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for printing using dopdf vba excel

  • How to remove the print preview lines in Excel 2010?

    How to remove the print preview lines in Excel 2010?September 6

    Somehow or other I have managed to switch on the print margin lines in Excel 2010. I cannot seem to turn them off. I went to Page Layout->Page Setup->Print Area->Clear Print Area but the lines remain on my screen. Any ideas to get rid of them? --

  • How To Extract Pattern from a folder path (VBA Excel)October 23

    I'm pretty new to vba excel and trying to reorganise a very large file structure. Basically, all our equipment has a tag in the form of [A-Z][0-9]0-9][0-9][A-Z] e.g. J452G being a compressor. Every equipment has a folder with its name on (e.g. "C:\Us

  • VBA Excel: change Page Break according to number of rows and last row positionJanuary 30

    I made a workbook consist of few sheets. By using VBA I read varying number of rows on sheet1 and copy them to last sheet that act like some kind of custom report. In most cases this last sheet is long just one page during printing, but sometime VBA

  • VBA Excel match A with either column D or E if first three letters match otherwise write "there"January 19

    On non-vba excel, I was trying to use this equation: =IF(LEFT($A1,4)=LEFT($C1,4), VLOOKUP((LEFT($A1,4)&"*"),C1:C1,1,FALSE), "there") but it is not always accurate because it is not offsetting when the word "there" used on

  • VBA Excel Type Mismatch (Lines and Dots Game)January 22

    I am currently making the Lines and Dots (or Dots and Boxes) game in VBA Excel and keep running into the "Type Mismatch" error. I have set the fill cell colors to RGB(0,0,0) for Black but when I go to create the criteria to exit game, when the b

  • VBA excel programming : Dumping data from one sheet to another sheet

    VBA excel programming : Dumping data from one sheet to another sheetJanuary 23

    ` Option Explicit Sub MoveToSheet() Range("A2:A9").Select If Range("A2:A9").Value = "1" Then Sheets("Sheet1").Range("B2:B9").Copy Destination:=Sheets("Sheet3").Range("A2:A9") Do ActiveC

  • got TRUE AND FALSE when i using formula in VBA Excel

    got TRUE AND FALSE when i using formula in VBA ExcelJanuary 27

    ok i noob when using vba excel and trying using formula trough vba excel when i trying to use it : Sheet1.Range("UA14") = ActiveCell.Formula = "=SUMIFS('BERKAS MASUK'!I20:I1698, 'BERKAS MASUK'!M20:M1698, " >= " & RANGKUMAN!

  • got wrong answer Countifs VBA Excel with condition between 2 date

    got wrong answer Countifs VBA Excel with condition between 2 dateJanuary 27

    i need a help with my VBA excel . . . i have an excel like the picture above and i was trying countifs with condition between 2 date in counting i got the right answer 5 but in counting1 i got 8 instead the right answer 5 in counting2 i got 0 instead

  • programming in vba excel for paperFebruary 1

    I have 30 questions in sheet2 and 20 questions in sheet3. so I want to get 10 question from sheet2 and 5 questions from sheet3 randomly. I want to get question on sheet1 randomly. How can I get vba excell code it

  • How use waitfor in SeleniumWrapper.WebDriver using VBA excel?February 2

    I need some basic coding regarding Waitforattribute Waitforconndition waitForElementPresent verifyAttribute I have searched google but i could not any coding ragarding wait and verify using in VBA excel kindly provide some coding regarding above so t

  • VBA (Excel): Step Over debug and crash down with application.runFebruary 2

    I'm working with VBA Excel. I have the following function: Function (...) ... Application.run "subname"... ... end Function First question: While I'm debugging with Step Over (shift F8) at Application.run line, the debugger go to "subname&q

  • Error when attempting to print to pdf from Excel vbaJanuary 20

    I found this post in an effort to save a report from the Excel project I am working on to a pdf. But I am getting an error 9: Subscript out of range with this code as the offending lines: ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1:F39&qu

  • Adding a "Printed by"-watermark in ExcelOctober 8

    Google couldn't help me, but I know the participants in Super User sometimes have more knowledge then what is publicly available, so to my question: Is there any easy way to add a watermark to an excel 2010 spreadsheet telling which username printed

  • VBA (Excel) Dictionary on Mac?November 8

    I have an Excel VBA project that makes heavy use of Windows Scripting Dictionary objects. I recently had a user attempt to use it on a Mac and received the following error: Compile Error: Can't find project or library Which is the result of using the

  • VBA Excel Game - TestingOctober 23

    My brother bet me that I couldn't make a game in Excel. The code is all over the place and buggy in parts. But I would appreciate it if anyone would give this game a go. The music and the code has all been made by me, but the artwork was found online

  • Migrating from VBA Excel 2003March 8

    I have a series of big excel files that work like a program, but I hate beeing tied up (stuck in VBA for excel 2003), so... Whats the best way to implement a gui over a excel vba program (office 2003)? (are there any tools for that... I want to move

  • Windows 7 (64-bit) compatibility of VBA/Excel and Access applicationsOctober 26

    I am currently investigating the possible issues when migrating from Windows XP 32bit to Windows 7 64-bit. The scope is MS Excel (32-bit), MS Access (32-bit) using VBA/Macros addins, ODBC and all related issues. For example: if you use excel (32-bit)

  • Print on both sides (duplex printing) by default in Excel 2010August 20

    Every time when I create new a document and Print using Ctrl + P, it sets the default to Print on one side. How can I change this option to Print on both sides by default? Also, if possible: how can I change this option to every user in my domain to

  • Poor performance of single processor 32bit Windows XP xompared SMP in VBA+ExcelOctober 3

    Welcome! On many computers I experienced poor performance of 32 bit guests running on 64 bit Linux host (I used only the Debian family). At last I managed to collect benchmark data. I made the benchmark by running custom VBA macro, (which we use in o

  • Load a picture from one inserted ActiveX Image to another - VBA ExcelApril 19

    I got a set of named pictures on an Excel sheet, created by the "Insert" button in development tag, and from the section "ActiveX controls" from the "Insert" button. What I want is, when I click on one of the images of the se

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