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  • How can I set up an SPI interface between an LPC2132 ARM and a Cyclone FPGA?July 29

    I am trying to make an ARM LPC2132 chip and a Altera Cyclone FPGA communicate using the SPI protocol. Specifically, I have the Saxo-L board from KNJN, which has the signals pre-wired between the two boards, but I cannot get the two chips talking. The

  • Arduino, best way to talk with multiple SPI devices (LED drivers)September 2

    (this is more hardware design, rather than software question). Hi all. I plan to build an Arduino shield (board) with multiple LED drivers (TLC5941). They are accessible via SPI. The problem is that SPI communication wires may get loo long, causing s

  • SPI Reading memory over SPI with Bus PirateSeptember 12

    I'm trying to learn about SPI and I have a old Bluetooth headset with SPI solder points on it. I've already soldered the corresponding {MISO,MOSI,CS,CLK} pins and connected them to the Bus Pirate correctly. The chip on the headset is a CSR-31315 (9A1

  • Privoxy rule to block Facebook spyingSeptember 16

    Recently, my server's Privoxy rules to block Facebook's spying have failed. How can I block current Facebook spying links? Since soon after the inception of Facebook's so-called "Open Graph" cross-site tracking widgets (those "Like" bu

  • How to get a PIC32 SPI port working for transmitting data?September 30

    I am looking to get a SPI serial port running on a PIC32 (PIC32MX360F). can anyone point me to some good resources on how to do this so that a newbie can figure it out? I am using the PIC32 starter kit and have a PIC32 breakout board from Digi-Key. T

  • Any examples of an SPI based protocol with a checksum?October 2

    I have an application in mind in which I need to communicate via SPI with an FPGA. Both the FPGA and microcontroller are in our control, and so I have the flexibility to define the protocol as I see fit. However, I was wondering if there are any good

  • Identifying the SPI masterOctober 13

    I'm trying to reverse engineer the SPI communications between two chips. But, it's not clear who's master and who's slave. I've found the chip select. Without lifting any pins or cutting traces is there a way to detect which end is asserting it? The

  • Intermittent SPI busOctober 25

    I'm attempting to interface a PIC18F4520 to a 25LC640 via SPI protocol. I'm using the built in MSSP hardware of the PIC. The PIC18F4520 is the only master on the bus. I'm reading 16 bytes of data from the EEPROM 32 times per second. I've double-check

  • Am I being spied on my messenger? November 8

    OK. Let's make it clear: I am in a corporate network, and I have suspicions on being spyed. Don´t problem with that, not my PC, not my network. It´s fine. So, just curious: How I can know if they are spying on my messenger conversations? Edit: Can I

  • SPI on PIC24H not progressingDecember 14

    I am trying to setup the SPI1 port on my PIC24HJ206GP256 micro. I have set the SPI1CON1 control register with 0x0020, the SPI1STAT control register with 0x8000 (i.e. turn on the SPIEN), and SPI1CON2 = 0. At the moment a simple write to the SPI1BUF is

  • How should I route SPI lines?February 7

    In my schematic, I have 4 SPI devices to hook together. I am going to operate the SPI up to 8MHz. Should I be concerned with installing damping resistors? source termination resistors? Should I route them in a star formation, or in a serial fashion?

  • USB to SPI converterFebruary 11

    I have a chip that uses SPI for communication and would like to connect it directly to the USB port on my computer. Does anyone have experience with using a USB to SPI converter? Any recommendations? Quick searches on the web revealed http://www.robo

  • SD card read/write problems in SPI modeFebruary 14

    I am working on an NEC v850ES/JH3 controller for testing an SD card driver in SPI mode. We interfaced the SD card slot directly to the v850ES/JH3 controller without any pull-up resistors. Does it have any negative effects? I am able to initialize the

  • Is it possible to use 4-pin mode for an SD card with a microcontroller instead of SPI mode?February 25

    Is it possible to use the 4-pin mode of an SD card when designing an interface with a microcontroller, or must you always use SPI mode? I am particularly thinking of a microcontroller such as a PIC24. The SPI mode is slower, obviously, and I am tryin

  • Do any devices support handshaking on SPI-ish bus without extra wiresFebruary 25

    The 4-wire SPI bus has a considerable speed advantage over I²C, but unfortunately so far as I know has no standard way to perform handshaking without using extra wires beyond the four (and four wires is already annoying enough as it is). For a recent

  • Can the frequency of the SPI sck on an mbed be adjusted?March 16

    I'm trying to control a serial dataflash memory through the SPI interface of an mbed. SCK from the mbed is connected to CLK of the dataflash memory. I'm not sure, but I'm starting to suspect that this needs to be running at a certain frequency. Can t

  • Do all microSD cards support SPI mode?March 22

    Have you ever encountered an SD card which does not support the SPI mode? I know microSD are not required to but I believe all do support SPI. EDIT: The information about optionality of SPI seems to come from Wikipedia and was recently removed (here

  • Suspicious redirection to russian pages. Is government spying us?April 11

    Recently when I browse some multi-language websites the default language for them is Russian. An example is www.amd.com which redirects me to the russian page http://www.amd.com/ru/Pages/AMDHomePage.aspx. I am sure I didn't change any settings relate

  • I2S to SPI or some other normal interfaceMay 2

    I need to get the higest possible precision from an analog to digital convertor (and by high I mean 24bits or more), 10 times per second. To this end I've decided to investigate using an ADC that is designed for audio. Unfortunately, after vast amoun

  • How to use ATmega328 SPI with a 31 bit shift registerMay 12

    I'm using an Allegro 6280 PWM LED driver for a project. This is a cool little IC except for the fact that it is a 31 bit long input register. This is no problem if I simply loop through my 31 bits and set the pin states accordingly, but I'm wanting t

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