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  • stack 10 modis ndvi geotiffs and scale them by 0.0001October 29

    I have 10 geotiffs Modis ndvi named 2005.tif ... 2014.tif I want to stack them all and create timeseries. i know how to do that, but the stacked images still need scaling by 0.0001. how can i bulk scale them using gdal -scale function before stacking

  • QGIS: RGB Image display results in odd colors (MODIS)April 13

    I am trying to make a rgb map of MODIS data (Dataset09 Radiances) with QGIS. First I converted it to tif with gdal (and python). Since I did not really understand all of GDALs funcionality I used a lot of temp. results: gdal_merge.py -v -o band1.tif

  • How to add color interpretation for raster bands using GDAL?January 14

    I have 3 separate 1-band GeoTIFF files. The color interpretation for band is gray. I want a 3-band RGB file. I've used gdal_merge.py gdal_merge.py -separate file1.tif file2.tif file3.tif -o output_file.tif But the color interpretation for the 3 bands

  • Using gdalwarp with multiple elevation models

    Using gdalwarp with multiple elevation modelsSeptember 4

    I'm trying to use gdal_warp to slice and convert some SRTM data. The data I'm interested in are in S30E152.hgt and S30E153.hgt. What I'd like to do is: Convert these DEM files from EPSG:4326 to EPSG:3857 Select a subsection of the data at coordinates

  • Moving sprites using the accelerometer (Android)October 19

    In my previous game, I was moving my sprite like so: float time = 10f; //Number of seconds to pass a pre-defined area (using the screen width in this example) float velocity = 1f/time; //work out velocity based on above time float realX-=velocity*dt;

  • Normalize with gdal_translate

    Normalize with gdal_translateMarch 27

    I do not understand the command line when I try to work with gdal_translate in QGIS. I found this at the forum: Normalize raster values to 0-255 And tried this: *"If not, from within QGIS choose Raster -> Conversion - > Translate. Choose your f

  • How to load unlabeled data in libsvm format in spark-shell for normalization (using the Standard Scaler function)? December 2

    I have a classification model in Spark MLlib which was built using training data. Now I would like to use it to predict unlabeled data. I have my features (Without the labels) in LIBSVM format. This is a sample of how my unlabeled data look like 1:1

  • Normalize raster values to 0-255June 29

    I need to normalize the values attained from a band ratio to 0-255. I'm using QGIS. How do I do this? Any ideas? --------------Solutions------------- You can use gdal_translate utility. Use the option -scale [src_min src_max [dst_min dst_max]] with s

  • Browser trending on Google Analytics (data normalization)October 1

    We have seen the graphs that show the global browsers trending along time, in a scale from 0% to 100% I'd like to get the same for my site using Google Analytics, but but in this case the scale is not a percentage, instead is the number of users ( i.

  • How to normalize choropleth maps of census information?July 19

    I'm trying to improve on the census-based maps on this site, which shows census values at 5 scales from Collection Districts through to State. Currently the maps show whole numbers (eg total population per polygon) which is not optimal. How should th

  • Why is my model's scale changing after rotating it?November 20

    I have just started a simple flight simulator and have implemented Roll and pitch. In the beginning, testing went very well; however, after about 15-20 seconds of constantly moving the thumbsticks in a random or circular motion, my model's scale begi

  • Is database normalization dead? June 26

    I've been brought up old school - where we learned to design the database schema BEFORE the application's business layer (or using OOAD for everything else). I've been pretty good with designing schemas (IMHO :) and normalized only to remove unnecess

  • Is it possible to produce a decent looking shaded-relief map at 50K-scale-or-larger using SRTM3 DEM?November 15

    I'm trying to make a decent-looking shaded-relief map of a particular area in 50K-scale-or-larger using open-source tools. The best (and free) option I have for DEM data for that area right now is the global 90m resolution SRTM3 data. So far I have t

  • Scale a normalized 2D vector always to the same lengthDecember 11

    For any normalized 2D vector, except for ( 0, 0 ), how would I scale the vector to always be the same length? For example: int length = 10; vector v = vector( 0.1, 0.5 ); vector v2 = vector( 0.3, 0.8 ); // Scale v to be length of 10 // Scale v2 to be

  • How to reclassify raster data on a scale of 0-1? February 6

    I am working on generating an integrated moisture index based on the following equation: IMI = (hill shade * 0.5) + (curvature * 0.15) + (flow accumulation * 0.35) Iverson et al. 1997 Another source The equation requires that hillshade, curvature and

  • How to scale/reduce my polygon without changing the central lat & long?May 24

    I am writing a VBA code to resize my polygon, I get a input as vector points(Shape file). The code below resizes it as according to my scale factor but my central latitude and longitude are also distorted. I want my new polygon to have the same centr

  • Database partitioning - Horizontal and Vertical sharding - Difference between Normalization and Row Splitting?December 5

    I am trying to grasp the different concepts of Database Partitioning and this is what I understood of it: Horizontal Partitioning/Sharding: Splitting a table into different tables that will contain a subset of the rows that were in the initial table

  • How to normalize multiple PNG rasters with differing colormaps

    How to normalize multiple PNG rasters with differing colormapsApril 10

    I have a series of adjacent rasters which comprise a digital elevation model. Unfortunately they have been given to me as PNG files, rather than Esri Grids. The only key that I have to the actual elevation values is a separate legend PNG. Each PNG fi

  • How to standardize factor criteria into common scale (maximum and minimum scale of 0-255)?June 2

    I an working a thesis titled as gis based multi-criteria analysis for public toilet site selection .the factor criteria i used for analysis are in a raster format. Thus to make comparison possible The factor criteria have to standardize(normalize) in

  • Is normalization advisable on transactional data?August 28

    I have read a lot of articles about normalized vs denormalized schemas, but I find very little mention of the cost of row insertion. I am considering the impact of converting a 100% denormalized database system into more normalized one. Below is the

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