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  • YEOMAN + BOWER: "EINVALID - Failed to read Z:\bower.json"January 21

    I've just installed Yeoman, along with related dependencies (Karma, Grunt CLI, PhantomJS, Jasmine, etc.) When running the AngularJS generator, I seem to be getting the following error: bower EINVALID Failed to read Z:\bower.json Warning: Error: Canno

  • What, if anything, to do about bow-shaped burndowns?November 17

    I've started to notice a recurring pattern to our team's burndown charts, which I call a "bowstring" pattern. The ideal line is the "string" and the actual line starts out relatively flat, then curves down to meet the target like a bow

  • Package Management for the Browser with BowerDecember 31

    Bower is a package manager for the browser. Developed by Twitter, and available via npm, it means the days of manually managing your client-side JavaScript packages could soon be a thing of the past. To install Bower you'll need to have Node and NPM

  • How to draw a bow-tie risk diagram

    How to draw a bow-tie risk diagramApril 18

    I'd like to draw some bow-tie diagrams, which are diagrams for modelling risk, particularly for businesses like oil and gas and transport. In the centre, there is a "top event", and there are zero or more "threats" and "consequenc

  • How do I make an arrow line up with a bow when rotating them?

    How do I make an arrow line up with a bow when rotating them?April 24

    I am trying to create a bow and arrow animation in which the player can drag downwards to increase the bow strength (see the image) and release it to hit a target. I can't get the arrow to align with the bow when the arrow's height is changed (third

  • Install CKeditor using BowerOctober 12

    I am struggling to install ckeditor with Bower, I have tried a bunch of different things but each time I end up with just a .bower.json file and a Readme file or index file. I never get more than 2 files :( I am able to install other packages just fi

  • Can't get bower working - bower ESUDO Cannot be run with sudoOctober 25

    I get the following error when I run bower: bower ESUDO Cannot be run with sudo Thing is, I'm not running bower with sudo. The command I run is: bower install foo or bower search cats I am logged in as root to an Ubuntu 12.04 server but I am not usin

  • How to show the bow string stretching animation (?)November 22

    I was wondering how the animation in the angry birds of pulling the slingshot is done. One similar animation is available in this game but with a bow and arrow. I think both of them use the almost similar technique for it. I tried to search for this

  • Why should I use Bower? January 20

    I can fully appreciate the benefits of a package manager like Python's pip, Node's npm, or Ruby Gems since they're doing much more than adding files to your applications path. Maybe I'm missing the point, or I'm being obtuse, but here are the negativ

  • bower package installation issues with git / httpsFebruary 13

    Here is my OS: (But installed in my laptop using VM - Virtualbox via vagrant) Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS Release: 12.04 Codename: precise The problem I am facing is that when I try to do: bower install jquery I am getting

  • Maintain setgid bit (after bower install or gulp build)May 5

    We run web servers where we have the following situation: The www-data user runs the web server and must have read+write access to the files The deploy user deploys all the code The bob and alice users might login via ssh and change configurations lo

  • bower install does nothing, not even throw an errorAugust 6

    I am on Ubuntu 14.04. I did sudo apt-get install npm. Then I did npm install -g bower, which was successful. With which npm, I get /usr/bin/npm/. With which bower, I get /usr/local/bin/bower. I cloned a github repository which had a bower.json. I try

  • What does a "sad face with a bow tie" represent?

    What does a "sad face with a bow tie" represent? September 7

    Some trains in the Madrid metro network have small metal boxes with this sign on them: There are no other signs on the box and some signs only have the "bow tie". I'm guessing it's two Zener diodes head-to-head and some sort of switch, with a ra

  • use `bower init` within MinTTYSeptember 10

    I'm trying to use bower init from a MinTTY shell on Windows 8.1 x64 but I get this error: sh-3.1$ bower init bower ENOINT Register requires an interactive shell How can I use this command inside MinTTY? --------------Solutions------------- This is be

  • Mac node npm can not setup bowerNovember 19

    I try to setup up bower on my Mac Pro. Info: Mac OS X 10.9.5 node v0.10.5 npm 1.2.18 The command i use is: sudo npm install -g bower The install doesn't work and i get the following error: Last login: Tue Nov 18 16:31:37 on ttys001 wutianzhitekiMacBo

  • Do I need Bower for front end dependencies when I am already using composer?January 1

    I use composer for PHP dependencies. I was under the impression that for front end dependencies I should use Bower. So, I installed Bower and loaded my FE dependencies (Bootstrap, jQuery) using that. I then manually symlink to the libraries as follow

  • Is this the correct way to use BowerJanuary 2

    I'm using Bower whereby I run bower install and it downloads dependency files to /bower_components directory. Then, I create symlinks from my /public/.. directories to the dist files: mypc:/var/www/myproject/public/js$ ls -l total 8 lrwxrwxrwx 1 tom

  • Violin bow position tracking with SMD LEDs and photoresistors

    Violin bow position tracking with SMD LEDs and photoresistorsFebruary 2

    Objective: Marking labels indicating the positions of the violin bow on an acoustic signal, for example, a single musical note played by a full-length bow. The following video shows the example I am talking about, please just take a look from 1:00 to

  • Mac alias for npm install && bower installFebruary 13

    How can I assign this alias to my new mac with Yosemite? alias in = "npm install && bower install" --------------Solutions------------- Add the alias directive to your ~/.bashrc file. You'll need to remove the spaces around the = symbol

  • How to handle karma/bower in a Symfony Bundle on github?March 13

    i am working on a Symfony Bundle that uses angular among other javascript deps. Now i want to unit-test my javascript code and i want to ship those tests as well. My initial idea was to add bower.json and karma config to allow to run the tests if you

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