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  • Debugging go with delve in WebStormJanuary 19

    I have recently installed the go plugin for WebStorm that runs on a Linux machine. Everything works fine except from debugging. Lets say I have the program: package main import ( "fmt" ) func main () { fmt.Println("a") fmt.Println(&quo

  • What functionality does WebStorm contain which RubyMine does not?February 2

    I am looking at buying Rubymine as I am doing a small amount of ruby, but a large amount of html5/javascript. I was going to get Webstorm as I do have a lot of pure html5/js based frameworks/apps that I am working on, however I then read that WebStor

  • Using WebStorm for Razor Syntax MVC

    Using WebStorm for Razor Syntax MVCMay 20

    I am building a lot of client-side heavy SPA-like apps with VS2010 and MVC3/4. VS2010 Javascript/HTML/CSS editing (mostly javascript) is interminably slow and sluggish. I'd love to use something like JetBrains' WebStorm to edit my .CSHTML files (with

  • Download videos from Delve Player

    Download videos from Delve PlayerJanuary 20

    I am trying to download a video from this website. I am using Firefox and I have tried using many types of downloaders, but they only get the player and other shockwave components instead of the video. --------------Solutions------------- Some ideas:

  • Does WebStorm have a "Code Cleanup" feature like ReSharper has?March 8

    I have (and love) ReSharper for all of my .NET Visual Studio coding. I really love the code cleanup feature that does things like properly spacing code, killing unnecessary white space, alphabetizing CSS properties, etc. Recently, I have started usin

  • Webstorm/PhpStorm: Select specific font from a Font Family

    Webstorm/PhpStorm: Select specific font from a Font FamilyApril 22

    WebStorm/PhpStorm: How do I choose a specific font from a font family? (for the editor). Specifically, I have downloaded the Source Code Pro font. It comes with these typefaces: Extra Light, Light, Regular, Semibold, Bold. Now, I want to choose Extra

  • PhpStorm/WebStorm: Is there way to adjust the font letter spacing?April 23

    I am using a non-default font in Webstorm. I quite like it except that the letters are a bit too spaced, horizontally. Now, I now that there is a setting to adjust the vertical spacing between lines. Is there also a way to change the horizontal lette

  • Webstorm: save individual tabs instead of save all?June 24

    UPDATE: Duplicate of http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17282265/webstorm-save-only-open-tab-vs-save-all-tabs, please direct answers there. I'm new to webstorm since I started my latest job, and I'm finding some features difficult to adapt to. In par

  • Can't Edit HTML file in Webstorm 7September 27

    I am new to Webstorm which is an Integrated Development (Programming) Environment (IDE). That is to say it is directly involved tool used primarily for programming. Specifically one programs JavaScript which is a popular language used by many program

  • Pycharm and Webstorm always on top unless minimizedNovember 3

    I'm running Windows 7. I have the following problem in both Webstorm 7 and Pycharm 3. I haven't found this problem in any other programs. I have not found any clues as to a solution on Google or in the settings of either program. When I run the progr

  • how can i fix webstorm warning (= unresolved function ) for "require" (firefox add-on-sdk)November 22

    I'm using Webstorm 7 for firefox add-on sdk development. Webstorm show warning "Unresolved function or method" for require(). I want to get rid of warning. var pageMod = require("sdk/page-mod"); NOTE:I already configured javascript-lib

  • Webstorm node.js auto download dependences automaticallyDecember 3

    Is it possible in a webstorm node.js project auto download dependances in the package.json so I dont have to run npm istall etc in the command prompt --------------Solutions------------- Have you taken a look at shrinkwrap? It allows you to; ...insta

  • WebStorm 8 EAP do not start after updateMarch 5

    I have update WebStorm 8 EAP today and the program is totally inactive after that. Do not start, do not show splash screen --------------Solutions------------- Try reinstalling from scratch: Delete WebStorm from /Applications/ Remove all the configs

  • Running byobu inside Webstorm console gives error: Sessions should be nested with careMarch 14

    I am trying to run byobu (based from tmux) inside the webstorm console but I always get this error: ERROR: Sessions should be nested with care. Unset $TMUX to force. Normal terminal windows work fine. Any ideas? --------------Solutions------------- I

  • Webstorm JSON minifier plugin/file watcherAugust 13

    I'm working with WebStorm 8.0.4 from jetBrain. We are manually editing a JSON file for the labels i18n. This file has the indents and the tabs. I would like to have it minify automatically, with a file watcher. Has anyone created a plugin or created

  • Debugging in webstorm to debug when you are running through a grunt connect server?August 28

    I can debug js files by running them in the browser in webstorm. but how do you get to hit breakpoints inside webstorm? --------------Solutions------------- You can run/debug your server code executed by Grunt using Node.js run configuration. See thi

  • How to change cursor size in Webstorm?

    How to change cursor size in Webstorm?September 12

    I love to work with Webstorm IDE, but the cursor size is bothering me a lot. Even when I want to highlight a character or a word, I get confused. I tried to see editor properties but this didn't work for me. So how can I change the size of that curso

  • Office 365 Developer Subscription & Yammer DelveDecember 31

    I subscribed to Office 365 developer account, and paid 99$ for a yearly subscription, do I have Yammer and Delve in my account? I want to start learning them, what do I do? How can I see features related to developer account? Do I need to have E3 pla

  • Saving terminals within WebstormJanuary 6

    I use the terminal plugin within Webstorm 9 to run local services with programming. Does anyone know of a way to re-open created terminals when a project is opened? As an example, let's say I close the project with three terminals open. I would want

  • How to inform WebStorm's autocomplete about WebGLRenderingContextFebruary 1

    I'm working on a project involving WebGL, and using WebStorm to do the development. One issue with the development flow is that WebStorm isn't about to autocomplete things related to WebGL. In particular, if I annotate a value as being of type WebGLR

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