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cluster not ready no quorum

  • Failover Cluster Instance work without quorumApril 30

    I have a environment with three nodes with installed SQL Server on them. All three nodes are parts of FCI and quorum setting is Node Majority. In start, first node is role owner, and all three nodes is online. When I intentionally shut down first nod

  • Proxmox VE cluster not workingSeptember 30

    I have been using a Proxmox VE 2.0 cluster (2 servers) for months. Today, I had the "bright idea" to install a GUI on one of the servers. I used tasksel, and selected the graphical desktop environment (Gnome). When I rebooted the server, neither

  • SQL 2005 Active-Active configuration - Shared Quorum?August 24

    I am planning for this scenario: SQL 2005 with an Active/Active configuration (that is, 2 nodes, 2 instances, each node holds active one of the instances, each node is the other's backup) The SQL (master db), Data, Log, and Quorum partitions are on L

  • Pinging Virtual IP for Linux HA cluster from a different subnet does not workJune 23

    I have setup a Linux cluster with Corosync/Pacemaker, and the two cluster nodes are within the same subnet sharing a virtual IP. For machines within the same subnet, they can ping the virtual IP "" successfully. However, if I trie

  • How do you setup a virtual IP on a Linux cluster?May 10

    I am having some problems setting a virtual IP and Linux (Ubuntu) cluster and I am hoping someone can help. This is the first node cluster I've tried to setup and I am not finding many resources in regards to this issue. I am going through this guide

  • cluster openfiler how-to help

    cluster openfiler how-to helpAugust 27

    Hello I tried to follow the tutorial: http://www.howtoforge.com/openfiler-2.99-active-passive-with-corosync-pacemaker-and-drbd The tutorial is great and I tried to follow step by step but I didn't get it to work. running crm_mon I get the following o

  • What is the differences between a Remote File Share Witness Quorum and a Disk Witness Quorum?October 6

    Say you set up a Windows Server Failover Cluster consisting of two nodes, on Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise. Now when you want to configure quorum you can use either a remote shared folder, or a shared disk (unless your nodes are separated geograp

  • Failover pacemaker cluster with two network interfaces?January 29

    So, i have two test servers in one vlan. srv1 eth1 eth2 srv2 eth1 eth2 Cluster VIP - Corosync config with two interfaces: rrp_mode: passive interface { ringnumber: 0 bindnetaddr:

  • Failover pacemaker cluster, packet loss monitorFebruary 2

    It's issue is continued from this. So, i have two test servers in one vlan. srv1 eth1 eth2 srv2 eth1 eth2 Cluster VIP - Corosync config with two interfaces: rrp_mode: passive interface { ri

  • Recover from failed etcd2 / CoreOS clusterJuly 4

    I've got a cluster of 3 CoreOS machines running on Azure. I rebooted two at the same time and the cluster failed as expected. I need to replace the discovery token, cloud-config is read on every bootup, but according to the CoreOS docs: Once an insta

  • How to install ABAQUS software on Rocks cluster 6.2January 10

    First of all sorry for my english. I create a new cluster with 3 . which one of them is frontend and two of them is compute . i should notice that, i am newest in linux and linux hpc clustering. I did all of installing frontend and compute nodes and

  • how to make a Virtual ip on a 2 nodes clusterJanuary 20

    i have a specific question, her's my situation : 1- 2 vms with drbd - pacemaker - corosync - NFs - here's my crm configuration : node san1 node san2 primitive drbd_res1 ocf:linbit:drbd \ params drbd_resource="res1" \ op monitor interval="20

  • Design Contests 2.0 to Launch without Servers

    Design Contests 2.0 to Launch without ServersSeptember 3

    The team here at SitePoint HQ seems to be holding its breath over the imminent release of the revamped SitePoint Design Contests. After many days, evenings and weekends of intense development, the application is now on the verge of going live - weeks

  • How to perform cron jobs failover?August 14

    Using two Debian servers, I need to setup a strong failover environment for cron jobs that can be only called on one server at a time. Moving a file in /etc/cron.d should do the trick, but is there a simple HA solution to operate such action ? And if

  • Xen: Convert image to lvm with minimal downtimeApril 14

    My Goals: Convert all my DomUs from image-based to lvm-based Minimal downtime Minimal performance impact on other DomUs/Dom0 My plan / setup: All my images are in a big lvm-volume, all lvs for the new setup are created with the filesystem (ext3/ext4)

  • after split brain recovery filesystem not mountedJune 9

    I have an active/passive high availability cluster with pacemaker+split brain. After split brain condition I use automatic split-brain recovery to recover my systems. The problem is that since file system resource is managed by CRM it is not mounted

  • Pacemaker complex resource colocationSeptember 15

    I am working on a pacemaker project for our master and slave databases to perform IP based failover. There will be two IP resources, one for the master, and one for the slave that have to move together. I realize that what I have marked below is not

  • HP StorageWorks P4500 G2 Manager ManagementMarch 19

    According to the documentation, a management group should have an odd number of managers greater than 1. I have a four node SAN consisting of P4500 G2s. I plan on having two clusters with two nodes each in this management group, i.e.: -Managent_Group

  • MySQL: Pacemaker cannot start the failed master as a new slave?July 9

    pacemaker-1.0.12-1 corosync-1.2.7-1.1 I'm going to setup failover for MySQL replication (1 master and 1 slave) follow this guide: https://github.com/jayjanssen/Percona-Pacemaker-Resource-Agents/blob/master/doc/PRM-setup-guide.rst Here're the output o

  • Load balancing MySQL using HAProxy: Got an error reading communication packets?July 19

    I've set up load balancing MySQL slaves using HAProxy via a xinetd. 2 load balancers shared a virtual IP that is managed by Pacemaker: crm configure show: node SVR120-27148.localdomain node SVR255-53192.localdomain primitive failover-ip ocf:heartbeat

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