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  • Apache2::AuthenNTLM connects to Domain controller but does not authenticateApril 18

    I have an Apache 2.2 server running Apache2::AuthenNTLM. I have successfully Apache2::AuthenNTLM configured it to the point that it connects to the domain controller. However, valid username / password combinations show "Wrong user/password" in

  • firefox fails to pass ntlm to apache2 running authenntlm on Centos 5.1October 22

    We are trying to get an application server that is running apache2 on centos 5.1 to use NTLM to provide SSO to a number of applications. We can get SSO to work with IE, however SSO fails with firefox. We have updated the NTLM trust entry in about:con

  • Apache - Replace Apache::AuthenNTLM with Kerberos (mod_auth_kerb)August 29

    Within an intranet system on Solaris we currently use perls Apache2::AuthenNTLM module to authenticate with a Win 2k3 doman server, so we can access the user ID of the person browsing the site. Moving to Win 2012 AD servers, we're told this won't sup

  • mod_ntlm for RHEL 5.3October 19

    I tried to compile mod_ntlm for Oracle HTTP Server but got all sorts of errors, can someone point me to a pre-compiled binary? Tried everything at http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/NtlmAuthentication still no go Thanks --------------Solutions-------

  • Optional NTLM authentication in ApacheDecember 21

    I have a site set up to authenticate users using NTLM in Apache on Linux using perl's Apache2::AuthenNTLM module. This works great when I require the authentication, but I want this to bypass the website's built-in login when the user can authenticat

  • PHP, Apache and curl: Differences between Windows and Linux?March 23

    I'm trying to run my php App on Ubuntu Server 11.10. This App works fine under Apache + PHP in windows. I have other applications that I can simply copy&paste between the 2 OS and they work on both. (These don't use cURL). However this one uses the p

  • Configure Nginx as Reverse Proxy with Apache2 on CentOS7 enabled with SELinuxFebruary 2

    I'm working on a project for academic purposes, the goal is to use Nginx as a Reverse Proxy for Apache, so far i've installed Nginx and everything is ok, it's listening to port 80, but when i was going to installed apache it says that its already ins

  • CentOS 7 apache2 httpd + mod_fastcgi installation impossibleSeptember 19

    Has anyone tried to install mod_fastcgi on CentOS7/httpd yet? Since it's not in the epel or fusion repos, I tried the el6 rpm, which wasn't working (httpd said: Cannot load modules/mod_fastcgi.so into server: /etc/httpd/modules/mod_fastcgi.so: undefi

  • Why does passenger-install-nginx-module neither install Nginx nor implement Passenger support on Centos7 while the output indicates the contrary?January 1

    Introduction At the moment there are approximately 100 Puppet agents that connect to the Puppetmaster. Sometimes it takes a while before implemented changes on the Puppetmaster are picked up by the agents. Some information has been found that Passeng

  • Configure Centos7 Apache 2.4 php-fpm to run as userMarch 31

    I would like to configure a Centos 7 Apache 2.4 Linode to use php-fpm to execute php as the file owner. The docs for earlier Centos6 / Apache2.2 don't work and the configurations I have seen for setting up Lamp servers on Centos7 just run as the apac

  • How do I enable HTTP compression under apache2?May 6

    How do I configure Apache2 to support HTTP compression? --------------Solutions------------- This requires the deflate module, so enable that. Under Ubuntu (which is what I'm using), the command for that is a2enmod deflate. Then, use SetOutputFilter

  • What's the best way of handling permissions for apache2's user www-data in /var/www?May 11

    Has anyone got a nice solution for handling files in /var/www? We're running Name Based Virtual Hosts and the apache2 user is www-data. We've got two regular users & root. So when messing with files in /var/www ,rather than having to... chown -R www-

  • How to get apache2 to redirect to a subdirectoryMay 19

    I am running apache2 on debian etch, with multiple virtual hosts. I want to redirect so that http://git.example.com goes to http://git.example.com/git/ Should be really simple, but google isn't quite cutting it. I've tried the Redirect and Rewrite st

  • How Can I Enable or Disable Static Modules in Apache2?May 27

    I've got a bunch of modules installed in Apache2, enabled at compile-time. The command httpd -M gives me: core_module (static) authn_file_module (static) ...snip... auth_basic_module (static) include_module (static) filter_module (static) deflate_mod

  • Apache2 500 error trouble shootingJune 3

    I recently updated some code on a staging server and now one link in the app throws an Internal Server Error... There have been no changes to the .htaccess in doc root, but to remove this from the equation, I removed the .htaccess to test and no go.

  • Why does htop show lots of apache2 processes by ps aux doesn't?June 11

    I am running a webserver with apache2 and ubuntu. Using ps I can see only a few apache processes running: ps aux | grep apache However if I htop, I can see loads of apache2 processes running. About 2 dozen. Why the difference? --------------Solutions

  • Apache2 displaying root index.html instead of virtualhost's index.htmlJune 13

    I've just set up a new apache 2 install and I'm adding my first virtualhost. I'm seeing some odd behaviour. The virtualhost seems to work, in that if I browse to a URL under the root of my virtualhost in a web browser I get what I expect to see, howe

  • apache2 logging with scriptJune 15

    I have a need to analyze logs generated by Apache2 webserver. I'm considering either piping the log to a script that will just wait on the stdin for input, or analyzing the logs nightly with a batch job. One of my requirements involve writing some of

  • Configuring Apache2, Django For Two SitesJune 25

    I am trying to set up apache2 and django to support two different sites, example.com and beta.example.com, from the same server. But requests for beta.example.com are going to example.com. My apache configuration file includes: NameVirtualHost *:80 I

  • Unusual behavior with NamedVirtualHost in apache2, two websites for one ipJuly 6

    I've tried to use NamedVirtualHosts to setup a single server to handle two websites. This is the first time I've attempted this, and I'm getting very unusual behavior. Specifically, requests to www.example2.com point o /home/stefan/example2, but http

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