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fota error code 409

  • System update fails with status 0, fota return code 409 (Zenfone 5)September 18

    On my Zenfone 5, I flashed recovery and fastboot versions successfully. But when I send the package UL-ASUS_T00F-WW- via adb sideload, I get errors. E: Can't open /tmp/update-script.log (After receiving package) Finding upda

  • What is the best way to create REST API error response model and error codes system?January 16

    My REST implementation will return errors in JSON with next structure: { "http_response":400, "dev_message":"There is a problem", "message_for_user":"Bad request", "some_internal_error_code":1234

  • Dell error code 0141 - No drive detectedApril 30

    Has anyone seen the error code 0141 and it isn't a failed hard drive? I'm guessing the motor or board failed on the drive, but I'd prefer if there is a chance the motherboard or controller failed instead. The reason I'm asking is because I don't have

  • Windows scheduled task fails to complete with error code 0xc000013aMay 13

    I'm using Windows Server 2003 and have a scheduled task that fails to complete. The task is set to run a Windows Command Script (.cmd) at 3pm each day. The script runs a program that extracts some data from a SQL Server database and uploads that data

  • Device can't start error code 10May 29

    My (office) Desktop PC have some restrictions to USB devices. From the domain server there are some policies imposed. If I insert USB Mass Storage device like a memory stick, my system is able to detect If I insert a iPod, mobile or any other kind of

  • Problem with the proxy server's security certificate (Error code 0)June 1

    When using Outlook 2007 connecting to our Exchange server through the public URL, I get the following error: There is a problem with the proxy server's security certicate. The name on the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of

  • Brother Printer Error Codes - E58 on HL7050July 10

    Does anyone have a list of the Brother Printer Error Codes, and/or know what E58 refers to? I support quite a few Brother printers, but this is the fist time I've come across this one. Thanks, --------------Solutions------------- All the ERROR ### co

  • Security Center service does not start with error code 1068September 3

    I'm on Windows Vista (SP1), and for some reason whenever I try to start the Security Center Windows service it returns the error code 1068, stating that dependent services are not running. What does Security Center depend on, and how can I start thos

  • Send 404 error code on forbidden directoriesSeptember 15

    I am looking to send the 404 error code when users try to access forbidden directories. I have the 'deny from all' attched to all private directories, and the following errordocs on the main .htaccess file: ErrorDocument 404 /404/ ErrorDocument 403 /

  • RDP Disconnected! Error Code: 2308 Error Description: Socket closedSeptember 28

    We restarted our Windows 2003 server R2 last night (09/27) and since that day we can not connect through RDP. We have this kind of error using mRemote: RDP Disconnected! Error Code: 2308 Error Description: Socket closed Using Remote Desktop Connectio

  • catching error codes in a shell pipeOctober 11

    I currently have a script that does something like ./a | ./b | ./c I want to modify it so that if any of a, b or c exit with an error code I print an error message and stop instead of piping bad output forward. What would be the simplest/cleanest way

  • Windows Remote Desktop (RDP/MSTSC) fails with Error Code: 5November 17

    I have 2 Windows XP boxen: A (running XP SP3) and B (running XP SP2). I'm using Remote Desktop to connect from A to B. When I connect, I get the login screen (which is slow to respond to keyboard/mouse input), and after logging in, I get the followin

  • website uses an invalid security certificate (Error code: ssl_error_bad_cert_domain)November 23

    I am running IIS 7 on Windows Server 2008. I have two websites: www.website01.com www.website02.com I have an SSL Certificate for each website. When I access a secured page on www.website02.com I get the error: www.website02.com uses an invalid secur

  • Get to know error and error codes of MysqldumpDecember 14

    I would like to back up our mysql database. We have huge records in the database. What are the errors can occur and possible while running mysqldump.? Mysql official site did not mention the specific error and error codes for mysqldump, They just com

  • Can't login to Windows XP, error code 0x80004005December 15

    I'm working on a Windows XP SP3 machine. Everything was working fine but all on a sudden I couldn't login because of this error: A problem is preventing Windows from accurately checking the license for this computer. Error Code: 0x80004005 I searched

  • windows update fails with error code 0x8024200E on Windows 2003 serverDecember 24

    I am able to automatically download updates on my Windows 2003 server machine but installation always fails for all the updates with the error code 0x8024200E. However, they work fine, if I download the individual updates manually & install. I have b

  • Windows 7 Complete PC Backup - Fails with error code: 0x80070002February 10

    While doing a Complete PC Backup in Windows 7 I received dialog reading: Windows Backup...error The backup did not complete successfully. Open the Backup and Restore Control Panel to view settings From there I clicked the Options button. Windows Back

  • Remote App Authentication Error (Code:0x507)February 16

    I'm trying to get RDP services running with Windows 2008 R2. I'm at a WINXP SP3 client that was modified to run RDP with NLA. When I start the client connect to the local DC and get an authentification error (Code 0x507). I've already done the follow

  • Debian Apache2 SSL Issues - Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_longApril 8

    I'm setting up apache on Debian lenny and having issues with SSL. I've been through numberous tutorials and i had this working on Ubuntu server, but for the life of me can't get anywhere with Debian. Port 80 (http) works fine, but port 443 (https) gi

  • Windows Installer (C#) error code 2869April 12

    I have a project, in VS 2005, which has a console application and a setup project associated to install the application. I also have an installer class in the console application that the setup project will use to do some validation before installati

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