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  • Site collection ValidationApril 20

    While restoring a site collection, what all properties can be taken into consideration for validating the restore. (Say for example, if I have a a properties of the site before backing it up.. And I compare these properties with the restored site pro

  • FluentValidation - inner collection not validatedFebruary 9

    Have problem similar to FluentValidation collection properties not validated, unfortunately their fix does not work. Any ideas why underlying OrderValidator is not being involved? validator.Validate(client, ruleSet: "Production"); public class C

  • FluentValidator constructor is not firingJanuary 15

    I am trying to setup FluentValidation on an asp.net MVC4 web application but it doesn't seem to be work. The problem is the constructor method where the rules are configured never gets called . any idea what might be causing this? /*global.asax*/ Flu

  • Validating a sequence of XML elements with Writer monadJanuary 24

    This is a follow-up to my old question. Suppose I need to validate an XML: <a><a1/><a2/><a3/></a> I need to make sure that the root a has children a1, a2, and a3 (in this order). I'd like to use a List (instead of scalaz.Vali

  • FluentValidation Validate Method throwing an excepion

    FluentValidation Validate Method throwing an excepionJanuary 28

    I'm having some issues the using FluentValidation library. I have a very small Model ` [FluentValidation.Attributes.Validator(typeof(PersonValidator))] public class PersonModel { public string Name { get; set; } public Nullable<short> Type { get; se

  • TFS 2010 - Adding users to a Team ProjectSeptember 7

    Tried searching the archives, but nothing showed up and now I'm totally messed up in my head. I'm running my own little domain setup on a virtual server: Server 1, PDC, Exchange Server 2, SQL Server 3, IIS, TFS 2010 and some other misc stuff Now I'm

  • Unable to add team project administrators - project contains duplicated groups

    Unable to add team project administrators - project contains duplicated groupsAugust 20

    I recently upgraded from TFS 2010 SP1 to TFS 2012 Update 3 and have a permission problem in one (but only one) of my upgraded team projects. Even though my current user is admin of everything (local machine, TFS, project collection, SharePoint, repor

  • Working with Phone Numbers in JavaScript

    Working with Phone Numbers in JavaScriptOctober 29

    When you're collecting data from users, there are two key challenges; collecting that information, and validating it. Some types of information are straightforward – someone's age, for example, couldn't really be simpler to collect and to validate. N

  • Windows Service connecting to TFS. IGroupSecurityService instance creation fails with no exceptionJanuary 29

    I have a running service installed on a Windows 2012 R2 server that is trying to connect to a TFS instance. After turning on remote debugging and looking at the code I noticed the section below which had a breakpoint set. As soon as I clicked step in

  • Can't activate administrator approved form to a site collection. List Item Validation ErrorOctober 12

    When I try to activate any form to a specific site collection, I get List Item Validation Failed error. If I change the site collection to a different one it works. The error occurs even when I try to activate a blank form to our production site coll

  • Get the next date based on a collection of valid weekdaysOctober 30

    public static DateTime NextByDayOfWeek(this DateTime target, IEnumerable<DayOfWeek> validDaysOfWeek) { validDaysOfWeek = validDaysOfWeek .OrderBy(item => item); var nextDayOfWeek = validDaysOfWeek .Where(item => item > target.DayOfWeek) .Fi

  • Are there any valid uses for the System.Collections.Specialized classes any more?April 16

    Are there any valid uses for the classes in the System.Collections.Specialized namespace any more or are they all superseded by the classes in the System.Collections.Generic, System.Collections.Concurrent and System.Collections.ObjectModel namespace

  • Unable to set field collection field value on form validation

    Unable to set field collection field value on form validationOctober 22

    The question might look similar to How to form_alter fields attached to an unlimited field collection? but I am more concerned about "values not saved after custom validation" I have a field collection "field_assignments" consists of:

  • Missing site collection Templates and The product key could not be validated. Check the error logs for detailsJanuary 14

    I just installed a SharePoint 2013 and configured the farm. As I used a server 2012 r2, I downloaded a slipstream version of SharePoint, found here. After installed, when creating a site collection, I noticed there was just a few site collection temp

  • Use of validator in collection defined in MongoJanuary 19

    Basically I am new to mongoDb and learning from documents. I wanted to use validator, validationLevel, validationAction while defining collection in MongoDb. So I can get error if validated data is not inserted or updated. I have followed this docume

  • JPA Validation of Email String CollectionJanuary 28

    I have a list of String in my bean. These strings are email and I would like to validate them. @Email @ElementCollection(fetch = FetchType.LAZY) @OrderColumn private List<String> emails = new ArrayList<String>(); At execution, I got this error

  • silex validator using last constraint from previous collection itemJanuary 28

    based on the tutorial for validation in silex i've created a constraint: $constraint = new Assert\Collection([ 'token' => [ new Assert\NotBlank(), new Assert\Length(['min' => Constant::TOKEN_LENGTH, 'max' => Constant::TOKEN_LENGTH]), ], 'language

  • How to get a collections attached schema with Meteors aldeed:simpleschema and mdg:validated-methodFebruary 2

    I want to created an automatically validated method like the one here but using a schema already defined and attached to a collection. To this end is there a way to extract a collections attached schema, something like: validate: Books.getSchema().va

  • git tf pull Could not find a valid TFS Collection atFebruary 17

    Im trying to get GIT-TF to work with our 2012 TFS repo (not a git tfs repo!). I keep getting an error when i try to pull : Could not find a valid TFS Collection at http://MYSERVER:8080/DefaultCollection To set up i used : git tf configure --force htt

  • Validating Mongo collectionsFebruary 18

    I figure there is a better way that I should be doing this: if !db.collection_names.include?("reports".to_s) db.create_collection("reports") end if !db.collection_names.include?("days".to_s) db.create_collection("days&qu

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