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  • Is it possible to convince the Golang compiler to accept `type Foo int` as an `int`?January 15

    I'm using the pebbe/zmq4 ZeroMQ bindings for Go, and I'm trying to develop higher level interfaces for my code that ZeroMQ implements in order to support mocking in my tests. As an example of my question, the zmq4.Socket struct's RecvMessage function

  • Does golang has similar compilation option as -O2?January 20

    I am new to golang, just wondering if there's any compilation option such as c++ like below? -O2 or -O3 https://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc-3.2/gcc/Optimize-Options.html#Optimize%20Options Basically when compiling C++ code, I can choose to compile in

  • golang cross compilation on mac for windowsJanuary 29

    I am writing a go program to parse csv files and upload them to a postgres database in the Heroku cloud. The program works fine on my mac laptop. Eventual target platform for deploying the code is Windows though. I did some research and found that th

  • What kind of solutions is Golang (Google Go) designed for? November 13

    Seems like Go is designed as a replacement for problems you previously would have solved with C++. Is this an accurate statement? What kind of solutions is Golang (Google Go) designed for? --------------Solutions------------- I think MarkCC sums it u

  • Code and compile locally on a Dev-Mode ChromebookFebruary 20

    My school has given me a Samsung ARM Chromebook, and I am encourage to go into developer mode and mess around with it. I know how to access crosh and shell, and I found that vi is installed locally on the machine, but it cannot compile programs you m

  • Restricting to Single Instance of Executable with GolangApril 18

    I need to only allow one instance of my Golang executable at a time. I'm not sure how to use a Global Mutex to make sure no other instances are running. This would be running on a Windows Machine. --------------Solutions------------- There doesn't se

  • Use of "this" in GolangJune 10

    On the closest thing Golang has to a style guide found here, under Receiver Names this is written: The name of a method's receiver should be a reflection of its identity; often a one or two letter abbreviation of its type suffices (such as "c" o

  • How to break a long line of code in Golang?January 18

    Coming from Python, I'm not used to see code lines longer than 80 columns. So I when I encounter this: err := database.QueryRow("select * from users where user_id=?", id).Scan(&ReadUser.ID, &ReadUser.Name, &ReadUser.First, &ReadU

  • Should RESTful service in Golang include Client interface?January 18

    If I develop Booking REST service in Golang (i.e., in package booking). Is it a "GO way" to create BookingClient interface (backed up by struct) with business operations allowed, so that clients of my restful service would use BookingClient (imp

  • Golang: Why os.Exit doesn't work inside goroutinesJanuary 19

    I have a research program with very simple algorithm. When success is coming goroutine should be close (end) via os.Exit(0). I'm wait one day, two day.... What? :) Here is the simple code package main import "os" func main() { for { go func() {

  • Are unexported identifier package public in Golang?January 20

    As the subject says, are unexported identifiers package public in Golang? I read the spec but can't find anything. The compiler seems to treat unexported function names as file private (and not package public). --------------Solutions------------- Al

  • Pass a string to template in golangJanuary 20

    I've been scouring the internet and can't find much at all about posting to html template and form in golang . This is my attempt at it my error cannot use "html/template".HTML(" login") (type "html/template".HTML) as type st

  • How to pass an interface argument to a variadic function in Golang? January 20

    This question already has an answer here: golang: slice of struct != slice of interface it implements? 5 answers I have a variadic function Result func Results(messages ...Message) that accepts an interface Message. It works fine if I pass a single m

  • How Can i specify ports using golang Remote import paths?January 21

    given I have a private (corporate self-hosted) git-Repository which listens on on another but the default http-port. (For example 6655) The full repository-url to my golang-library would be: http://internal-git.corporate-domain.com:6655/~myuser/golan

  • Runtime Const in GolangJanuary 27

    In some languages, such as Java and C++, constants can be created and then assigned their value during the constructor (and then not changed after that). Is there any way to do this in Golang so that a constant whose value won't be known until runtim

  • How to define shared library path for a complied Go program during compilationJanuary 28

    With the introduction of -linkshared one can write a go program that uses shared libraries and end up with much smaller compiled files. By default the final executable file looks for the shared libraries under GOROOT path. What I am trying to achieve

  • Cross compiled pkg import in Go

    Cross compiled pkg import in GoJanuary 30

    I would like to use a go module named "go-yara" on Windows, which I cross-compiled on a Debian based Linux system. Everything works as expected. The build creates a go-yara.a file in the $GOPATH/pkg/windows_386/github.com/hillu/ folder. However

  • Golang regex not parsing correctlyJanuary 30

    I'm using this functional regex \/.*?([^:\/\s]+) that seems to work fine in other languages, but Go doesn't seem to like it. What this does is extracts the second part of a URL string between the /. So for example path/deeper/very/deep/file.html, I j

  • read int64 from fixed64 protobuf field in golangFebruary 1

    I have a field that is of type fixed64 in a .proto file. I want to read it as an int64 field: score := int64(pb_obj.Score) When I try to compile the line agove I get the error message cannot convert pb_obj.Score (type *uint64) to type int64. I tried

  • Golang regexp Boundary with Latin CharacterFebruary 4

    I have a small tricky issue about golang regex. seems \b boundering option doesn't work when I put latein chars like this. I expected that é should be treated as a regular char.. but it's treated as one of boundering wards. package main import ( "fmt

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