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google map api c# example for desktop

  • Working with Geolocation and the Google Maps APIDecember 21

    One of today's most used APIs is the Geolocation API. Geolocation allows an application to determine your physical coordinates, and tailor the application to you. This has the potential to dramatically enhance your user experience. This article will

  • Creating a Polyline Using Geolocation and the Google Maps APIJanuary 4

    In Getting Directions Using the Google Maps API, I explained how to create a service that lets a user find a route from one address to another. In this article, you'll learn how to use the Geolocation API together with the Google Maps API to display

  • Using Offline map in Google Maps API for Android without copying tiles to mobile device?December 3

    I want to use my own tile maps in google maps api for android .The tile maps are created using ArcGIS for server 10.2 . The cache size is about 400 megabyte .I can't copy the cache in mobile devices because i want to create small size apk . Is there

  • Google map api and rhel proxy serverFebruary 11

    I have a RHEL virtual server that connects to our corporate environment via a proxy server. Using a Google Map API from my desktop, which sits within the corporate environment, retrieves data immediately. Using the same API from my virtual server tak

  • Learn the Google Maps API in a hurrySeptember 1

    (Via Flash Insider, Google Maps Mania) SFSurvey.com, a restaurant review site, has produced a sample script and accompanying video tutorial that lets you integrate Google Maps into your website using the Google Maps API. The sample script lets you bu

  • Google Map API v3 - set bounds and centerOctober 12

    I've recently switched to Google Maps API V3. I'm working of a simple example which plots markers from an array, however I do not know how to center and zoom automatically with respect to the markers. I've searched the net high and low, including Goo

  • infowindow won't open - javascript + google maps API

    infowindow won't open - javascript + google maps API June 17

    Fairly new to the Google Maps Api. I've got an array of data that I want to cycle through and plot on a map. Seems fairly simple, but all the multi-marker tutorials I have found are quite complex. Lets use the data array from google's site for an exa

  • Effectively displaying a large amount of data on Google Maps APiDecember 2

    I have about 20 layers that I'd like to put on a Google maps API. I assume I'll need some form of a tile cache server and perhaps under mapserver or geoserver. These layers amount to about 400mb so the option of using static maps using kml/kmz is not

  • Google-maps Events: can I get them with google-maps api?December 14

    I've just seen that google maps has an option "Events" in few cities (london, Zurich,... etc) Is there a way to get these results with google maps API ? I need them for a project. thanks --------------Solutions------------- There is no events fu

  • Technical and usability differences between OpenLayers and Google Maps API V3December 20

    I know this is supposed to be a wiki question, but the feature has been taken of the site What are the main differences between OpenLayers and Google Maps api? What are the strengths and weaknesses of each system? Where would you prefer one system ov

  • Google maps API charset for http request ?? Geocoding RequestsJanuary 3

    im sending the following request to maps api but receiving the json response with chars problem. Can some one point me in the right direction to set charset correctly ? Request -- http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/geocode/json?latlng=38.676817,-9.1

  • Is there a library to make custom markers for Google Maps API V3 by setting the marker's icon, labels and opacity?January 11

    Is there a library to make custom markers for Google Maps V3 by controling the icon, labels and opacity? This library for Google Maps API V2, Labeled Markers, seems OK, but I was hoping for a V3 version, and was curious about opacity control also? --

  • Google Maps API: Is there a way to do proximity analysis to POIFebruary 16

    Using Google Maps API can I do proximity analysis, for example: In a state, let's say Virginia, display all the points that are 500 ft/m from a POI such as McDonalds or Bob's Diner, 1,000 ft/m from a National Park and within 5 minutes driving from an

  • Why doesn't Google Maps API show maps in Israel?February 27

    I wish to use Google Maps API in my website to embed a map of Israel with details of roads and streets. However, when I use it, I cannot see any road details, even that such information is available on maps.google.com. Any idea why that is? Can it be

  • What is a best practice way to display/feed US census/tiger data into Google Maps API?March 1

    Let's say I want to display age, income, etc based on census block groups on Google maps. What is the best practice or recommended way to do so and also to allow to do simple queries? --------------Solutions------------- I have spent a lot of time ma

  • Is it possible to query a MySQL database using the results from map.getBounds() with Google Maps API v3?March 13

    I have a MySQL database that contains a large number of polygons, one for each district on a map. They are all quite complicated and it's unrealistic to simply load them all at once. I've looked into using MarkerManager for Google Maps API v3 and thi

  • ARC GIS 10 + Google Maps APIMarch 16

    Assalam o Alaikum I am new ARC GIS, is it possible to create a website that uses Google Map API but imagery from the ARC GIS 10 REST service? Actually, I like the functionalities provided by the Google Map API like camera. Is it possible to perform t

  • Retrieve latitude and longitude of a draggable pin via Google Maps API V3May 11

    I will explain. I managed to have a draggable pin on a map. I want to retrieve the coordinates of this point and put them into two fields: Latitude and Longitude. These coordinates will later be send to a SQL table via PHP. Here is an example of what

  • Does Google Maps API provide statistical tools or even raster to vector conversion?May 17

    I am working with a web developer who is working with Google maps API, trying to determine what pre-processing steps I should perform (e.g. in R and GRASS), and what can be done within the google maps API. This leads me to the following questions: Is

  • What's next if our KML is too big/complex for the Google Maps API?May 18

    Our web app includes simple mapping capabilities (currently just markers and KML overlays on an embedded Google Map). This works pretty well; the only real limitation we face is KML overlays that go beyond Google's size & complexity restrictions for

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