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d-link dwr-921 whats blocking my ports

  • How to block USB port and CD-ROM in Windows 7 through Group Policy?January 2

    I want to block USB port and CD-ROM access in my organization through domain (GPM). I have Windows 7 on all the computers in the organization and also have Windows Server 2008. How can I do this? I've tried my best but haven't succeeded. ------------

  • Dynamic DNS on D-Link DWR-112 3G router uses a private IP addressNovember 7

    I'm using a D-Link DWR-112 3G router to connect to the internet by using Celcom broadband plug-in. How can I do the port forwarding to my server? I already have correctly configured my DynDNS, but every time the DynDNS will not set to public address

  • CentOS: what is blocking the port?November 3

    I am rather new to Linux and trying to set up a MailScanner box. I went as far as to set it up with postfix and succeeded sending a test message via it from the local console. However, when I try to connect to port 25 on the box IP which is 192.168.2

  • Block all ports except SSH/HTTP in ipchains and iptablesJune 15

    How can I block all ports except ssh (port 22) httpd (port 80) using iptables and iphains? --------------Solutions------------- Ipchains are old and i do not reccomend it simple script #!/bin/bash IPTABLES=/sbin/iptables #start and flush $IPTABLES -F

  • What is blocking my ports?May 18

    How do I find out what is blocking my ports? I am on Windows 7 x64 and trying to run Minecraft on port 25565, which worked yesterday, but not today. I have not installed any new software. I have tried disabling Windows firewall, and I previously adde

  • Blocking the port using HaproxyJune 19

    is it possible that we can block any port to access lets say, 8080 to get blocked from outer-world except our certain ip address? I know how to block the ip address using listen ... ... acl bad_ip src XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX #Any Bad IP use_backend block_ip

  • How do I block all ports except 22 and 80 in Fedora's iptables? August 5

    This question already has an answer here: Block all ports except SSH/HTTP in ipchains and iptables 2 answers I am trying to only allow port 22 TCP/UDP and port 80 TCP/UDP from anywhere using Fedora 15 iptables, and all the rest will be never accessib

  • Windows Server 2003 blocking local portOctober 11

    I'm using Windows 7. I'm trying to do remote debugging with Visual Studio 2010 on another computer in the same LAN on a Windows 2003 network, but I cannot seem to connect to the other computer (which is running Windows XP Professional) I disabled the

  • Is my ISP blocking the ports 5050 and 6060January 9

    I want to find out whether or not my ISP is blocking the ports 5050 and 6060 which I need for my voip software on my iPhone. I'm using a 3G stick with a prepaid plan, and I'm using the internet sharing option on my mac to get internet on my iPhone th

  • Configure IPTables to block specific ports on VPN Disconnect?April 23

    I am using the latest Ubuntu distribution... and I have a rather spotty VPN connection. I am using the default Network Manager application that came with Ubuntu. I am having trouble maintaining a connection to my VPN, and that being a separate issue,

  • How to block a port for specific time?August 19

    I want to block a port for a specific time duration, say 1 am to 3 am. I can add a rule to built in firewall but this blocks the port all the time. Is there any way to do this for only a specif period of time ? --------------Solutions------------- No

  • Mac firewall blocking nginx (port 80) from external side

    Mac firewall blocking nginx (port 80) from external sideDecember 14

    I installed nginx using ports and started it with sudo. Accessing the nginx welcome page from localhost works perfectly, however accessing it from an external computer fails. Doing an nmap on the computer from the outside reveals 80/tcp filtered http

  • Vista Windows Firewall - how to block all ports apart from 1 on a particular subnet?July 13

    This is fairly easy in Win7 because that version of Windows Firewall allows you to block a port range e.g. 1-79,81-65535, leaving only a single port open. However Vista (at least by default) doesn't have this - you can only specify a comma separated

  • How do I block all ports except 22 and 80 in Centos6.2 64bitNovember 11

    How do I block all ports except 22 and 80 in Centos6.2 64bit. thanks all. --------------Solutions------------- Try; http://bit.ly/1ceUz4w If you're super lazy; https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-setup-a-basic-ip-tables-configurati

  • Why block network ports?November 18

    There was another good question here on why you should block outgoing traffic: Why block outgoing network traffic with a firewall? But I was hoping to get an answer on why it is a good idea to block incoming ports or ports in general. In particular I

  • Is blocking SMTP ports prevent server from sending emails?March 26

    I have a Centos server with cPanel on it. Yesterday, some hackers had successfully connected to my smpt server and sent thousand of emails from it. What I want to do is blocking every ports except for HTTP and HTTPS ports to everyone (IN and OUT), ex

  • How to block all ports except 80,443 with iptables? June 17

    This question already has an answer here: Block all ports except SSH/HTTP in ipchains and iptables 2 answers Blocking all ports(in and out) is easy but it's hard with the word "except". I don't know any rules that satisfies the condition. PS: I

  • Troubleshooting blocked/dropped ports on Sonicwall firewalls

    Troubleshooting blocked/dropped ports on Sonicwall firewallsSeptember 2

    Short of enabling packet capture/monitor on specific rules/policies, is there an easier way to see or to setup a Sonicwall to show blocked ports/services (realtime or as a report)? I think packet capture is an overkill. I do not want to see content o

  • Linux blocks my ports, how to unblock it?September 23

    I use Centos 7. I disabled iptables: sudo service iptables stop sudo chkconfig iptables off I also disbaled SeLinux: $sestatus SELinux status: disabled But ports are bolcked. Port 22 works, but if I change ssh server port (e.g. 2222) then ssh returns

  • Is forwarding to port 9 (discard) essentially the same as blocking a port?October 10

    My router (Linksys WRT1900ac) seems to leave port 4567 open, as discussed in this question. I'd like to block that port. Unfortunately I see no easy way in the Linksys admin console to simply drop traffic from a specific port. However, it does allow

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