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  • ls hangs after NFS server rebootJune 1

    I've got server A and server B. B acts as an nfs server, A mounts from B. Both are running on EC2. Sometimes I have to shut down B and start a new instance (identical instance). After B is back up, trying to do anything inside the mounted directory o

  • Best practices for Windows Server 2003 live server rebootJuly 3

    We have a Windows Server 2003 box running as a web server in a remote data centre. Last night I installed a large batch of Windows Updates and then triggered a reboot around 1:30am via RDP. The reboot failed and although the server is still running,

  • Why does systemd hang during reboot?June 11

    1 of 10 times, systemd hangs during reboot. I don't understand the reason. What/where should I look at to fix the problem? I am using systemd v196 and cannot upgrade it to version >=198 because the latter requires a recent kernel (with support for cg

  • iSCSI target stuck reconnecting after server reboots

    iSCSI target stuck reconnecting after server rebootsNovember 17

    I've been having some ongoing issues with my iSCSI connection not reconnecting itself after the server reboots, as shown below: OS is Windows Server 2008 R2. The iSCSI device is for my SQL Server 2008 R2 instance that is in a failover cluster with an

  • How do I automatically restart a process on server reboot/process exit?July 25

    On my Ubuntu server I use God to monitor some Ruby processes/scripts, including a Queue system. God automatically checks when one of my processes exists and restarts it. It also keeps track of memory usage and acts properly when specific conditions a

  • Apache not starting with server rebootJuly 15

    Apache is not starting when our server reboots. How can I check to be sure it's being told to start with the server? update Sorry, I'm using Ubuntu --------------Solutions------------- On Fedora/RedHat system: chkconfig httpd on On Debian/Ubuntu syst

  • How to quit ssh from terminal after remote server reboot?September 29

    I often use Ubuntu's GNOME Terminal to connect to an external server using ssh. When rebooting the server the Terminal shows this message: # reboot Broadcast message from root (pts/0) (Wed Sep 29 13:52:26 2010): The system is going down for reboot NO

  • automatic user logon after server reboot - Windows 2008 remote desktopNovember 1

    I need to make 7 user sessions always to be logged in. If my server rebooted, I need some script or windows feature to make sure that all 7 users are logged in into remote desktop sessions (without any active user action). Is any way to make users se

  • windows server reboots automatically after scheduled updatesMay 27

    I have 5 different asp.net applications running on windows server 2003. The server reboots automatically after installing scheduled updates from Microsoft. I'm a developer and have admin rights on server for deployment purpose and there is networking

  • After server reboot SQL Server 2008 agent won't start sometimesOctober 7

    Our server hosting SQL Server 2008 is set to reboot nightly. Recently it developed following problem: after server reboot SQL Server 2008 agent won't start sometimes. Doesn't happen all the time but about once a week. Causes obvious problems because

  • iptables and NAT/port forwarding not working after server rebootNovember 22

    I'm new to NAT and iptables, I have my physical server running CentOS 6 with KVM installed, 2 more linux box is started as VM - VM2 and VM3, and their ip is and accordingly. Since I have one real IP only, NAT is used for p

  • iptables resets when server rebootsDecember 3

    Everytime my server reboots it seems I have to reset my iptables to default, I used to use firestarter but removed it a while ago. Is there any settings that are making iptables change when the server reboots? --------------Solutions------------- Thi

  • How can I find out why a server rebooted?December 16

    My server rebooted and I am not sure why. Is there a way to find out, e.g. perhaps someone did it manually, or as a result of a windows update or a blue screen? I've looked in the Event Viewer, but I am not sure what to look for - there are million i

  • Something causes my phone to hang and rebootApril 7

    This problem always happens after I restore my apps from Titanium Backup and move them to the SD card, regardless which ROM. However, I noticed that this problem has something to do with the SD card. Since the logcat is too long, I posted it here: Lo

  • vyatta Server Reboots by itselfJune 19

    I have an issue regarding some hardware, maybe you can help me. First, I set up a Supermicro Superserver SYS-5016I-NTF with a Intel Xeon X3470 and 4 GB of Ram with a Hotlava Card Tambora 64G4 with Intel Chipset 82599EB and 4x10G SPF+ ports. Installed

  • Windows Server 2003 stops sharing a folder when the server rebootsSeptember 27

    I have a file server that will stop sharing a particular folder once the server is rebooted. This problem happened after the server went through a p2v migration. There are no events that seem to correlate to this issue. I was reading http://support.m

  • Set up an automatic server reboot on when a particular service fails November 25

    I am running linux based server (centos 6.0) with cpanle and WHM, I have critical website running with a chat server which uses a openfire as the chat server backend server, I have monitored last few weeks this service crashes quite often, I have no

  • Ubuntu 12.04 hangs on reboot ("All processes ended within 1 seconds"); how to debug?February 22

    I read through a lot of ubuntuforums threads and tried out various things. Still freshly installed Ubuntu 12.04 (64-bit, 3.2.0-38) hangs on reboot/shutdown after the line "All processes ended within 2 seconds". What I tried so far without succes

  • Windows server reboots itself when logging for the first timeJune 10

    On my domain servers that I use the administrator account there's no problem but logging from my house to the servers sometimes I have to use my personal domain user. The problem is when I log in for first time the server reboots... After that I can

  • OpenVPN on Android TCP retransmissions after OpenVPN server rebootJune 30

    I raised OpenVPN on server for the first time. It worked fine until the server rebooted. The firewall configuration is unchanged. When I tcpdump from tun interface on the server, I always get TCP retransmissions on all TCP packets larger than a few b

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