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  • Samsung Tab P7500. How to upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich? July 26

    Possible Duplicate: When will my device get the Android 4.0 update (Ice Cream Sandwich)? is the update for Ice Cream Sandwich for the Samsung Tab 10.1 WiFi + 3G available yet? From where should I learn about it? --------------Solutions------------- N

  • Translation issue MS Exchange and Samsung Tab 2 10.1February 14

    I recently purchased a Samsung tab 2 10.1. Everything seems to be working fine except that it does not properly sync with Outlook calendar and contacts -- the text on the notes section of both the calendar and contacts do not translate properly in Sa

  • How to separate the two pieces of the AC adapter for Samsung tab 2 7.0

    How to separate the two pieces of the AC adapter for Samsung tab 2 7.0March 27

    I am trying to separate the two parts of the Samsung tab 2 7.0 AC adapter, since I am traveling to a country with different outlets. I have tried pulling them but nothing seems to work. Do you know how they can be separated? --------------Solutions--

  • Why does the new Gmail address not show on the Samsung tab 2 version 7.0?November 27

    A friend forgot her primary Gmail address so I created a new one for her. The reason she could not find it was her surname was wrong. The problem is that when I press the Gmail icon on her Samsung tab 2 version 7.0 only the primary email inbox is sho

  • samsung tab 3 cannot retrieve keyboardJanuary 23

    My daughter got a new samsung tab it was working with no problems , she dowmloaded a few apps then the keyboard went , so i went to check the settings and there was no option to retrieve it. i went into the playstore to add another but kept getting a

  • Can I install Ubuntu Touch to Samsung Tab 8.9 Lte?April 18

    Is it possible to install Ubuntu Touch on my Samsung Tab 8.9 LTE GT-P7320? --------------Solutions------------- Not according to Ubuntu's wiki, no. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices

  • What to do if my samsung tab keeps on resetting itself?August 5

    My Samsung Tab keeps on resetting itself upon powering on, it goes to home screen and after a while (about 10 seconds) restarts itself. This keeps on and on until i shutdown the Tab. My Tablet has been drained of battery charge due to excessive playi

  • Rooting a Samsung Tab SAugust 7

    I have a Samsung Tab S 8.4" with Android 5.0.2, Build # LRX22G.T700XXU1BOE3. I want to root it, but, knowing it's a delicate process, I don't want to mess it up. I looked around first, and found things that may work, but I don't feel comfortable maki

  • HDMI Connection for Samsung Tab ASeptember 12

    I'm considering purchasing a Samsung Tab A, either the 9.7 or the 8.0. Is there a reliable (preferably Samsung-provided) solution to connect them to HDMI via cables? I know adapters exist for other models, but I've not found one for this model.

  • my samsung tab 2 not able to downlaodJanuary 21

    Why is my Samsung tab 2 not being able download anything with Google play store app? I have tried to downlaod programs like mozilla firefox, avast antivirus for android, my bible etc and have tthe same answer.

  • How to unlock samsung tab with the fingerprint scanner not workingJanuary 21

    I have a samsung tab 2 and suddenly the fingerprint scanner stopped working and I'm not able to unlock my device. Now my device asking for backup password. Which as you all guess I do not remember. After several tries of wrong passwords I get a messa

  • Samsung Tab 3 drivers reinstallationAugust 13

    I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Upon connecting to the PC, some of its drivers were not installed. I'm using the Tab for the first time. Developer mode/option is checked. I want to run my apps on it, but it is not recognizing it. So, how do I re-ins

  • lsusb lists Galaxy Samsung Tab s2 & adb devices lists nothing

    lsusb lists Galaxy Samsung Tab s2 & adb devices lists nothingOctober 3

    really, I do all my efforts to run an android project through eclipse on a tablet "Samsung galaxy Tab s2/ GT-P3100" under Ubuntu 12.04. i add the vendor id of samsung in ~/.android/adb_usb.ini 0x04e8 i add rules in /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.r

  • Factory reset not working in Samsung Tab 2March 17

    I want to factory reset my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. I have tried to factory reset it through Settings and through hard reset but it again reboots with same account and applications. I have also tried to uninstall some applications but they reappear on r

  • Cannot access any files on Samsung Tab 4 7" April 13

    This question already has an answer here: Droid Explorer file manager not showing files 1 answer I have a Samsung Galaxy tab 4, 7", rooted but running stock OS (Android 4.4.2. It was rooted using Odin 3.09 and TWRP recovery. I then enabled adb root w

  • Samsung Tab A running Android 5.0.2 - emails synced correctly, then emails VANISHED.May 10

    I used the standard email client on Samsung Android tablet (SM-T350), a new "Tab A", running Android 5.0.2, and set up POP3 access to my gmail account. I had to "enable auto sync" to get the emails to download from Gmail. A list of 48

  • Using a barcode Scanner via USB OTG on Samsung Tab SJanuary 14

    I have a 10 Galaxy Tab S (Android 5.0.2) on which I am connecting a barcode scanner via USB OTG. The problem is it does not read the barcodes (Line,2-D, QR ) accurately. It missed out on some characters. I have tried the same scanner with the same co

  • How to prevent Samsung Tab 10.1 from turning display on by itself?February 15

    I just bought this Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Android 3.2 and while I love it, one thing drives me nuts - every time I turn the screen off using power button, the screen comes back on in a minute or so. I went through all display settings and haven't found

  • How to connect Samsung Tab 2 10.1 to Ubuntu 12.04?June 21

    I have this Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 tablet and when connecting it to my system through USB I get this error message: Unable to mount GT-P5113 Error initializing camera: -53: Could not claim the USB device I have USB debugging enabled and when disabled I ge

  • Samsung tab chargingNovember 10

    Tab gt7500 battery went flat while downloading and now does not want to charge with supplied charger or via computer

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