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cannot specify classinstall32

  • UMDF, cannot specify [ClassInstall32] section for Microsoft-defined class

    UMDF, cannot specify [ClassInstall32] section for Microsoft-defined classFebruary 8

    I'm working with the next tutorial: How to write your first USB client driver. And I've got a problem with compiling a project, I've got the next error: I was trying to do the steps closely to the description in tutorial, but always got the error abo

  • Print driver installs failingSeptember 24

    All of the Windows 7 64-bit Enterprise machines in my organization are failing to install a good number of printer drivers that previously installed without issue. This only happens with printer drivers. And not with all printer drivers. Just some. N

  • How do I patch the Android ADB driver?

    How do I patch the Android ADB driver?March 27

    Headaches with Android SDK again! I know how to set up the Android SDK. I have done this multiple times over the years. And I had to do some patching of the driver for the ADB every single time! I have done it so many times routinely, I can do it bli

  • Proper installation of x64 minispy minifilter driverMarch 3

    I'm trying to get the minispy minifilter from Microsoft to install and function properly. I started a new empty kernel driver project in VS2013, and compiled the driver and test signed it. I can use the wdreg.exe utility to successfully install the d

  • WinUSB driver on Windows 10 IoTOctober 28

    I usually don't crosspost like this, but a user on stackoverflow suggested this might belong here. There's also a small bounty to be had on stackoverflow if anybody's interested. I'm trying to use the WinUsb.sys driver that comes with Windows (includ

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