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how to boot lenivo B490 lap

  • Sometimes when I boot up my Toshiba Satellite L875D lap top running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS it does not detect my keyboardOctober 5

    I have the follow issue. I am using Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on Toshiba Satellite L875D and sometimes when I boot up my machine it reaches the log in session where I am supposed to type my password but my keyboard does not work. So I am forced to restart my

  • Lap top will not BootJanuary 18

    I have downloaded and installed Ubuntu erasing XP in the process. It seemed to install correctly up to the point where I reboot. Machine will not boot. I have just a flashing curser on top left of blank screen. Can you help please? Kind regards Elean

  • My OS disappeared (WIN7) on Acer Aspire Lap top including BOOT fileFebruary 18

    Okay, I'm obviously an extream novice with computers no matter what OS! So Whoever responds To my Question must be patient & Take it Easy on me please. (OKAY) this is what happened Misplaced my windows BIOS password while moving. Along with my window

  • Lap wont boot after deleting windows7 partitionApril 30

    While I was using Ubuntu I accidently deleted the windows7 partition. When I rebooted I got the following error: error:unknown file system,Entering rescue mode,grub rescue> I've tried to reinstall Ubuntu, windows7 but the windows set up is loading fi

  • Lenovo B490 can not boot up to OSSeptember 1

    I am new to this forum, please suggest me if there is need of modification of my first post. I posted it in stackoverflow but I got suggestions to move my problem here. When I open my laptop, it displays a message "To interrupt Normal Startup, press

  • Why does my Macbook become extremely hot when using Boot Camp?July 15

    The bottom of my Macbook becomes extremely hot when I use Boot Camp (Apple's built-in solution for running Windows on a Mac), especially when I play games. Sometimes my Macbook shuts itself down because it gets far too hot. Why does this happen, and

  • Configuring BIOS to boot from disk drive before hard driveAugust 20

    How do I configure BIOS to have a higher boot priority from my disk drive than from my hard drive? If there is no disk, will it boot from my hard drive instead? Thanks, I am trying to run Ubuntu off of a LiveCD on my Dell Inspiron 1520, which normall

  • Windows Vista - Can Boot into Safe Mode Command Prompt, Cannot Access Flash DriveMarch 30

    Got a laptop dropped into my lap. Has Vista installed. Normal boot never gets past the login screen. Safe mode will get past, but just barely. I can try and start the task manager at that point, but it never opens. Only reliable way to do anything I'

  • Dell Laptop Booting Problem (wondering if anyone else has had it)October 9

    I have a problem getting the lap top to start up after changing memory cards. The new memory was correct for the laptop as per Crucial identifier.. Removal and installation was done according to normal i.e. removal of battery, pressing start button t

  • laptop does not bootApril 22

    I have hp probook 4520s lap. But now it does not boot. When I press switch on button fans are working but it shows black screen. HDD light just blink one or two times when start but it will not continue. And usually web cam light should blink one tim

  • Ubuntu 12.04 won't boot from USBApril 30

    I downloaded Ubuntu 12.04, then using the tool Startup Disk Creator i made the live usb. I checked that it's bootable Device Boot Start End Blocks Id System /dev/sdb1 * 62 15635593 7817766 c W95 FAT32 (LBA) Now on my lap top it boots nicely, but on t

  • Can installing Ubuntu cause Windows to run hot on dual boot machine?June 19

    Okay, I'm pretty sure that it is not possible for Ubuntu to cause hardware problems with Windows but.. I installed 12.04 as a dual boot on a Compaq Presario CQ61 running Windows 7 Home premium. Install ran flawlessly and dual boot works fine. Like ma

  • Would dual-booting Ubuntu 12.04 with Windows 7 work succesfully on a Sony VAIO e series laptop?July 23

    Can anyone please tell me if the Sony Vaio E series or any other series (T or S) would work fine with Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 in a dual-boot configuration? I am planning to buy a SONY VAIO E series with following specs: 14'' Premium E series Sony

  • loud hard drive clicks / noises when working with laptop at an angle (on lap), normal or faulty? November 24

    Ive just bought a 15" macbook pro, the first thing that i noticed when i got it booted up was a large amount of clicking coming from the hdd. This is when having the laptop at a slight angle on my lap, on a flat surface the clicking is still present

  • had a CISCO 2960S dropped in my lap - how to setup the management interface?June 19

    Few tasks in the world are more of a joy than to have a chunk of hardware dropped into ones lap with a post-it note that says "configure this for that new subnet". I know my way around Linux/UNIX but have never had to deal with a CISCO router, e

  • LAP ignores DHCP Option 43 and uses CAPWAP UDP broadcastsJune 27

    I am trying to redeploy Cisco 1242 LAPs on new Cat4507R+E switches, which means the IP address of the WLC is changing for that LAP. For some reason, I have to configure ip helper-addresses on my LWAP vlan to jumpstart communication between my Cisco A

  • Windows 7 not in boot menuJanuary 10

    I got lubuntu and I created 3 partions 1 swap 1 lubuntu 1 windows I turn my lap top on and I got the boot menu and I look for windows 7 Nothing just lubuntu Help I need windows too what an I do? I got a toshiba satellite c855-s5203 with 2 gb ram I ha

  • lenovo g500s not booting on power and battery light still onMarch 18

    my lenovo g500s with 4g ram and its running windows 8.1, last time it was 7% charge and there is pending update. so switched it of and plug the charger after like 10min, after like 18hours I tried to boot it up but it wont boot and the two lights the

  • Boot repair: "GRUB is still present. Please try again " message is displayed while reparing the boot having windows 8.1 and ubuntu 13.10March 27

    I was dual booting winodws 8.1 and ubuntu 13.10. I have updated my windows BIOS. After that i am always getting into windows. GRUB menu is not displayed. So, Using UBUNTU 12.10 live CD (But i have 13.10 in my lap), i have repaired the boot to fix thi

  • DELL Inspiron 5537 hungups during bootJune 9

    I purchased a Inspiron 5537 with UBUNTU preinstalled. Starting the lap-top, I followed all the instructions for UBUNTU. At the end I decided to accept all the proposed updates in UBUNTU. Now the system hungups during boot and never goes to desktop. I

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