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filter search data in notepad php

  • Is there a name for this instant filter search pattern?

    Is there a name for this instant filter search pattern?April 26

    I've been trying to find a jQuery plugin which creates behavior similar to that of Stack Exchange user searches. The user search used on Stack Exchange sites is not an auto complete, but is more akin to a result filter. Google calls their version of

  • How to filter LiDAR data by scan angle?

    How to filter LiDAR data by scan angle?September 28

    I am looking to filter LiDAR data (.las format) by scan angle specifications (e.g. keep all points < 15). From a basic Google search, it appears that the LibLAS library has the ability to filter by scan angle using las2las. What other tools exist to

  • Filter search on multiple criteria

    Filter search on multiple criteriaFebruary 11

    Is it possible to filter search to display results based on multiple search criteria. Like in the example image below If I would like the search result to show - Due Dates for 2/4/2013 and 6/9/2013 (first and second) I tried out in the Datasheet View

  • Filter search with AngularJs not workingFebruary 2

    I am trying to adapt the following search filter seen here but with little sucesss. What am I getting wrong? This is my code so far: controllers.js angular.module('starter.controllers', ['starter.services']) .controller('AppCtrl', function($scope, $i

  • Search Data in Datagridview

    Search Data in DatagridviewFebruary 15

    I'm trying to search data in my DataGridView to show only rows with selected text in textbox, but when I type it completely removes the Data. I took my code example on MSDN : https://code.msdn.microsoft.com/windowsdesktop/Search-Data-From-Database-f2

  • How to I auto-refresh an Excel auto-filter when data is changed?February 24

    How to I auto-refresh an Excel auto-filter when data is changed? Use case: I change the value of one cell to a value that was filtered. I want to see the current row disappearing without having to do anything else. --------------Solutions------------

  • I have a table I created, how do I make a form for a user to filter the data?June 9

    I have created a table, I now need to filter the data from that table when someone selects options from a form. Whats a good way to do that? --------------Solutions------------- Here is the html: <form name="filter" action="<?php echo

  • Use a form to filter table data in a moduleJune 9

    I have made a module in Drupal 6 that builds a page that shows some data taken from an external database. I want to add a form that let the user filter the data (for example, limit the data output to a specific city instead all the cities). How can I

  • filter search custom field queryJuly 6

    I'm looking for way to filter search results. This is what I have so far a custom post type of "doctors" in each "doctor" post, there are numerous custom fields (male or female, location, specialty, ect) I want the search form to filte

  • How can I filter/select data (float, text) from a table and plot it?

    How can I filter/select data (float, text) from a table and plot it?August 10

    Note I post this question in addition to a recent question (see below) with a more detailed description of the problem: This was the original question: How can I filter/select data from a table and plot it? Description Now, this is the specific probl

  • Filter search results per user custom fieldJanuary 2

    I would like my site to filter search results based on a Node-reference field of the currently-logged-in-user. I want to limit the search results to nodes that have the same Node-reference field. I am just starting, but stuck on which search hook to

  • How does the view filter: Search: Search Terms works? Can I improve it?February 25

    I have a View with and Exposed Filter: Search: Search Terms to filter the view result based in the keywords entered in this filter. I works, but not as I expected. Lets say I have a node with the title "The car, a good transport". Then: if I ent

  • getting average number after data filter by date rangeApril 25

    I would like to get an average number of a data that has been filter by date range. however instead of getting the avg for display date range it calculate all the number in the database: ex: database: 1+2+3+4+5 after filter by date range: 1+3+5 Avg s

  • How to filter(search) a listJune 25

    I'm not sure if this can be achieved with Filter or need to create a search function. I have a list with about 500 items with potential to grow to several thousand. I want to give user ability to type in a word in text box and to only show items in t

  • Filter by date methodAugust 23

    This method allows me to filter by date a data structure list of hash that contains articles. I would like to have your opinion on the code: =method article_by_date $articles->articles_by_date( month => 12 ); Return a list of articles filter by date

  • searching data from wms geoserver in jquery mobileJune 23

    hye all, need someone help, i use template from openlayer using jquery mobile, im really new in openlayer, i want to search data in wms, the coding is below $('#searchpage').live('pageshow',function(event, ui){ $('#query').bind('change', function(e){

  • After I Stringify a DE using DataExtension.Init how can I output or filter the data in JS?June 26

    I am wondering how can I filter data using JavaScript? For example, I would like to output data in JS. Platform.Load("Core","1"); var layouts = DataExtension.Init("DATA_EXTENSION_NAME").Rows.Retrieve(); Write(Stringify(layout

  • Filter empty date field in SF analytics apiAugust 8

    Using the analytics rest api we need to add a filter to a date field to get only the records where this field is empty. In json: { "column": "Account.Date_Field__c", "operator": "equals", "value": "&q

  • Drupalgap exposed filter for data and select fieldNovember 3

    I spent all weekend trying to make this work, and couldn't figure it out. How do I create a views exposed filter for date and a text list on a given node? My setup - I have a view that is exposed as JSON with a task_name field, a date field, and a st

  • How to force caching to work for View with filter by date offset?December 15

    Faced with a strange situation: if a View uses filter "Post date" (or similar) with an offset (eg, "> = -1 month"), this View won't cache. Example: I create a simple View with Block display. Field: "Content: Title" Caching

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