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connect with forticlient cannot ping

  • When VPN is connected, no one can ping me?July 19

    I have a strange problem, every thing is working fine when am not connected to VPN, and people in my local network can ping me, am using FortiClient to connect to my work VPN, and when I'm connected, no one can ping me using either local network ip o

  • Problems setting up a VPN: can connect but can't ping anyone

    Problems setting up a VPN: can connect but can't ping anyoneFebruary 16

    This is my first time setting a VPN. Clients can connect but can't ping other machines. This is certainly a route problem but i can't find the right way to configure it. Here is a sample example of the two LANS i want to connect: So, i want machines

  • Unable to maintain connection on servers. Ping inconsistentOctober 2

    We have two new Windows 2012 server installs. These are fresh installs that don't have much on them. However, they are having connection issues with the SQL server. From the SQL server I have some command prompts pinging the new servers. When I ping

  • FortiClient (Windows 7 32 bit) shows 'connected' for an SSL VPN connection but can't ping the remote server

    FortiClient (Windows 7 32 bit) shows 'connected' for an SSL VPN connection but can't ping the remote serverMay 23

    I am trying to connect to a remote server through FortiClient for an SSL VPN connection. When I connect through the FortiClient (version on my windows 7 32-bit system, it shows connected. But when I try to ping the server, I am not able to

  • Windows 7 machine, can't connect remotely until after pingNovember 9

    I have a Windows 7 (Home Premium) machine that doubles as a media centre and subversion server. There's a couple of problems with this setup, when connecting to the server from an XP (SP3) machine: Firstly, the machine won't respond to it's machine n

  • Windows 2003 Server Suddenly Drops Connections to everything but PING and port 80 (webserver)April 15

    I'm running a Windows 2003 Dedicated server, and the box has been rock solid for more than 2 years now. Just recently, I have had an issue where after a certain ammount of time the server will just stop accepting connections on all ports except 80, a

  • OpenVPN - can connect but can't ping or access the serverJuly 26

    I have a problem with openvpn. I have Ubuntu server and Windows client. The configuration file on server looks like: dev tun proto udp port 1194 ca /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys/ca.crt cert /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys/server.crt key /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa

  • AnyConnect SSL VPN Connected but unable to ping my inside LANOctober 29

    I am trying to configure Anyconnect SSL VPN and it is killing me, I am able to connect to the VPN on a laptop, witch is able to download the anyconnect client from the ASA and I can also connect to the VPN using the Cisco anyconnect app but... I am u

  • 4.0.3 emulator has Internet connectivity, but can't ping other hostsJanuary 9

    My situation is strange. I can open any website, like google.com, in my emulator's web browser. However, when I use adb shell to connect to my emulator and try to ping any other IP or website, it always fails. I'm running the emulator on Ubuntu under

  • RRAS PPTP VPN Connected but not get ping my local LANMarch 27

    Two days back i had configure RRAS VPN server on Windows server 2008 Std R2 with two (LAN ( with subnet, without gateway,no DNS -- only ip Address was there) / WAN (Complete set of IP address/Subnet/GW/DNS had provided by

  • GNS3 setup connected to real network. ping failure

    GNS3 setup connected to real network. ping failureMarch 29

    I am building a lab environment for CCNA training, using GNS3. The GNS3 network is connected to a real network, let's call it LAN 1. LAN 1 is not connected to the internet and is completely wired Ethernet. A single instance of GNS3 runs on a Windows

  • OpenVPN server on Virtualbox Guest. Can connect but fail to pingDecember 21

    As a development environment for my production server I have setup a Virtualbox guest. However I am failing to setup an OpenVPN Server. I can connect to my VPN without problems using (KDE NetworkManager) but I cannot even ping the VPN host afterwards

  • What is happening to my internet connection? I can Ping, query Dns but i cant view webpage?February 6

    I'm experiencing a weird problem that I would like to understand. My DSL connection won't allow me to visit website. I can't access them using IP address either, but I can still ping and www.google.ca (So DNS query works, I cleared my cache t

  • openvpn connected, but not routing. (ping test fails)May 19

    I am setting up a VPN connection for the first time. I am working on a project in which i would like to access my LAN at my home from the outside world. So, I installed OpenVPN2.2.2 on my 32-bit Windows 7 laptop (acting as the server). My end goal is

  • Openvpn connects and responds to ping but no internet accessDecember 20

    I have an openvpn server running on raspian and a tunnelblick client on osx. I can connect to the VPN just fine but I have no intenet access. The server responds to ping just fine and the port is open in the router. Does anyone know what might be wro

  • Have internet connection but can't ping External sitesApril 11

    I have an Internet connection and can browse, but I can't ping the google DNS, ping nor can I ping google.com Any ideas why this might occur? --------------Solutions------------- Your Firewall is configured to block all ICMP packets, as a res

  • Openvpn connects but can't ping serverMay 15

    I'm on Ubuntu 14.04. I used to connect to corporate openvpn network from command line by running: sudo openvpn --config client.ovpn This is what client.ovpn looks like: client dev tun proto tcp remote openvpn3.lbc.ru 1194 remote openvpn4.lbc.ru 1194

  • wlan0 connects, but I cant ping anythingAugust 3

    New install of Debian jessie. eth0 working fine, wireless card is able to connect to various APs; but while on wireless I'm able to ping only myself (localhost or APs are working with DHCP and static addressed devices. While installing De

  • Wifi connects but can't ping ubuntu 14.04.2August 4

    After moving to a new location I haven't been been able to get the wifi working properly. My laptop finds the network ok and can connect to it, but no data is able to pass through. Momentarily it does work, but only for a second or two at a time. Aft

  • Can I create a list of devices connected to switch using PING or some PING freewareOctober 19

    I'm hoping there is a way to list all devices connected to our switch/LAN, including all devices on different subnets, using PING command prompt command or some sort of PING freeware. I connected our phone system to our switch so we can administer it

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