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  • How to browse/find telegram channels and bots?October 9

    Imagine I would like to join a channel that is about Food. I can't find a way to search for it and find one. Of course channel should be public, but where/how should I search to find channels and bots on telegram? I tried Googling with site:telegram.

  • Monitoring Telegram Channel joins and leaves by botFebruary 1

    How can I access to a Telegram channel Member joins and leave notifications with a bot registered as channel admin? --------------Solutions------------- You can't do this using Telegram Bot API (Technically not possible as of 03 Feb 2016). Bots (if s

  • As a telegram bot, what is the best way to authenticate the owner of a telegram channel?January 17

    Is there a way for a telegram bot to know who is the administrator of a channel? One way to do this is to send a verification code to channel admin and ask the admin to confirm the code. I couldnt find any API that allows sending a message to channel

  • Telegram add member to channel by bot apiJanuary 19

    I have seen this question, but unfortunately no one answered: How to add user to my telegram channel by telegram api? I have created a bot and a channel in telegram. Then I added the bot to channel's administrators. How can I add members to channel b

  • Changing protocol handler in google chrome, opening a Telegram link

    Changing protocol handler in google chrome, opening a Telegram linkOctober 16

    I installed Telegram Desktop for Linux 64-bit. To join a Telegram channel, when a channel URL is opened in google chrome (e.g. telegram.me/channel_name) the browser prompts and asks which application should handle the protocol. But it has chosen xdg-

  • Why telegram does not send message to webhook?February 8

    Using node-telegram-bot-api on my VPS, I'm trying to get message from a telegram channel. Here is the code: var TelegramBot = require ( 'node-telegram-bot-api'); var token = '1793xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'; var __dirname ='/etc/nginx/ssl' var options = {

  • Is there a way to watch satellite channels on PC for free? August 16

    Is there a way to watch satellite channels on PC for free? I am talking about some specific free-to-air channels. I have technical details like satellite, band, transpoder Number, Downlink frequency etc. of the channel. Is there a way I could transla

  • How to adjust Aspect Ratio in Windows Media CenterAugust 21

    Is there any way of adjusting the aspect ratio of movies I view in Windows Media Center on Windows 7 RTM x64? Any hidden features? Any brilliant light weight plugins? Using Shark007 Codecs, and otherwise just default Media Center and Media Player. I

  • Can somebody tell me how to download patches for RHEL that I can burn to disc?April 28

    How would I go about downloading the patches from somewhere without actually installing them so that I can burn them to disc and install them on machines that don't have any internet connectivity? --------------Solutions------------- The official ans

  • SSH tunnel over 2 serversDecember 9

    I used the following command to create a tunnel from my system to server1 and from server1 to server2 to have a tunnel from my system to server2 ssh -t -t -L4450:localhost:5590 [email protected] 'ssh -L 5590:localhost:2000 [email protected]' But I get the fol

  • VGA/HDMI Based AttackAugust 21

    Can I attack a PC via the VGA port? Is VGA one way or does it accept data from the other side? How about HDMI or DVI? And if so, are there known malware or PoCs to do that? or is it theoretically fantasy? --------------Solutions------------- VGA and

  • Introducing Chrome DevTools for Mobile

    Introducing Chrome DevTools for MobileDecember 10

    The web gurus over at Google headquarters recently made an announcement that should give mobile web development a much appreciated shot in the arm. Released in a Chrome Beta update earlier this month, Chrome DevTools for Mobile aims to make mobile we

  • What do I need in my emulator to run Chrome's apk?

    What do I need in my emulator to run Chrome's apk?January 28

    Most answers here just mention to download the APK file and install it via adb. But after that i get a dialog about critical functionality missing. What exactly are the requirements for running Chrome? Update 1: AWT answer found one of the requiremen

  • KiCad: Power with hierarchical sheets

    KiCad: Power with hierarchical sheetsAugust 23

    I just started trying to use KiCad (complete newbie), and I have a very basic question about using power inputs with hierarchical sheets. Let's say I want a single LED on a hierarchical sheet, while my main sheet simply contains a battery. Should I u

  • Protractor custom bindings don't work after multiple redirectsOctober 30

    This test does a login on a non-angular site, then switches to angular app and performs the testing. I found that regular bindings by.css work, but custom ones like by.binding don't. describe('show-rights: TC15269-restrictions', function () { var pag

  • curl --data-urlencode and underscoresDecember 28

    I've been using curl -XPOST to post some links to a Telegram channel via a bot api/key, the urls are in form of https://site/x/pre_encoded_string, where pre_encoded_string is in form (real samples) XOsmY90GWWA, 4QHTV_K_WwQ, and they're generated from

  • Can 8bit per channel colours be seen as intended in the browser?June 14

    For, say, a subtle background gradient to a web page, what are the advantages and disadvantages of saving it as a 16bit/channel png? Are the colours represented by >8bits displayed in the intended detail in all browsers? --------------Solutions------

  • Telegram unity app opens in browser

    Telegram unity app opens in browserJanuary 4

    When I open the Telegram unity webapp on Ubuntu 14.04 it opens the app with a blank screen and then opens my web browser with the Telegram web app as shown in the screen grab: I have no idea why this is happening or how to fix it. --------------Solut

  • Channel Form: Why is Wygwam/CKFinder disabling the file browser for security reasons?January 13

    EE 2.9.2 - WYGWAM 3.3.3 In a Channel Form, I am getting the error... "The file browser is disabled for security reasons. Please contact your system administrator and check the CKFinder configuration file." ...when trying to link to or upload a f

  • Force devdemon channel files to open pdf's in a browserMarch 8

    I need to make channel files locked url to open pdf's in the browser rather than prompting users to download. I can't see this as an option, is it possible? --------------Solutions------------- The issue is the obfuscated link provided by the locked

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