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Connection: Keep- Alive thttpd

  • Proxying requests with Connection: Keep-AliveMay 11

    We have an app which sits behind an Apache instance using mod_proxy to pass requests to the correct app server. Our app correctly returns a Connection: Keep-Alive when queried directly, but mod_proxy is scrubbing the header. I did some reading and a

  • Http Persistent Connection (keep-alive) and port numbersMarch 15

    Is a persistent http connection (keep-alive), always bound to a specific port, or can it use a range of ports? --------------Solutions------------- When a client opens a HTTP connection to a web server, it allocates a local socket from the operating

  • JAXWS WebMethod - check connection is aliveJanuary 21

    Is there a way to check client's connection state (alive, closed by timeout, etc) from body/context of @WebMethod being executing? Or may be interceptors could help? We have the high loaded @WebMethod, with execution time about minutes. The main goal

  • Why doesn't my PPTP VPN connection stay alive with RDP on WM6.1October 7

    I have my Windows Mobile 6.1 Device connecting to my home router via PPTP VPN. I am able to RDP into a machine at home and see the screen. This will last for no more than a minute. The VPN connection will drop for no apparent reason. Connecting to th

  • TCP Connection Keep-Alive directionDecember 23

    When a connection have not received packets for a certain period of time (default 2 hours), it should send KEEP-ALIVE packets. My question is, who will start sending KEEP-Alive packets, the client, server or both? --------------Solutions-------------

  • Disable Connection:keep alive in Jetty 9August 22

    How do you disable keep-alive in Jetty 9? Running under 64 bit CentOS if it makes a difference. An XML config solution is preferred. --------------Solutions------------- You really don't want to disable keep-alive. Your server performance will suffer

  • What is the best way to check if internet connection is alive?May 15

    I am student and I connect to internet with Shibboleth. Actualy I have a Python script on a raspberry pi with selenium and phantomjs to automatically connect on running. I would like to check internet connection without flooding the network. Icinga m

  • Java: Waiting connection threads created by HTTP connection are alive for very long durationFebruary 8

    I have a server side code which checks if SOAP service is up. Code looks like: String response = ""; while (response.length() == 0) { try { final URL url = new URL("DummySoapServiceURL"); final HttpURLConnection httpConnection = (HttpU

  • Starting Skype breaks Internet connection, LAN connection staying aliveJuly 10

    I'm running Ubuntu 10.04 and I've just installed Skype. Whenever I try to sign into Skype, my Internet connection breaks. I remain connected to my wireless LAN but can't connect to the Internet. The login hangs a while, I can't go anywhere in a brows

  • Connection stays alive but endpoint is dead?May 1

    Does anyone have an idea what would cause a TCP connection (client side) to stay in the ESTABLISHED state for about 24 hours, even though the server was restarted? The client process stays on the recv syscall and stays that way without causing an err

  • proftpd - find client ip on server while connection is aliveOctober 24

    I need to get the get the client IP from a specific connection from proftpd on linux (where I know the pid). I have searched in the /proc/ dir but wasn't able to to get any information about the IP. Does anyone know a method how to get or where to fi

  • Issue with Dovecot connection staying alive : memory or configuration issue?September 23

    I had a similar question posted a while ago, and I Thought it fixed my issue, but that was unfortunately not the case. I have a benchmark application which connects about 500 users to a Dovecot 2.2.5 mailserver using IMAP (plaintext auth, no SSL). Af

  • how to know if an enterprise connection is aliveSeptember 12

    I want to know if a connection is valid, this is an example of what I'm trying to do: EnterpriseConnection connection = new MyEnterpriseConnection(); System.out.println("first " + connection.getUserInfo()); connection.logout(); if(connection ==

  • keeping an SSH connection aliveJanuary 27

    Here is a situation which I noticed. I have a server to which I login via SSH and when I do it from lan then things work perfectly and I have noticed that even if the connection is idle (i.e. I am not doing any thing on SSH session just logged in) th

  • Impact of Connection Close vs Keep-aliveOctober 18

    I'm configuring our servers, and due to the nature of our load balancer, we can't send connection keep-alive headers. I'm trying to determine the impact of sending these headers to both the end-user and the server. Will either one notice anything? --

  • Proxy to keep connection to API aliveOctober 10

    On one server I have some 30 PHP sites running under Apache. All those sites use the same (HTTP) API to fetch some data. The API is hosted elsewhere (under my control) The API uses Nginx with keep-alive and the PHP sites use CURL for making the API r

  • HAProxy doesn't keep-alive http connectionDecember 28

    I've switched on the option http-keep-alive in the defaults, as well as tried it in the frontend definition. But the Response Headers in the browser never show up keep-alive, although its there in Request Headers of the browser. Using Chrome as a bro

  • Does a cable internet connection remain active during a loss of power in the apartment building?October 22

    I live in an apartment building in Czech Republic, Europe. I have a cable internet connection with a static IP connected to an Ubuntu server I set up. Recently out building lost power, though the elevators and emergency lights continues functioning o

  • How to prevent TCP connection timeout when FTP'ing large file?November 13

    I am not able to FTP (retrieve) a large file from the Internet to my Linux VM. It times out after a while. The actual error is "Could not read reply from control connection -- timed out." This error occurs after a few minutes, after a good chunk

  • Connecting a network printer via a Thecus N2100 - works in Vista, not in Windows 7January 6

    I have a Lexmark E250d printer attached to a Thecus N2100 NAS. On Windows Vista I've managed to configure this using an "Internet" printer port with the URL of http://thecus:631/printers/usb-printer. I can add a printer in a similar way in Windo

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