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dlink firmware update says illegal

  • Why does my D-Link DSL-2730U router claim the firmware update "contains an illegal image"?

    Why does my D-Link DSL-2730U router claim the firmware update "contains an illegal image"?August 8

    I have a D-Link router. Its software (firmware) causes a lot of problems so I try to update it. My router model is DSL-2730U so I downloaded the original firmware from this site: http://www.dlinkmea.com/site/index.php/site/productDetails/234 When I u

  • Explain TRIM, and are all SSD's going to support this with firmware updates?November 4

    I just bought a Kingston 64GB SSD to install an OS on, but after purchasing it I noticed a review that said it doesn't support TRIM and that this isn't good to install an OS. So, I did a bit of research on TRIM, but I don't feel I completely understa

  • MacBook(late 2008) EFI Firmware Update 1.8 Problem December 10

    Possible Duplicate: MacBook(late 2008) EFI Firmware Update 1.8 Problem Last night I applied EFI Firmware update 1.8 to my Macbook(late 2008). After installing EFI Firmware Update and rebooted my computer and installed SuperDrive Firmware Update 3.0.

  • MacBook EFI Firmware Update Dialog Always ReappearsDecember 23

    After performing software update on my MacBook (late 2008) I am greeted with a dialog saying: Your computer's firmware is up-to-date with version 1.4 of the MacBook EFI Firmware Update. The problem being that everytime I boot this dialog appears. I'v

  • OSX - laptop giving me a long beep on startup after installing firmware update. "Breathing" light is steady?February 10

    Is this normal? I am installing a firmware update on my macbook and upon my restart, I'm getting a long, ugly beep and the breathing light is steady, rather than breathing. --------------Solutions------------- When the firmware is being updated on Ap

  • ZTE ZXDSL 831 Series firmware updateJune 13

    I'm having a problem with my broadband connection established through a ZTE ZXDSL 831 Series DSL modem and wandered if a firmware update could help me fix that. The networking problem is not important at this point but my question is where to find th

  • What firmware updates should I be tracking?July 1

    Seems like everything has possible firmware updates these days. Not just PC BIOS, but network cards, routers, printers, monitors, etc. The other day I heard about a firmware update for a mouse. I wouldn't have guessed to look for that, and the manufa

  • Where I can check if there new firmware update on my nokia? July 19

    Where I can check if there new firmware update on my nokia? Phone: Nokia 5500 Sport P.S. I don`t have usb cable. --------------Solutions------------- I find the best way to do this is to visit the Nokia Europe website and find your phone. If there is

  • Where can I find Samsung SP1203N 120gb internal hard drive firmware update?December 3

    I am trying to update the firmware for this drive. I ran a program which messed up the SMART readings on the drive and want to get a newer version of the firmware to fix the issue. My current firmware version is TL100-23. If you have yourself or can

  • Where can I find the AirPrint firmware update for my HP 8500A printer?December 21

    I was excited when my new HP 8500A arrived this weekend because I wanted to try out its recently added AirPrint compatibility. However, I can't seem to find the requisite firmware update for the printer. Since I haven't updated the firmware when I ta

  • iOS firmware update proxy / cache (for enterprises)April 11

    On a day where Apple releases a new version of iOS our whole company tries to download this new release simultaneously, there it is: a bandwidth shortage. For desktop macs, there is a software update service in OS X server (and there exist even some

  • Slow iOS app and firmware update downloads in iTunesApril 16

    All my iOS related downloads (firmware updates and app downloads) are incredibly slow in iTunes. Right now, a single 70 MB app is an estimated 3 hours download making the transfer rate lousy 52 Kbit/s on an 8 MBit/s ADSL. When I download my .ipsw fir

  • HP ProLiant firmware update policies/schedule/strategyMay 23

    I'm looking for a few ideas on how to keep HP server firmware up-to-date. How do other administrators keep the firmware revisions in check? Do you upgrade on a regular basis? Do you only run updates when you run into problems? In my experience, HP te

  • LG optimus P-500 firmware update: PC suite for Linux?July 8

    My phone, a LG Optimus P-500 requested to be connected to the PC suite in order to perform a firmware update (the official one). I don't have the PC suite and have only access to Linux computers. The PC suite (probably this one?) is only available fo

  • How to get Sun X4100 Firmware updates from Oracle?July 21

    This document directs how to get there, but it is for the old Sun website. http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/E19569-01/820-1188-12/core_ilom_firmware.html#50413605_67571 Download the flash image .ima file using these steps: Naviage to http://www.sun

  • Hard Drive Start / Stop count & Firmware UpdateJuly 22

    I've got a 500GB Seagate Momentus XT hybrid drive that has done a great job since I bought it. I've noticed that there's a lot of people on the internet complaining that their Momentus XT has tons of issues (freezes, weird noises, poor battery life),

  • Recover AirPort Extreme from bad firmware updateJuly 25

    I applied a recommended firmware update for an AirPort Extreme base station and now it won't boot. Briefly the light goes green, then off, then stays stuck on amber. I did several factory resets, unplugging, plugging in while holding down the reset b

  • How to do firmware updates/upgrades to a BlackberryJuly 25

    I have several clients/friends that have Blackberry and wish to update their phone but without installing Windows. Any windows. Just doing it from Ubuntu. How can this be done. The update the mention is for the firmware and new programs for the phone

  • Why won't the Thunderbolt Firmware Update v1 ever install on a Macbook Pro 2011?August 2

    Software update keeps telling me that Thunderbolt Firmware Update v1 needs installing, and that it needs a reboot - so I duly oblige, and it goes through the motions. But it keeps telling me it needs to apply this update - all the other updates work

  • SSD Firmware update = loss of data?August 25

    I recently got a new SSD (OCZ Vertex Plus) and after reading the helpful answers for my post Disk Corruption = Failing Drive/Bad sectors? I would like to try updating the firmware but the OCZ Firmware download site (http://www.ocztechnology.com/ssd_t

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