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  • Trent Reznor and the Theory of "True Fans"

    Trent Reznor and the Theory of "True Fans"July 15

    In March, Kevin Kelly published a long post on his blog detailing his theory that to survive as a long-tail content producer you have to cultivate 1,000 "true fans." Trent Reznor, the musical legend at the helm of Nine Inch Nails, is hardly a lo

  • Low-noise fans for Sun 1U rack server?May 29

    I use a Sun Fire X2100 M2 (Opteron) 1U rack server for development purposes, and the system has these noise specifications: Idle, at or below 25° C 6.9B Max, at ambient: 7.3B In other words, it's rather loud and I'd like to bring the level down somew

  • Does a fan lattice made of round wire really make less noise than one made by cutting a metal sheet through?June 1

    Electronic equipment fans are often covered with a lattice guard, especially the fan in the power supply unit of a computer case. Two variants are typical: either there'a a huge round hole in the power supply unit wall and that hole is covered with a

  • Case Fan Speed - Control via BIOS, Vista, or otherwise?June 14

    I just bought a replacement case fan (link to Tiger Direct here) and the fan seems to be working great, but unfortunately I was under the impression this fan had speed control. I have checked my BIOS and I can see "SYS FAN 1 SPEED" although it i

  • How do I bypass fan on my Inspiron 1501 moboJuly 1

    My Laptop is always running on the lowest fan speed for some obscure reason, I've download speedfan but i't can't control fan speed for unknown reason. I know that it can go into high speed because it does so just before window login screen. I seriou

  • Linux programme to show me how much the fans are running?July 14

    I can use lm_sensors to tell me the tempature of various things on my laptop. And sometimes I can hear the fans starting up. Is there anything that will show me how fast various fans on my system are spinning? --------------Solutions------------- Wha

  • why does my dl380 G3 crank the fan up so high (and how do i stop it?)July 14

    I've got a HP DL380 and after I leave it on for a while it decides it needs to run the fans at a much higher speed than it did before. It's really loud and annoying. Is there any way to manually control the fan speed? Or otherwise get it to stop doin

  • What are my options in replacing the noisy fan in my Linksys Cisco SRW2008P managed GigE switch?July 15

    My first managed GigE switch, the Linksys SRW2008, was a dream, until it started randomly chattering on various ports. That started while I was on the road all the time, which made it take forever to diagnose, but that's a different problem. When I f

  • Why does my CPU fan race when running videos or virtual machines?

    Why does my CPU fan race when running videos or virtual machines?July 15

    I have: Windows Vista Home 32-Bit SP1 Intel Celeron CPU 3.06 GHz 2 GB RAM I installed the operating system about a year ago, has been working fine. However about 3 months ago, the CPU fan has started to intermittently race at a high-pitched tone, esp

  • Why is my computer fan so loud?July 15

    Recently my home desktop computer has been reacting a lot more to heat levels. The fan starts maxing out just about any time the CPU is used, and it's very loud. It didn't use to do this - only in the last year or so (it's about 3 or 4 years old). I'

  • PC Fan and Graphics Card getting loud July 15

    Recently my home desktop computer has been reacting a lot more to heat levels. The fan starts maxing out just about any time the CPU is used, and it's very loud. It didn't use to do this - only in the last year or so (it's about 3 or 4 years old). I'

  • Is a CPU fan speed of 3590 RPMs normal?

    Is a CPU fan speed of 3590 RPMs normal?July 15

    Ant pointed me to SpeedFan in this stackoverflow question. I downloaded SpeedFan and it reports that my CPU temperature peaks at about 73C which seems to be normal according to this chart (although the little flame icons in SpeedFan worry me). Howeve

  • Installed Ubuntu Server on old Compaq Desktop - Fans run full-speed all the time. What to look at?July 15

    I installed Ubuntu Server on an old Compaq Desktop machine, for a development server. (Don't have the model number handy, can verify later). But when it's on, it seems the fans run loud constantly, and never go quiet or adjust, as I have noticed it w

  • Anyway to diagnosing a laptop fan issue without physical access to the fan?July 19

    I have a Dell Inspiron 9400 with a Nvidia GeForce 7800 video card. The fan on the video card seems to not be working as it get extremely hot on the side where the video card is. I can see the fan through the vents and it never seems to turn on. My qu

  • How do I properly install a fan in my computer case?July 20

    I have a new desktop PC with Intel Core 2 duo. I now just buy a cabinet fan and I need to place it on the back side of the cabinet just below the SMPS. How can I place it there with appropriate position? What I mean is I need the direction which the

  • Could I replace a stock PSU fan with a more quiet one?July 20

    I have a cheap 450W PSU with an exhaust fan at the rear. This fan, however, is very loud. Is it a good idea to replace the stock PSU fan with a quiet fan with similar airflow? The PSU fan is hard-wired to the PCB in the PSU so I was intending on snip

  • Fan control software or BIOS settings for a noisy notebook?July 26

    I have a Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo Pi 2530 and the fan is driving me crazy. It spins up and down all the time. Even a short CPU spike makes it spin up. Is there a program or a BIOS setting to change the temperature levels at which the fan spins up to var

  • Replacing laptop gpu fanAugust 1

    About a week ago my laptop gpu fan started making strange noises. Games werent running so good as they used to and my 3DMark score went way down. I think the fan is getting tired and will probably soon give in completely. I have about one month left

  • Cooling Atom CPU with 12cm fan?

    Cooling Atom CPU with 12cm fan?August 4

    Before I go ahead and try to build my very own case to do this... has someone bought a mini-ITX board like the Atom-based Gigabyte GA-GC230D, and removed the small CPU fan that comes with it to replace it with a slower, quieter 12cm fan mounted on th

  • PSU makes a noise, Changing BIOS setting to shutdown on fan failure. Now the computer won't startAugust 8

    This is my scenario: The PSU is making a whining noise. It's a very high pitch noise, load enough to make it easy to hear it. It had been doing this for a while. I thought that I would buy a new PSU and replace the current one, as soon as possible. I

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