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esp8266 3.7v

  • Esp8266 (esp-03) breakout

    Esp8266 (esp-03) breakoutNovember 28

    Recently, Hackaday is talking a lot about the esp8266, a wifi to serial chip. I want to use the esp-03, a breakout with half-hole connectors that has 2mm pitch. Is there a breakout board that can turn that half hole connector into through hole connec

  • ESP8266 serial-wifi: antenna options

    ESP8266 serial-wifi: antenna optionsJanuary 9

    The cheap ESP8266 boards are offered on ebay with two built-in antenna options: with a PCB trace antenna with a ceramic(?) antenna (PCB photographs see below.) Has somebody bought both and compared their signal quality? Or can somebody from looking a

  • ESP8266 Wifi Module - prints "ready" but not responding to AT commandsMarch 23

    Just received my first ESP8266 wifi module with some excitement. However I've been unable to fully communicate with it. I have connected the module to my computer via a usb to serial cable and I'm power the module via a separate power supply (3.3v).

  • How to Get IP address from MAC Address using ESP8266 wifi ModuleMay 13

    I am trying to use my esp8266 to discover several WiFi devices (sensor) in my home. I only know these devices MAC address, and I need to send TCP packets to their IP address. Using RPi, I can do that using ethernet and ARP protocol. But I cannot find

  • ESP8266 "rom" boot code is overwritten when upgrade firmware?May 19

    You can flash the firmware using ESPTOOL with a command like ./esptool.py write_flash 0x00000 my_app.elf-0x00000.bin 0x40000 my_app.elf-0x40000.bin this will overwrite the SPI FLASH chip with a new contents. But if you overwrite 0x0 region is the boo

  • Is it possible to program ESP8266 from another microcontroller?May 25

    I am using PL2303 USB to TTL adapter to program ESP8266, but I do not want to unplug it from system and plug it into PL2303 all the time. That's why I want to program it in system, with my AVR (the AVR is already connected to ESP8266 in the device th

  • ESP8266 to find all the devices in proximityMay 29

    Thanks for any help. I am interested in knowing all the devices which are connected to and Access Point. I am using ESP8266 to find all the AP. But even after joining the AP, I can not find the all the devices which are connected to the AP. ---------

  • ESP8266 wont send or receive returns busy s . .June 23

    I'm attempting to make a fermentation temperature controller with the ESP8266 sending data to and from my local webserver. I'm testing the esp with the arudino serial monitor and an ftdi board. I have my timeout in Apache setting to 300 and don't kno

  • AT+CIPSEND problem with ESP8266July 5

    Here I am facing an issue with ESP8266 CLIENT Programming. The Problem is with AT+CIPSEND Command. This command is working for few times, but after few cycles, it waits too long for "SEND OK". I have tested the code with delay of almost 1 sec af

  • ESP8266 Wifi for http server: What are pros and cons with different libraries/approaches? August 12

    I have found the following options so far for getting an http server running on an ESP8266: NodeMCU exemplified by e.g. this tutorial Arduino ESP8266 library exemplified by e.g Adafruit here mbed ESP8266 library ESP-HTTPD Sparkfun's hookup guide What

  • esp8266 throwing random symbols when powered and not responding to AT commands

    esp8266 throwing random symbols when powered and not responding to AT commandsAugust 18

    I am trying to use ESP8266(ESP01) by interfacing it with Arduino using USB power. I followed the given tutorial. When I disconnect and reconnect ESP with Arduino it throws random symbols on the serial monitor and after doesn't responds to the AT comm

  • Powering a ESP8266 and an auxiliar device using a single power source

    Powering a ESP8266 and an auxiliar device using a single power sourceAugust 24

    I am trying to connect two components to the same 12V/1000mA DC power source. The devices are 300mA/9V (D1, auxiliar device) and 500mA/3.3V (D2, ESP8266) respectively. See the diagram below: Given that R1/D2 and R2/D2 are connected in parallel I can

  • How to connect 16x2 lcd to esp8266?

    How to connect 16x2 lcd to esp8266?September 26

    I have ESP8266-01 this model I Updated the frimware to nodeMCU and uploaded the web server code and tested by blinking led via web browser. Now I want to test that if I can send text data from web browser to ESP8266 and show that text on LCD screen s

  • Sending POST with esp8266 ModuleSeptember 26

    I am trying to send a POST request from my esp8266 wifi module and I am getting errors. Such as: "Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand" I am trying to send: POST http://example.org/send_post_nohtml.php par1=100&p

  • ADT7410 I2C temp sensor works only after a power cycle (ESP8266)

    ADT7410 I2C temp sensor works only after a power cycle (ESP8266)October 4

    I have an ADT7410 temperature sensor connected to an ESP8266 running nodemcu. The issue I am having is that I can only get good changing data after power cycling the ADT7410. Until that I get either an reasonable fixed temp reading which doesn't chan

  • Problem powering ESP8266 with two 1.5V AA cellsOctober 5

    I was testing the deep sleep mode featured in the ESP8266. I have a simple USB battery power supply associated with a 3.3V power regulator (https://www.adafruit.com/product/2165). Everything is fine, I have a low current in the deep sleep mode. Then

  • How to know if the ESP8266 has been manually reset?

    How to know if the ESP8266 has been manually reset?October 6

    I try to entirely rephrase my problem. On the ESP8266, the RST pin is always HIGH (+3.3V), and you need to put it dow to 0-1V to reset the chip. I will plug two push buttons on the reset pin, "button red" and "button green". My objecti

  • DD-WRT calling web service from Arduino ESP8266October 18

    I am looking for a way of finding out what devices are currently attached wirelessly to the router thats running DD-WRT firmware. Problem is that I am unable to find any references to a REST API or just a standard HTTP API. I did, however, find somet

  • Indoor direction using wifi ESP8266 RSSI

    Indoor direction using wifi ESP8266 RSSIOctober 23

    Good day. Am trying to build a small device that is able to locate the direction of object indoor . not location, only direction. I bought ESP8266E wifi chip and arduino the ESP8266 is the receiver that must read the signal and specify the direction

  • Battery and Voltage Regulator for ESP8266 and HC-SR04November 8

    I'm working on a project that includes an ESP8266 (requires 3.3v input (250 mA peak)) and a HC-SR04 (requires 5v 20 mA peak). I'm making it battery/solar powered. I'm trying to keep costs down as well as make a system that works reliably and has good

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