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  • I cannot remove two programs from Gnome trayMay 30

    I started two programs: Glipper 2.4 and ClipIt 1.4.2 in my Gnome 3.12.0 desktop on Debian Linux 8. They are in Gnome tray. Now I click ClipIt menu and choose "Quit". I also kill Python process running Glipper: $ ps x ... 4033 ? Sl 0:00 /usr/bin/

  • Merge wine tray with gnome traySeptember 30

    Is there a way to merge wine system tray with standard tray in gnome instead of having two separate tray bars? --------------Solutions------------- Found the solution at last. I needed: Alt+Super+RightClick on panel Select "Add to panel.." Enabl

  • Where does standard output go in ubuntu / gnome auto started scripts?February 12

    i have a script being started with gnome. that script is set to autostart with gnome automatically via system > preferences > startup applications. so where does the standard output of such an auto started program go? To add some background informat

  • How can I run a script during GNOME logout if I don't have admin privileges?September 27

    I want to run a script before I log out of my GNOME session, to warn myself if I have forgotten a pendrive plugged into the machine. However, all solutions I have found have not been enough for me: This similar question suggests editing the /etc/gdm/

  • gnome-open execute shell script

    gnome-open execute shell scriptMarch 24

    Is there a way to execute shell scripts automatically using gnome-open? If I call gnome-open script.sh in the terminal, the script opens in the default text editor. However the shell-script is executed directly by double-click from Nautilus. --------

  • How can I get GNOME 3.0 Beta on Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha 1December 29

    I've just installed Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwwhal) Alpha 1 and I love the Unity GUI Is it possible to download GNOME 3.0 on it as I like to try things early? How do I change between the two? --------------Solutions------------- You should download the

  • How to install Gnome 3 without breaking Unity?April 12

    I tried installing gnome 3 from the ppa, but it broke Unity and I had to reinstall Natty from scratch. Does anyone know if there is a way to install Gnome 3 without breaking Unity? --------------Solutions------------- There is currently no easy way t

  • How do I get xmonad to run with the GNOME fallback session?October 19

    I'm not having luck getting XMonad to run in 11.10 (x64, fresh install) with a gnome fallback session. I've tried adapting the instructions from http://markhansen.co.nz/xmonad-ubuntu-lucid/ and http://markhansen.co.nz/xmonad-ubuntu-oneiric/ but with

  • Where do I have to paste an "xinput" command so that it executes it when GNOME is started?November 14

    On my Thinkpad I need to execute something like this in the terminal: xinput set-int-prop "TPPS/2 IBM TrackPoint" "Evdev Middle Button Emulation" 8 1 so that my the 2 buttons on my touchpad emulate the middle mouse click. Now I need th

  • How can I remove icons from the GNOME Shell panel?March 16

    I tried to use the gmenu-simple editor, but it said it can't find it. It's just for a good look. --------------Solutions------------- A solution taken from the arch-wiki: When doing a GNOME install, some unwanted icons might appear in the panel. To r

  • How to detect from script when the user's desktop is loaded?April 18

    I have a deamon, implemented in bash and running by means of cron and the @reboot option, that shows the desktop in inactivity. The script is as following (timings are short for testing purposes): #!/bin/bash P_STATE=0 while : do sleep 5 if [ $P_STAT

  • Script Execution at user logout (non root user)July 7

    I am in my university labs running ubuntu 12.10 with unity and I don't have root privilleges. I need to run a script at logout. Is this possible? Note: this is probably a duplicate of this question, however the answers given are quite cryptic and no

  • Light Locker - Run script on screen lock/unlockMay 14

    I'd like to run a script if the XFCE session is locked and unlocked. Is there a way that I can intercept this and perform certain actions when the desktop is locked or unlocked? I have found following solutions: for Gnome - Run script on screen lock/

  • what's going in /usr/bin/gnome-terminal?November 25

    I noticed that there were no processes named "gnome-terminal" although I was using so called "gnome-terminal" which was invoked by clicking the icon on the menu bar on desktop. $ ps -au | grep gnome cul8er 8763 0.1 0.8 554960 33268 pts

  • GUI does not start on bootJune 1

    Ubuntu 12.04 does not start x after boot up. Worked until now without any problem, and last shutdown was clean. After text log in I can run startx, but no tray and Alt+Tab does not working. Command startx run my default gnome classic and gnome statup

  • Is there a Dikk-like application for Linux?

    Is there a Dikk-like application for Linux?September 25

    There is an application for Mac OS X called Dikk that allows one to capture its screen and send it to another user who installed Dikk by simply hitting a key. Is there any similar application for Linux? I know, I can setup VNC, but I'm looking for a

  • If I don't want "visual effects," is there any reason not to uninstall compiz?September 12

    I'm quite new to Linux on the desktop, having using it on servers for years. The basic question: If I don't want visual effects, is there any reason I need or want to have compiz installed at all? More details if you want them: I've got a fresh Ubunt

  • How to determine which window manager is runningOctober 26

    Is there any way (such as a command or environmental variable) to determine what window manager is the one actively running in the current session? --------------Solutions------------- First, install wmctrl: sudo apt-get install wmctrl if you haven't

  • Ubuntu - application-specific power managementJanuary 5

    I listen to lots of music while doing non-computer related stuff and my laptop falls asleep after 30 mins, as per my power settings, so I have to go back to the laptop to wiggle the mouse every now and then. I've noticed that when Totem plays a video

  • How to configure Gmail to open mailto-links in on-site compose window?November 27

    I'm trying to make Gmail open a small compose window on the actual site containing the mailto-link, instead of opening a new tab. I don't even know if this is possible. My setup makes searching for answers more difficult than I expected. I am running

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