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  • Renaming Z drive in DOSBoxOctober 3

    DOSBox makes a virtual drive, which it names Z:, for storing utility stuff on. Clearly they're trying to stay out of your way, so you can do whatever you want with the C: drive. Swell, I understand that. But I've got some old database accessing softw

  • Using a printer in Dosbox

    Using a printer in DosboxJanuary 15

    I'm trying to find a way to run an old Dos based application that uses a printer connected to the parallel port, I don't think Dosbox supports lpt. I am interested both in using that printer and in trying to emulate the printer somehow and connect a

  • Windows shortcut that runs through DosBoxOctober 4

    Is there a way to make a Windows shortcut that will run a dos program through DosBox automatically, without the need to open DosBox mount a drive etc' manually? So opening the shortcut loads the program (through DosBox) without the need for any addit

  • All Letters Upper-Case when Typing in DOSBox?January 17

    I am having to use DOSBox to run a old DOS-based program, but whenever I type a letter it's upper-case, rather than lower-case. The only way I can get a lower-case letter is by holding down shift. Does anyone know how I can fix this? --------------So

  • How can DOSBox be tweaked to run in "full screen mode" in Vista?March 3

    How can I tweak DOSBox to run in "full screed mode" in Windows Vista? --------------Solutions------------- In dosbox.conf there is a directive specifically for this called fullscreen. Modify it to say: fullscreen = true then start a new instance

  • Is there a way to use the numeric keypad in DOSBox?March 9

    Searching around Google and the DOSBox Wiki there doesn't seem to be a way to use the numeric keypad as a numeric keypad, instead it seems to behave like the arrow keys. Looking at the dosbox.config there isn't anything apparent. The keyboard setting

  • How can I print with DosBox?April 13

    I'm looking for a version of dosbox with print support I saw the answers to this question Using a printer in Dosbox but I didn't manage to make it work --------------Solutions------------- You should be able to use printing with a correctly configure

  • DOSBox says the program must be run under Win32November 14

    I'm trying to run a DOS game in DOSBox, but it says it must be run under Win32. The game in question was recently re-released for higher resolution and ability to run under Windows. Does it mean it's no longer compatible with DOS? NB If it helps, the

  • How to Automount folder as C: in DosboxDecember 29

    I have had a look at the community documentation here and there doesn't seem to be any information about how to "Automount" a folder as the C: drive in Dosbox. Also as a bonus is it possible to automount the cd/dvd drive in the same way? -------

  • DosBox Booting From HDD Image, FreeDOS Image created with qemu-img.January 14

    I'm having trouble booting a HDD image with DosBox. I've only gotten either read errors, or boot failures. The HDD image is a verified working FreeDOS installation, created with qemu-img. The image has been formatted FAT32, and it's working as expect

  • How to do dosbox autoexecutable like dosemu on OpensuseFebruary 2

    I was trying to migrate an DOS aplication on a dos emulator, I was pretty sure that dosemu was the answer ... but a couple of errors ocurred on the program. So I tryied dosbox. The thing is, under putty a windows user will autenticate to the OpenSUSE

  • Loading Games onto DosBoxMarch 27

    I downloaded an old 16 bit game and also downloaded DosBox. I believe I have the right pieces, but I can't figure out how to open the game on DosBox. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Sorry, first question here - my PC is running Windows 7

  • Automate opening of DOS program under DOSBox / Windows 7May 2

    I use DOSBox and it works pretty well, but each time I want to run the application I have to launch DOSBox, then type: mount c c:\path\to\app c: cd app app.exe Can I somehow automate the process, like with a batch file or something? Or are there othe

  • Where can I find a comprehensive list of DOSbox shortcut commands?May 13

    I've got a shortcut linked to dosbox.exe named: dosbox - START.lnk in it I have: D:\_DOSBox\dosbox.exe -conf mydosbox.conf -noconsole -c However, I only got it because I looked into some of the shortcuts from various games. I can't seem to find a com

  • Can I disable Dash and HUD hotkeys when fullscreen (in DOSBox)?

    Can I disable Dash and HUD hotkeys when fullscreen (in DOSBox)?May 27

    I'd like to know if its possible to disable the global hotkeys (Start and Alt) for Unity features while running applications in fullscreen under DOSBox. If possible, it would be nice to disable them for all applications running fullscreen, but DOSbox

  • How do I make DOSBox show in full screen mode?August 14

    I have enable FullScreenmode in Dosbox under Ubuntu 12.04 . But still i am not getting it in Fullscreen. My turbo c++ windows is less than my screen size. --------------Solutions------------- First, press ctrl + F10 to lock mouse to dosbox and then t

  • How DosBox runs 8-bit Applications in 64-bit OS?September 12

    Usually, When we try to execute applications such as a C-language , Assembler in a 64-bit OS , it simply won't work unless we use programs such as DosBox. I want to know the reason why the 8-bit applications doesn't work in 64-bit OS ? Since 64-bit i

  • How to use MASM within DOSBox or any other DOS emulator?October 2

    I have DOSBox installed and I am trying to use MASM from DOSBox but I failed on doing that. DOSBox keeps printing a the follwoing message: "cannot run this program in dos mode" I tried this on both, MAC and Ubuntu versions of DOSBox. -----------

  • DOSBox 8.3 filenames disagree with Windows 7November 27

    When I compare a dir in DOSBox 0.74 against a dir from Windows 7 command prompt, the 8.3 filenames differ. Long format (both drives and directories): 2012-07-30_abcdefg-abcde 2012-07-30_abcdefg-abcde.7z 2012-08-06_abcdefg-abcde 2012-08-06_abcdefg-abc

  • Can a virus spread through DOSBox in Ubuntu?December 25

    I have a virus in several DOSBox msdos games. It doesn't seem to be affecting the Ubuntu files, but is spreading amongst my dosfiles that were opened in DOSBox. I don't know how to control this in the DOSBOX emulator, but ClamAV found them on a routi

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