circa 1200VAC on the O/P side. When we power u

  • Arduino + Escudo + EL Wire on analog port: need pull-up-down resistor?

    Arduino + Escudo + EL Wire on analog port: need pull-up-down resistor?October 25

    I am using a pair of El Escudo boards on my arduino. I've stacked them and fed the digital I/O pins to the first one and manually wired the analog pins to the second one. All works fine - sort of. I wanted more than eight wire segments, so I thought

  • How to select value of resistor to dicharge a capacitor? August 28

    This question is an exact duplicate of: Discharging a 10kV capacitor [closed] How to set the value of bleeder resistor to dicharge 10kV capacitor, which has capacitance value of \$5\mu\$F? --------------Solutions------------- The relation between mom

  • Resistor between Line and Neutral in SMPS

    Resistor between Line and Neutral in SMPSApril 9

    In Below SMPS Circuit ( Credit to:- NXP SMPS Design Tool ), in Red mark what is function of this resistor and why mid point of register is connected to Aux biasing of transformer. Thanks in advance. --------------Solutions------------- The resistors

  • capacitor and resistor combination

    capacitor and resistor combinationJune 21

    I'm currently working on some simple circuits to learn about circuitry, and being a Physics major I have a pretty good grasp of the mathematics and concepts, but I'm a little confused about capacitors. I understand how they work, but am curious about

  • active bleeder circuit for capacitor discharge

    active bleeder circuit for capacitor dischargeJanuary 28

    I have a circuit with a large capacitor, a solenoid and an N-channel FET fed by a 60VDC supply. When I trigger the FET the capacitor discharge activates the solenoid. This all works as expected (there are additional components -- resistors and diodes

  • Wiring a DC socket - why three pins?

    Wiring a DC socket - why three pins?February 26

    I have this DC socket: Which I intend to wire up to a circuit to provide power. I have a DC power supply which has a positive tip polarity. I'm good to go and wire up the socket but I am a little stuck as there are 3 pins on my socket. From the look

  • How to discharge smoothing capacitors?April 6

    I have a simple 12V 10 A power supply with just a transformer and a rectifier. After doing some research and simulations, I've added 3 10 mF capacitors in parallel to smooth out the output. My problem is that after turning the supply off, capacitors

  • Safety of opening a PSUOctober 10

    In a question posted recently here on SU the answer came up saying to "Never open a power supply, it has no user servicable parts". Mine has a cable barely touching the PSU fan (I recon) and I dislike this greatly. What actions should I take to

  • Dangers of Old ATX Power Supplies?

    Dangers of Old ATX Power Supplies?November 19

    I was tearing open an old ATX power supply from one of my old computers today, because it was making a funny high-pitched wining noise. I noted that several of the components within were starting fuse together into a sort of electronics mush. My thou

  • Basic ESD common sense for breadboarding and 300+ component storage?November 23

    I've purchased a large batch of items, varying from capacitors to potentiometers to ICs and would not like to ruin the investment in a careless mistake. I have a metal filing cabinet from IKEA that sits between the carpet and my wooden desk, would th

  • Do capacitors automatically release their energy over time?

    Do capacitors automatically release their energy over time?May 24

    Will a capacitor automatically release its energy over time? Or will it stay in there until manually discharged? So let's say I've had an old computer sitting around for a year and decide to take every piece apart... am I in danger of being shocked b

  • Where should I put the fuse in this circuit ? Critic the design

    Where should I put the fuse in this circuit ? Critic the designJuly 8

    I've the following circuit , that used to measure the current through shunt resistance , The circuit have analog & digital ground , the terminals 1 ,2 ,3 are for AC source . I need to protect this circuit from shorts . So where's the right place to p

  • Automatically discharging capacitor

    Automatically discharging capacitor January 14

    Say I have a capacitor of 100uF connected to 2Volts battery supply (In real circuit, this will be a solar panel exposed in the sun)... After some time, the capacitor will be charged fully with a voltage of 2Volts across its leads.. Now, How do I auto

  • Arduino Time.h - Resets on Serial Connection for SyncMarch 17

    I realize and understand the problem with arduino boards resetting whenever you open a serial connection as stated and answered here. However, because of that I'm trying to figure out how various arduino-based clocks can actually handle a time sync o

  • Lithium Ion charging problems - power outagesApril 18

    Does any one know if general charge circuits for lithium ion batteries suffer from this problem: -Flat Battery put on to charge. -A power outage of long duration occurs (say 8 hours). -When power comes back on, the charger won't charge. -The charge r

  • I want to build a portable railgun and I'm a complete rookie May 15

    I'd like to enter the world of electronic hobbies by making a railgun, and so far I know that I understand the basics of the device and that I need high amounts of direct current. However, I am puzzled, as to where to begin calculating. I'd like to s

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