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hisense u601 firmware download

  • Exit from firmware download modeJuly 5

    Can I get out from firmware download mode without downloading new one? I see horrible message: Downloading... Do not turn off target!!! What will happens if I power off my Samsung S4? --------------Solutions------------- the power should not be turne

  • Samsung Galaxy S disconnected during Kies firmware downloadNovember 14

    The phone will not work at all now and only shows an icon depicting the phone and a pc connected with an exclamation in the middle. I have taken out the battery etc but to no avail. The PC now doesn't recognise the USB connection. What do I do now? -

  • Samsung Galaxy S stuck upgrading firmware. Should I unplug my phone? Should I keep on waiting?November 16

    I tried to upgrade my firmware on my Samsung Galaxy S using Kies The Firmware upgrade appears to have gotten stuck. Kies says Upgradeing firmware... Do not disconnect a mobile device from the PC during upgrade process Progress Bar has "Upgrade is in

  • Firmware for wireless card on Ubuntu/Debian?

    Firmware for wireless card on Ubuntu/Debian?July 9

    This is a follow up to my previous question about Debian support for Linksys Wusb600n. I have tried running the Ubunut/Xubuntu LiveCDs and the WiFi does not come up. The Gnome Network Manager menu informs me that my wireless network "device is not re

  • SSD Firmware update = loss of data?August 25

    I recently got a new SSD (OCZ Vertex Plus) and after reading the helpful answers for my post Disk Corruption = Failing Drive/Bad sectors? I would like to try updating the firmware but the OCZ Firmware download site (http://www.ocztechnology.com/ssd_t

  • Extracting firmware from a device for reflashing?March 8

    OK, so I have a Ubislate 7C+ tablet, and it's screwed up and the Wi-fi is unusable. See Tablet won't connect to any WiFi network anymore, always shows "saved" for details on the problem. I've tried everything, and I've given up on it. But I'm su

  • Hitachi hard drive with apple firmware - possible to install Windows on?May 8

    My friend gave me a spare harddrive he had, a 320GB Hitachi HTS545032B9A302. I was hoping I could use this in place of my 70GB internal drive at home. However it says on the label that it has Apple HDD Firmware 2010. This raised my eyebrow - does thi

  • How to fix Wrong firmware installed on routerDecember 10

    I have a Netgear WNR2000v3 (n300) router. The guy who came in and installed it for me somehow installed the Netgear RP614v4 Firmware on it. I have been having severe connectivity problems, and cannot restore the original factory firmware for the rout

  • HP plan to restrict access to ProLiant server firmware - consequences?

    HP plan to restrict access to ProLiant server firmware - consequences?February 3

    I've been a longtime advocate for HP ProLiant servers in my system environments. The platform has been the basis of my infrastructure designs across several industries for the past 12 years. The main selling points of ProLiant hardware have been long

  • Hard disk detects but doesn't boot, CD ROM gets detected as MATSHITA rv10 downloaderMarch 17

    I started getting the Select proper boot media... notice on booting up my PC. I tried changing the slots on the motherboard, the cables, everything, but it still didn't work. I figured my SATA hard disk was gone. Then for some reason I had to unplug

  • Updating Nikon DSLR firmware, do I need to install older missed updates?September 1

    When updating a Nikon DSLR firmware, do I need to install older missed updates before installing the latest version? Also where can I find the changelog (fixes/added feauters) for all previous versions so I could determine whether I need to update or

  • Linux firmware management not clearOctober 5

    I have a laptop with Intel Wireless 7260 on the board and had some problems with connection in Ubuntu 14.04 (3.13.0-36-generic). While solving this I was required to update firmware called iwlwifi-7260-7.ucode for the iwlwifi module as described here

  • ADATA SX900 firmware downgrade failure

    ADATA SX900 firmware downgrade failureNovember 10

    I have an ADATA SX900 SSD with firmware 5.8.2. I am trying to downgrade firmware to 5.2.5, but my drive is refusing to accept firmware. It returns this error: FATAL_ERROR: Firmware download failed with error: (0x11000001:SF_SG_DEVICE_CHECK_CONDITION_

  • What is the difference between BIOS and firmware?February 19

    Could anyone elaborate on the differences between BIOS and firmware please? --------------Solutions------------- As others already stated, BIOS is the specific name for the (motherboard) firmware in older PCs. New computers these days have a technica

  • Lollipop Firmware for Galaxy Core Prime SM G360HAugust 23

    Alright, so... I know there is no Lollipop Update (either OTA or Manual Firmware download) for the Galaxy Core Prime SM G360H yet. But my question is: Can I use the SM G360F's 5.0.2 Firmware on the SM G360H? I guess it should work but the 360H is Dua

  • Should I install firmware for Samsung SSD 850 EVO?August 30

    I've a Mac Mini Late 2012 model that I've recently replaced the HDD to Samsung SSD 850 EVO. Everything works fine(except damaged IR Sensor) and my Mac startup speed is fast. I've been searching around Google about the Firmware particularly for 850 EV

  • How to choose VDSL firmware on a Cisco 887VA router?September 2

    On Cisco ADSL routers, there is a wide choice of modem firmware releases available, as well as IOS releases; each IOS release comes with its built-in modem firmware, but you can override it with a custom (and possibly more recent/stable/performant) o

  • Updating SSD firmware in old Macbooks

    Updating SSD firmware in old MacbooksOctober 12

    I'm upgrading the HDD in a MacBook7,1 (the white 13" unibody one) to a SSD. I read somewhere that it's important to be able to update SSD firmware, but that some SSD makers don't offer update software that runs on Mac OS. What's the story with this?

  • Installing Intel iwlwifi firmware for UNCLAIMED Wireless 8260?November 12

    I just installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my newly built PC. My motherboard is a Gigabyte H170N-WIFI and I am currently trying to get the wifi up and running on it. In terminal, when I run lshw -C network this is my output: *-network description: Ethernet

  • Flashing firmware to hard disks behind LSI controllerNovember 20

    We have an Intel RAID Controller RS25DB080 (LSI SAS2208) with four ST2000NM0033-9ZM175 SN03 SATA disks. A hardware RAID10 volume is built using these disks and an Ubuntu Server OS is installed on it. Recently we've found out there's a firmware update

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