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*gp_fixargs(args) arcpy

  • Comparing extents of rasters using ArcPy?

    Comparing extents of rasters using ArcPy?August 15

    I am writing a script that takes an input of an Area of Interest (AOI) and then walks through the base directories to find any file that has an extent that intersects with the AOI, clip it and generate a text output file. I've got most of it working

  • Error when creating insert cursor in ArcPy?March 30

    I've written several scripts that copy data from MS Access db into a new, empty ESRI Geodatabase. I've pretty much copied the code and changed it for each table -- the first two scripts have worked as expected, but the third is throwing an error on t

  • Why can't I access a table in a personal geodatabase (.mdb) with arcpy after installing 64-bit geoprocessing?March 6

    I wrote and ran a simple script last year - it cycled through some line features, buffered them and then intersected with some other lines - it all worked fine. I'm now trying to tweak the file to use a larger buffer, and it's not finding the databas

  • arcpy Problem with updateRow() when trying to update fields with UpdateCursorMay 7

    I have a list of values which I am trying to add to an existing shapefile. The field where the values need to be inserted has been added via arcpy.AddField_management and thus the values of the rows are empty or 0. The variable expression1 is a list

  • While looping with arcpy: ERROR 010240: Could not save raster datasetJune 17

    Hi I am very new to python coding and have been struggling with this for a while I cannot see the reason for this error! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Here is the code that is causing this error: import arcpy import numpy as np import math fr

  • Why does Raster Calculator (RasterCalculator_sa) give ERROR 000539 in ArcPy?January 30

    I am getting a not executed error for a raster calculator. Here is part of the output: File "C:\projectTemp\FloodAnalysis\floodxsectionanalysis.py", line 107, in makeSeemless arcpy.gp.RasterCalculator_sa(Con(IsNull(rasterIn), FocalStatistics(ras

  • How to extract zipped shapefile and check its shape type using arcpy module without writing on diskFebruary 28

    I have a zipped shapefile saved on my disk. I want to extract it in memory and check the shape type. I'm using arcpy module and want to stick to only default modules comes with python installation. I tried something like import cStringIO, zipfile, ar

  • Understanding arcpy.Describe IOError?June 30

    I am trying to find out if an mxd contains any schematic diagram layer through a python script tool. I am looping through all the mxds those are added to the python script tool and in each mxd checking each layer whether it's a schematicdiagram layer

  • Pyscripter and arcpy not working togetherFebruary 5

    I have installed pysripter on my machine and am not able to run any arcpy scripts from it despite being able to import arcpy. Models that work in model builder do not transition to pyscripter here is an example of an error I got Traceback (most recen

  • Debugging RuntimeError: Object: Error in getting parameter as text from arcpy.GetParameterAsText()?August 24

    I am trying to get this tool I've been writing for the past month operational. I think it should all work, but I'm getting caught up on the parameters of the code. Here is the start of the code that assigns the variables/parameters: I commented out t

  • Using search cursor with ArcPy and Spyder?November 4

    I recently installed ArcGIS 10.3.1 (previously had 10.1 installed) and I am trying to run a script in Spyder 2.7 that has always worked and getting the below error: "Traceback (most recent call last): File "<ipython-input-4-95832f8a9f6d>&q

  • Distinguishing between invalid raster files and valid ones at using arcpy functions

    Distinguishing between invalid raster files and valid ones at using arcpy functionsJanuary 7

    I am trying to move raster files from one location to another. By using the function: ListRasters (arcpy), I can get the list of rasters to be moved, but the problem is that even corrupted rasters are listed by this function. Actually if you use ArcC

  • Arguments error when running LineDensity scripts in arcpyJanuary 14

    I'm trying to use LineDensity tool on polyline features. The shapefile is small and includes some invalid geometries. The code I use is an adaptation of an ArcGIS Help script. Here is my code: import arcpy from arcpy import env from arcpy.sa import *

  • ArcPy script for supervised classification selectively fails on CreateSignatureFebruary 15

    I have written a python script to partially automate a supervised classification of a raster (my only interest is to differentiate water features from non-water features) and it worked seamlessly on several tests, but I am now encountering error(s) w

  • Managing environment variables in arcpy?August 18

    The Arcpy documentation seems to suggest that when writing python scripts that utilize/modify variables in arcpy.env, you should wrap everything in a bunch of try/except/(finally) loops with custom error types (which are generally a bad practice, IMO

  • Problem with setValue() function in ArcGIS 10December 4

    I'm trying to add data to an attribute table in ArcGIS 10 using the following code: def make_floor_no( shapefile ): "Makes header for number of Floors (FLO) and calculates value" fieldName = "FLO" try: ARCPY.AddField_management(shapefi

  • GetParameterAsText() error in python script

    GetParameterAsText() error in python scriptMay 16

    i have a huge problem with an error . when i use getparameterastext and use it for searchcursor , i encounter to an error .for example the below code import arcpy featureClass = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(0) populationField = arcpy.GetParameterAsText(1

  • Get extent of Georeferenced Rasters in Python and output to polygon shapefileJuly 14

    I would like to create a shape file containing the extents of each of the rasters in a directory. Is it possible to capture the extent of a raster using Python? I have tried extent1=arcgisscripting.Raster.extent('stg1_05.jpg') Runtime error : 'getset

  • For Loop - Map Algebra (ArcGIS) using PythonNovember 29

    ORIGINAL QUESTION Im relatively new to python and these fourms but Im am having trouble utilizing for-loops for spatial analyses within ArcGIS. It does not appear to recognize the variable, RasterImage! Here is a part of the code im having trouble wi

  • How to write XML attributes from feature with ArcView license?August 7

    I need to generate xml of attribute data of a feature, but I have only Arcview license so, I can't use Export XML tool. What are my options? What is wrong with this code (after applying search cursor writing the attributes of node): for row in rows:

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