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  • Will a Custom Recovery work with an encrypted device?

    Will a Custom Recovery work with an encrypted device?February 9

    I wanted to know whether using Android's built-in encryption (introduced in 3.0) would affect my ability to use a custom recovery (Clockwork Mod in my case). More specifically if I will still be able to perform Nandroid backups/restores and flash new

  • Why is custom recovery a prerequisite for flashing a custom ROM?June 21

    I have read in many guides that before flashing, we need to have a custom recovery like CWM installed. I am not able to understand why is this a prerequisite for flashing a custom ROM. Can I flash a ROM without custom recovery? --------------Solution

  • How to mount system in rw mode if no custom recoveryJuly 3

    When I changed my build.prop for spoofing another device model, I copied build.prop from another device having gingerbrad but my system is froyo. When I rebooted, I lost my internet connection. It reports no ruim card where as it is there. I had inst

  • Setup custom recovery partition? April 14

    This question is an exact duplicate of: How can I make a recovery partition using my Windows 7 Installation disk? 2 answers So My 12 year old brother is becoming an "I-know-everything" PC gamer. Hence he often jacks his computer up. Share-ware,

  • If I flash a custom recovery img, will I be able to boot the normal old system?April 21

    Can I flash a custom recovery (say, the one from Replicant with heimdall flash --kernel path/to/recovery.img, or ClockWorkMod) and then be able to boot the old system? Without reinstalling the main OS of my Samsung Galaxy S. I'm interested in using t

  • How to flash a custom recovery with heimdall (without touching the main system)?April 21

    The first recommended step in the installation of CyanogenMod on Samsung Galaxy S is flashing a custom recovery like ClockworkMod or the one from Replicant with a command like: heimdall flash --kernel path/to/recovery.img Now I feel that the instruct

  • Samsung Recovery Solution - create a custom recovery partitionMay 7

    I've got a Samsung notebook with Samsung Recovery Solution installed. It can create a recovery images for later system restore. The notebook has a service (factory) hidden partition, which can be used to do a system restore (F4 during boot). I would

  • Samsung Fascinate - Custom recovery without USBJune 29

    I have a Samsung Fascinate that has a faulty USB connection. No computer / cable connection will recognize that there is a USB connection, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and using ADB and "lsusb". But the phone is rooted. Plain and simple, is th

  • How Android Custom Recovery roots the phone?August 9

    I rooted my Samsung Galaxy Note n7000. I performed some acrobatics and booted into the Stock Recovery of my phone and installed a zip that contained Philz CWM 6 Touch custom recovery. How can installing a custom recovery ROOT my phone when I have no

  • Do you need root to flash a custom recovery?November 9

    Does flashing a custom recovery requires rooting the device, or just unlocking the boot-loader is enough? On my Nexus 7, I was able to flash custom recovery (CWM) without rooting. Is the same applicable on other android devices too? --------------Sol

  • What's the relationship between a custom recovery and rooting?November 27

    So I want to make sure I understand everything. If I want a Recovery, I need to root my phone. I have an LG G2. Clockwork is a recovery; If I download ClockworkMod recovery and use Flashify without rooting my phone, will that eventually root my phone

  • Do I need a custom recovery to install CyanogenMod?January 10

    I want to install CyanogenMod on my Galaxy S4. Do I need to install a custom recovery first in order to do it? --------------Solutions------------- Yes, you do need to install a custom recovery in order to install Cyanogenmod. In order to install mos

  • Need custom recovery that supports Kit Kat for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7"January 28

    I really want to flash CyanogenMod 11 on my tablet. I have the file in CM Updater, but I can't find a custom recovery that will support KitKat for my device. --------------Solutions------------- You should be able to use the latest CWM or TWRP custom

  • Backup and restore without custom recovery?March 23

    Can I backup and restore without a custom recovery if I have a nandroid backup? How can I do this? --------------Solutions------------- Stock recovery's don't offer this feature, you would need a custom recovery to backup and restore.

  • "Flashing" custom recovery from running ROMJune 17

    A possible solution to my other question related to this. Having root access, what's there to prevent me from manually flashing a custom recovery from my running operating system? If my bootloader is locked, can I still do: dd if=openrecovery-twrp-2.

  • Help me identify, root, and install custom recovery my tabletAugust 9

    My friend gave a tablet. I want to root and tweak it so I can use it but after 6 hours of searching I gave up. How do I root this and find out what device this is? After hours of surfing I ended up to this tablet models: WM8850-MID7038 RS2906-MID7038

  • Sony Xperia E1 D2005 Custom Recovery&CustomROM Flashing?October 27

    I want to flash a custom ROM and install custom recovery; but when I enter ROMmanager (my device is rooted) and try to install CRW or TWRP it says "custom recovery does not support D2005 (sony xperia e1). I want to flash a custom rom safely (well if

  • Samsung GT-I5510 custom recovery October 28

    This question already has an answer here: Where can I find stock or custom ROMs for my Android device? 2 answers I was looking around for installing a custom recovery and then a custom firmware on my old phone, but I couldn't any links that were stil

  • OTA Update on a rooted Nexus5 with Custom Recovery and Kernel

    OTA Update on a rooted Nexus5 with Custom Recovery and KernelNovember 6

    A few months back, I rooted my Nexus 5 using Towelroot, installed TWRP and ElementX Kernel. Now as the Android Lollipop update is around the corner, I don't think I'll be able to install OTA update because of rooted phone and custom recovery. In some

  • How to install custom recovery on Micromax Canvas Nitro A310?November 8

    I am unable to flash anything from recovery mode on my rooted (kinguser) android 4.4.2 (micromax canvas nitro A310). Red triangle with exclaimation mark & unable to do anything, even not able to perform "User Backup". Shows error - write err

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