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  • Slow/capped download speed W7 x64January 31

    So to make it short, I have a powerline adapter(netgear 500) connected to the main router from the living room to the router in my room. The main router has a max speed of 90Mbit/s while in my room i get max 60 Mbit/s(which is obvious). The wifi on t

  • Lenovo B490 Bios update failed?December 10

    I have updated my official bios from Lenovo When I try to update my BIOS the Bios got corrupted and system doesn't boot-up, After googling I found some procedure to recover it, But I am struck in that process. Download Phoenix Wincrisis on another co

  • Free, downloadable Helvetica small caps? Well, then, how about Arial or even Tahoma?

    Free, downloadable Helvetica small caps? Well, then, how about Arial or even Tahoma?May 27

    I'm looking for Arial non-fake small-caps. Free, downloadable, and TrueType or OpenType. A free Helvetica would be great but I don't know that Mono ever made small caps for this typeface. I will also settle for Tahoma smalls. Or please suggest a bett

  • Why do the update/download servers cap out at like 100-130 kb/s?

    Why do the update/download servers cap out at like 100-130 kb/s?January 18

    Whenever I'm updating or doing a fresh install it always seems the package servers download speed caps out at 130 kb/s, why is that? --------------Solutions------------- Because the servers are always busy, and you may have left it at the default ser

  • One of my XP laptops has file-download-speed cap?April 3

    I have two XP-SP3 laptops. While laptop #1 will download a single file at speeds up to 5 MB/sec, laptop #2 always peaks at 1.3 MB/sec (or three simultaneous downloads at about 0.4 MB/sec, etc). In both cases I am using a direct ethernet connection to

  • Why upload rates are lower than download rates in normal internet connections?July 15

    I have used dial-up and/or broadband services from many service providers (in India) and one thing I noted is that the upload bandwidth is lower than the download bandwidth. Is there any reason for this? --------------Solutions------------- Most broa

  • Increasing download speed for torrents?August 18

    Can you please list out any torrent client configuration to get max out of available net speed? --------------Solutions------------- Vuze Vuze (Azureus) speed guide Vuze Beginner's Guide BitComet BitComet Speed Guides More tips from torrentfreak Spee

  • How can I remap my Caps-Lock key to Escape (for Vim) in Snow Leopard?September 2

    Obviously, in Linux I can use xmodmap. On Leopard, I used an InputManager called PCKeyboardHack. But InputManagers are now broken. How can I preserve my sanity and keep on using Caps Lock to Escape in OS X 10.6? --------------Solutions------------- I

  • Mapping "Caps Lock" function to some key, after remapping "Caps Lock" key

    Mapping "Caps Lock" function to some key, after remapping "Caps Lock" key September 7

    One of my laptop's keys has fallen off. Is there any way I can remap another key to serve as that key? I'll 'sacrifice' the other key because I never use it. --------------Solutions------------- Here is a good article from Howtogeek about using a uti

  • Should I serve large file downloads from a VPS or a Webhoster?September 8

    I have some larger files 20-30 MB of a shareware program. I'm having a webserver which should be enough for the 250 GB (abbout 1000 downloads/mont) of download bandwidth and CPU power. They are using "nginx" as the webserver for static downloads

  • Command-Line FTP/HTTP download manager that supports multiple connectionsOctober 31

    I'm looking for a command-line download manager that can: Download from FTP and HTTP Open several TCP connections to accelrate the download Supports resuming It would be nice if it had ports to Windows & Linux, but it's not a strict requirement. It d

  • Block p2p downloading in my office?

    Block p2p downloading in my office?November 5

    I work in an education office in a third world country. We pay for internet by the megabyte (no other choice) and have lately been using an incredible amount of bandwidth. This is because the office staff have found out about p2p sharing. As far as I

  • Did something change with uTorrent speed capping?

    Did something change with uTorrent speed capping?December 14

    I download a lot of Linux torrents for testing systems every time there is a new release. And Linux torrents are always seeded well so seeding is not the issue here. Neither is firewall, I have port forwarding setup properly. I did a glasnost test an

  • Data Consumed/Downloaded by Networked Devices January 11

    I have in my home a standard Comcast cable internet connection. I have it going from the wall to a cable modem, and from the modem to a late-series Linksys router, which provides wired and wireless networking. The vast majority of the users are wirel

  • 1 file transfer capped at 5Mbps; two parallel file transfers capped at 10Mbps. How come?March 1

    We have a case of file transfer speed capping (maximum speed) as follows: 1 file transfer capped at 5Mbps; 2 parallel file transfers (same file) capped at 10 Mbps What can explain such a behavior? It does not seem to be the IP layer (network). Would

  • application that could track amount of downloads May 22

    Possible Duplicates: Does software exist to log all download / upload usage? How to keep below my bandwidth download cap and why does my ISP have such a huge difference in reported downloads from my monitor? Software to report internet traffic for ho

  • How can I use web apps after my internet gets capped?July 17

    If my internet is capped to 256 Kb/s (32 KB/s), what things can I do to improve performance in web apps? Some things that I would try are turning off images, however what about the images that are used to control the web app? --------------Solutions-

  • Better Passwords #3: Caps-lock Warnings

    Better Passwords #3: Caps-lock WarningsAugust 3

    So far, I've looked at two possible solutions for improving the usability of password fields; of those, the second idea–adding a "show password" checkbox that converts the field to plain text–was vastly more popular than the first (creating iPho

  • Why does the default Email app download the same (POP3) message over and over again?September 17

    For the most part, I haven't had too many problems with the stock Email app on my Moto Droid. I have both ActiveSync (Exchange) and POP3 accounts set up and never have trouble with ActiveSync. But for some reason, with the POP3 account, sometimes the

  • How to provide free connection with usage caps (dd-wrt firmware)September 23

    I've got a pretty badass router (okay, not that good, but not bad: TP_link TR1034ND), with DD-WRT firmware. My connection is about 90/35mbps which is also pretty good. I want to provide a free access point with limited bandwidth. The range is really

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