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  • Control animation using animator control class

    Control animation using animator control classSeptember 9

    I did a sample existing code to control animation using animation.I dragged and dropped a character into the scene then I added a Animator to it and added the animator controller.Below I have given the screen short of the animation Then I have attach

  • Neon-Animated-Pages Animation Size with PolymerFebruary 5

    I'm working on an app using Polymer. This app uses neon-animated-pages to move between views and tabs. I have a Plunk here. Some relevant code can be seen here: <div style="width:33%; background-color:lightgrey;"> <paper-button on-click

  • How to Present Animation (Functional Animation) in the wireframes? February 9

    I came across a question on Quora about jQuery animations in wireframes, which got me thinking about the general conventions in depicting any animation in static wireframes. I've been using either call-outs or supplemental documentation to explain an

  • Context preview to display animation, of animated gifs? May 24

    This question already has an answer here: Is there any way to play GIFs with Windows Photo Viewer? 6 answers I'm using preview in my context menu which opens the default image viewer, Windows Photo Viewer. Actual behavior When opened, an animated gif

  • Unity animator controller animations don't workMarch 24

    I'm having problems animating a character pack I purchased from unity asset store. I've placed the character in an environment and created an animator controller. After I drag the animation that to the animator tab, there aren't any motions. Even if

  • Android Hardware Acceleration : animation vs animatorFebruary 9

    I was reading about Android Hardware Acceleration to better understand its advantages but also its pitfalls and limitations. And when it came to mention property animation, it did not seem to say anything regarding the Animation Package. Instead ther

  • Start another animation on animated object after collisionFebruary 16

    I am developing a simple 2D game in Unity. I want to start another animation on already animated coin object when player collide with that coin. I have tried in many ways, but could not found anything suitable for my game. Please help me to get out o

  • Animated GIFs Made Easy

    Animated GIFs Made EasyJanuary 11

    What's on the program? As I'm sure you've seen by now, there's not a whole lot of limitations on what can be done with a group of pixels these days. For example: you can bend them, twist them, warp them, tear them, augment their colour, diminish thei

  • Powerpoint: animation to build a table, one row at a timeSeptember 15

    I've got a slide in PowerPoint 2007 containing a table with several rows. I'd like to build this slide one row at a time (so that the audience doesn't see each row until I'm ready to talk about it). I haven't been able to figure out how to do this...

  • how to import mesh animation from cinema4d into blender?June 2

    I need to import a mesh animation from Cinema4D into Blender. I tried to do that using Collada.The Collada 1.3 importer doesn't seem to do anything, the Collada 1.4 importer seems to work, but the animation didn't get imported into Blender. After rea

  • What's a good 2D animation program (an alternative for e.g. Flash CS)?October 21

    I don't mean the flash player here, I'm talking about the flash program that I can make animations with. Like Adobe Flash CS (formerly known as Macromedia flash). Is there a program on linux that I can make animations? I want to make a movie like ani

  • File format for static and animated 3D modelsMarch 30

    I'm currently writing a 3D game in C++ with OpenGL and I'm coming to the part where to load 3D models in. Therefore I'm looking for popular file formats and techniques to display static meshs and render animated meshs. I've already found quite a larg

  • How do you handle animations that are for transitioning between states?June 20

    How does one usually handle animations that are for going between a game object's states? For example, imagine a very simple game in which a character can only crouch or stand normally. Currently, I use a custom Animation class like this: class Anima

  • How to code the animations of attacks in RPG gameAugust 19

    I have an attack class that has the basics like damage and cost and works in the game. Originally I slapped it together to the the ai targeting algorithm so you choose your attack and you see the enemy take damage. The problem is now I want to animat

  • XNA 4.0: Animating a moving 2D sprite (not via user input)September 2

    I see a lot of tutorials explaining how to do 2D Sprite Animation with sprite sheets, based on the user's input (i.e. Move Left, Move Right ) etc.. etc.. I have already incorporated an AnimationManager in my game to handle these types of animations.

  • iPad: disable animationsOctober 5

    Is there any way (perhaps involving jailbreaking) to disable all (or at least some) of the transition animations on iPad? Examples: Homescreen fly-together animation, sliding animations in apps --------------Solutions------------- Answer: there is no

  • Does there exist a library of animations for easing, skewing, bouncing, and squishing?December 7

    I'm specifically referring to the types of animations that are typical in 2D hand held games on the Nintendo platform, where menus slide in, bounce, squish, etc. I'm looking for something that is somewhat canned but allows for tweaks. Does something

  • How to disable animations on iPhone?January 30

    iPhone has many miscellaneous animations. For example, there is a "maximize window" animation whenever we open an app, and a "minimise window" animation whenever we close an app. On Android, we can opt to disable animations via Setting

  • Computer animation in C++ and if it can be integrated in web designesFebruary 6

    I have a PhD in Mathematics with some experience in C++ programming. I am very interested in computer animation, and would like to try to teach myself in C++. My humble resources at the moment are: Borland Builder 6 and a Toshiba laptop with 1.49 GG

  • 10 CSS3 and jQuery Loading Animations Solutions

    10 CSS3 and jQuery Loading Animations SolutionsFebruary 28

    We are certain that you'll be surprised to see the amazing animated series as we bring for you these 10 CSS3 and jQuery Loading Animation Solutions- the best of the run. Loading animations was tough previously being mainly restricted only to the GIF

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