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  • How do I use/enable zcache?May 27

    I'd like to try out zcache but I just can't figure out how I would enable it, do I have to compile a new kernel with zcache enabled? I'm running Ubuntu 13.04 64bit --------------Solutions------------- Ok I figured it out, I just added zcache to the G

  • How do I determine ZCACHE works on my box?March 18

    I have an Marwell Kirkwood ARM-based NAS server Zyxel NSA 310. I compiled my own 3.8 kernel and enabled ZCACHE, but I still see 256 MB of RAM. I am not sure if GNU free utility should show extra amount of RAM. How do I find out it is really working?

  • Zswap, Zram, Zcache desktop usage scenariosNovember 9

    I've been trying to understand the difference in use cases for Zswap, Zram, and Zcache. Apologies in advance for the long/slightly sloppily worded question. I've done a bunch of googling, and I understand that zram is basically a block device for com

  • zram vs zswap vs zcache Ultimate guide: when to use which oneMay 25

    What the hell are they? how are they different (I've written my understanding in an answer below) In the Zswap system, when a page is evicted from the zswap to the actual swap is it stored in a compressed from? (or is it decompressed before storing?,

  • Zcache Usage in LubuntuFebruary 22

    Recently I appended zcache to my grub configuration: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash zcache" But I am at a loss as to whether zcache is working or if I need to do something else. There is a severe lack of information on zcache implement

  • Build a WebDav-Enabled Intranet With eZ publish

    Build a WebDav-Enabled Intranet With eZ publishNovember 12

    Every company and organization needs to communicate internally, and an intranet is a valuable tool in this continuous process. This article shows how you can configure eZ publish to share information, and to restrict information over your intranet. I

  • How to enabled Printer Sharing on Web Server 2008?March 27

    I am installing Web Server 2008 for my home network. I have 2 USB printers that I am connecting to this machine and want to share these printers so that my other machines can print to these 2 USB printers. (I previously had Win Server 2003 on this ma

  • Are there any risks to enabling SQL DebuggingApril 30

    In our current environment, developers are not allowed to use SQL Debugging against any of the QA servers. It's not clear to me why the decision was made. What factors should be considered to decide in favor or against enabling SQL debugging? I'm loo

  • Automated Enable of Wake on LANMay 1

    Does anyone know of an automated way to enable Wake on LAN capabilities in the BIOS? --------------Solutions------------- There is a linux tool called nvram-wakeup that allows you to programattically set the wakeup time of a box - but I think it also

  • Upgrading to Gigabit Network - Enabling Jumbo FramesMay 4

    I would like to begin to upgrade my SOHO network to gigabit (from 10/100) and have heard a bit on Jumbo Frames. What would be the best way to implement Jumbo Frames on a network? From what I can tell in order for it to work properly all network gear

  • How do I enable HTTP compression under apache2?May 6

    How do I configure Apache2 to support HTTP compression? --------------Solutions------------- This requires the deflate module, so enable that. Under Ubuntu (which is what I'm using), the command for that is a2enmod deflate. Then, use SetOutputFilter

  • Enable Ping in Windows Server Firewall?

    Enable Ping in Windows Server Firewall?May 7

    I've just installed Windows Server 2008 on a server and I'm able to connect through Remote Desktop but can't ping. Do I need to open an special port on the firewall to be able to ping a server? --------------Solutions------------- By default Windows

  • Accessing windows 2003 firewall settings with RRAS enabledMay 8

    Windows Server 2003 (VPS) Trying to install MySQL, but the service isn't starting - suspect the port is being blocked by the firewall. One of my Google searches lead me to http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=1117967&page=1 which seems to indic

  • Re-Enable RDP Via Remote RegistryMay 11

    I'm having a problem where for some reason, Remote Desktop (RDP) continually gets disabled on a Win2003 server. Our networking team is not doing this, so as far as I know it is not a security script that is running, etc. In any case, I am able howeve

  • How do I enable Terminal Services in Windows Server 2003?May 12

    I've just installed Windows Server 2003 and want to enable Terminal Services for Remote Administration. I've checked the Terminal Services Manager, Terminal Services Licencing and Terminal Services Configuration tools under "Administration" in t

  • Enabling hardware virtualisation BIOS; anything to beware?May 13

    A lot of recent virtualisation tools can either make use of, or demand, BIOS support (Intel-VT, AMD-V, etc). But in most of the BIOS screens I've seen, it has been disabled by default - sometimes even with fairly non-subtle (but vague) warnings. So:

  • How to enable remote connections for SQL Server 2008?May 13

    How do I enable remote connections on an SQL Server 2008 installation? I have created a rule in the windows firewall to allow traffic through port 1433, but that does not seem to be enough. --------------Solutions------------- SQL Server Configuratio

  • Cannot re-image laptop after drive encryption has been enabledMay 13

    We are using HP laptops, and on them there is a software suite called HP Protect Tools. Part of this package of tools is "drive encryption." Since we are dealing with confidential information we enable drive encryption. It takes about two hours

  • Enabling internet connectivity through softwareMay 15

    I want to make my network Active Directory controlled. I want to enable internet connectivity in my client computers through some kind of startup/logon script. How do I achieve this? Thanks --------------Solutions------------- Proxy Server that requi

  • IIS Compression: Enable GZIP and DEFLATE using PowershellMay 18

    How does one do the following things with IIS 5.1/6.0 using PowerShell: Enable HTTP Compression Set GZIP and DEFLATE file extensions Enable Dynamic and Static compression for GZIP and DEFLATE Set the compression lvl Any pointers to tutorials on this

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