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  • docker-compose: option to automaticaly remove container after run in docker-compose.ymlJanuary 19

    The docker-compose run reference states that it has the --rm option to Remove container after run. I want to make this a default run behavior for some of services I specify in docker-compose.yml. So, the questions are: Can it somehow be specified in

  • How to define docker image name from within docker-compose.yml?January 28

    I've got a directory called thing with my docker compose project: thing ├── Dockerfile └── docker-compose.yml The contents of docker-compose.yml: master: build: . Whenver I run docker-compose build in this folder, this will produce a docker image cal

  • How to create stack in tutum with docker-compose.yml file?February 12

    I am trying to build a Stack as follows: redis: image: redis ports: - '6379' app: build: . links: - redis when I push "Create Stack" button, I get this error: Oops! Service 'app': Value {u'build': u'.', u'links': [u'redis'], u'name': u'app'} for

  • How to run docker-compose at bootup?April 23

    This is on an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS VM running Docker and I suspect respawn is the cause of my problem but not sure of the ideal solution. Current upstart script (cat /etc/init/dockersuitecrm.conf) description "Start docker containers" author "B

  • Forwarding a port in docker-compose without having to open an SSH connection with the -L option specifiedNovember 12

    I've been following this tutorial on getting started with Kubernetes using Docker containers, which is a variation of this official tutorial modified to use docker-compose. I've managed to get as far as listing the nodes using kubectl get nodes but I

  • Docker Compose - Adding wrong folderNovember 19

    I have a project folder containing my docker compose file. This references a child folder as a sub project. When running docker compose an ADD adds the docker-compose location and not the sub directory as expected. project/docker-compose.yml db: imag

  • Multiple sets started with docker-compose use the same host volumes?January 15

    I tried to launch 2 docker-compose sets at the same time. I tried to configure both so that each has its own set of volumes shared with the host, so that the 2 docker-compose sets are independent from each other. However, I end up with both sets (mor

  • How to link from docker-compose to Amazon RDSJanuary 17

    My docker-compose.yml looks something like this: django: build: . user: django links: # LINK TO AMAZON RDS? command: /gunicorn.sh env_file: config/settings/.env nginx: build: ./compose/nginx links: - django ports: - "" How do I link

  • Inject host's SSH keys into Docker Machine with Docker ComposeJanuary 21

    I am using Docker on Mac OS X with Docker Machine (with the default boot2docker machine), and I use docker-compose to setup my development environment. Let's say that one of the containers is called "stack". Now what I want to do is call: docker

  • Docker-compose migrating from links to networking MongoDB database issueJanuary 21

    I am trying to migrate by Dockerfile from using links to networking but I am experiencing some problems. I will first sketch my original setup: Original - Links Dockerfile: FROM java:8 VOLUME /tmp ADD docker_micro_maven-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar app.jar RUN

  • docker compose create containers without starting themJanuary 22

    My docker containers are build with docker-compose and I automatically start them container on my CentOS 7 system using derivatives from the documentation example:: [Unit] Description=condb container Requires=docker.service After=docker.service [Serv

  • Using docker environment variables in docker-compose run commandsJanuary 22

    This works: $ docker-compose run web psql -U dbuser -h db something_development My docker-compose.yml file has environment variables all over the place. If I run docker-compose run web env I see all kinds of tasty things I'd like to reuse in these on

  • Nginx not serving static files with docker-compose and django (13: Permission denied)January 23

    I'm using docker-compose and docker-machine to setup a dev environment with multiple containers. I have a container for nginx, which acts as a proxy to my django application and also serves static files). I have also a container for the django app, o

  • docker-compose with MongoDb and volumes - doesn't seem to be mounted

    docker-compose with MongoDb and volumes - doesn't seem to be mountedJanuary 24

    I'm trying to run the a docker-compose operation which spawns up a Redis and MongoDb instance and which (should) provide the MongoDb instance with a data-file from the host pc through the volumes specification. I can successfully boot up the containe

  • docker-compose SSL error: hostname '' doesn't match 'localhost'January 25

    I'm trying to run docker-compose behind a proxy masked by cntlm. In other words, my proxy settings are simply localhost:3128. 1) First of all, I created a new docker-machine setting the proxy and regenerating the certs: HOST= # IP address

  • Docker compose ignores my Dockerfile when I use the build commandJanuary 26

    I have this folder structure: /home/me/composetest /home/me/composetest/mywildflyimage Inside composites I have this docker-compose.yml: web: image: test/mywildfly container_name: wildfly ports: - "8080:8080" - "9990:9990" Inside mywil

  • Scaling with docker-composer and appending a number to the hostname?January 28

    I've got a docker-compose.yml: master: build: . slave: image: master hostname: slave command: run_slave How can I make docker-compose scale slave=5 generate machines with unique hostnames? ...e.g. something like this: slave1 slave2 slave3 slave4 slav

  • Starting docker-compose with systemd on ubuntu 15.04January 28

    I have a docker-compose project that I would like to control through systemd. In upstart, I would use a script that looks like this: description "Start/Stop server" author "Jim Cortez" start on filesystem and started docker stop on run

  • docker-compose image export and importJanuary 29

    I have a dockerfile for nginx. FROM ubuntu # File Author / Maintainer MAINTAINER Maintaner Name # Install Nginx # Add application repository URL to the default sources RUN echo "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ raring main universe" >>

  • Docker Compose - symlink in deploymentJanuary 29

    I have an application with this structure. /path/releases /path/releases/01012016 /path/releases/16012016 /path/releases/etc.. And /path/dev (symlink to some version) /path/stag (symlink to some version) /path/stable (symlink to some version) My dock

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