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bypass iis captive portal

  • Bypassing a captive portal with torOctober 28

    I know that NSXTS and Iodine can be used to bypass a captive portal by taking advantage of permissive DNS firewall rules. What I have found recently is that simply by using Tor, I can also bypass a captive portal without any need for manually configu

  • Threat assesment for a captive portalJune 9

    I am interested in setting up a captive portal on a wireless network. From what I understand I would do this by initially having all guests in a temporary vlan, moving them to the real vlan when authenticated or against some other criteria. What thre

  • use SSH tunnel to baypass Captive portalJanuary 5

    I know that DNS tunneling is the good choice when we try to bypass captive portal, but i tried to do SSH tunneling instead of DNS but it doesn't works, technically speaking is that possible -bypass captive portal using SSH tunnel- ? --------------Sol

  • Is there any reason that captive portal server can't block the ICMP echo request/reply packetApril 30

    We can get connected to those public WiFi hotspot without the account but can access to no website but the login page. As I tested, all those login website would respond to my ping even I was an unauthorized user. I wonder if there are some any restr

  • Bypass WiFi network password to login at captive portal?

    Bypass WiFi network password to login at captive portal?February 1

    The WiFi at my school requires login with a username and password. This is done in a captive portal that is displayed in browser once connected to the network. When I choose the network to connect to in Ubuntu, the network is shown as requiring authe

  • Redirecting all WiFi requests to my server (like captive portal)March 5

    I'm actually trying to develop a public wireless network (not business, just for educational purposes, I am studying computer science...). But I am lacking the required knowledge to acheive this goal (I am usually more into programming than network m

  • captive portal wikipedia articleDecember 27

    Something on the wikipedia page regarding captive portals have confused me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captive_portal When a client requests a website, DNS is queried by the browser. The firewall will make sure that only the DNS server(s) provided

  • Can a captive portal be secured June 5

    I am interested in using a captive portal on a public network. After reading the wikipedia article and several questions here on sec.SE, I don't understand how I can secure it, or even, if I can secure it. The bottom line is MAC and IP addresses are

  • Windows 8.1 as captive portalMarch 20

    At my workplace we are creating an embedded solution based on a very compact computer running Win 8.1. The machine will run our server software, will have only lan and wifi access, and must expose a web configuration tool. I already designed the web

  • captive portal / walled garden on pop up window on android not appearingSeptember 5

    I don't normally ask for help, but i've been stuck on this for a couple of days - and any pointers anyone may have will be very much appreciated. I have created a wifi hotspot (captive portal / walled garden) - using Windows Server 2012, Unbound DNS

  • Stealing Facebook HTTPS cookies with captive portalJanuary 2

    I have a security concern. As we know, many public hotspots redirect you to a login screen when you try to surf the first web site. For example, if I connect to such a hotspot and then visit https://www.facebook.com (from a computer where I'm already

  • Inexpensive, Reliable Captive Portal June 20

    I do some wifi hotspot installations, and a new client recently asked me if it would be possible to force users to his website when they first open their browsers. After some Googling I figured out that this is "captive portal". It's a free wifi

  • iPad won't accept WiFi captive portal logonJune 7

    I am building a captive portal for a university network. It works quite well on all devices I have tested with, but I am having some iPad troubles. Let me explain my steps: I go to Settings, WiFi Select my test network Immediately upon connecting to

  • Web filtering/Captive portal solutionJune 22

    I've been asked to setup access control/filtering on a network that has it's own address block (a /24). This is for students who will be connecting to the wireless network. Requirements are as follows. Website/category filtering (stop people going on

  • Captive portal with voucher support December 15

    Can someone recommend an open source captive portal that can run on a Linux machine(not wifi routers) with voucher support? I know wifidog can be configured to use username and password authentication but I just want a key that is valid for say 1 hou

  • Designing and managing a captive portalDecember 21

    I'd like to learn more about how a captive portal works, especially the management system regarding usage, security monitoring, billing, security architecture etc. Does anybody know any good resources for this? I either find cheap sales-talk, or inst

  • Captive portal redirection by IP?December 28

    I have read a lot online how redirection by DNS works, could someone please tell me or point me in the right direction how a captive portal redirects unauthenticated users via IP and not DNS to provide the login page? --------------Solutions---------

  • Captive portal architecture- internal or external?

    Captive portal architecture- internal or external?December 30

    I am interested in captive portal architecture. Initially my understanding was that places such as airports and internet cafes would have all the RADIUS and AAA infrastructure on the local side of the firewall. After looking at WISP (wireless interne

  • Most efficient way of checking idle users on linux captive portal?January 2

    I am building a basic captive portal script, with support for idle timeout. I managed to create iptables rules on authentication in the browser. However, I'm not sure how to detect users that are active, and users that are idle for a certain amount o

  • Why won't my MacBook Pro connect to Wi-Fi networks that use a sign-in page (captive portal)?January 21

    Some wi-fi networks require viewing and agreeing to terms before Internet access is allowed. When my MBP connects to such a network, it attempts to redirect and isn't able to connect. I tried all browsers. However, it works when I boot up Windows on

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