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how to fix bugs of tablet digiflip ET701

  • "Turning dongle network on failed, please check Connection Parameters" when trying to use Reliance 3 ZTE AC2739 Dongle in tablet Digiflip ET701

    "Turning dongle network on failed, please check Connection Parameters" when trying to use Reliance 3 ZTE AC2739 Dongle in tablet Digiflip ET701September 7

    I am using a Digiflip ET701 tablet. I am trying to connect my Reliance 3 ZTE AC2739 USB modem. But every time it gives this error: Turning dongle network on failed, please check Connection Parameters Device information: Device Manufacturer: Flipkart-

  • Fix bugs, or wait for the customer to find them?October 28

    Do other people fix bugs when they see them, or do they wait until there's crashes/data loss/people die before fixing it? Example 1 Customer customer = null; ... customer.Save(); The code is clearly wrong, and there's no way around it - it's calling

  • Is it correct to fix bugs without adding new features when releasing software for system testing?November 20

    This question is to experienced testers or test leads. This is a scenario from a software project: Say the dev team have completed the first iteration of 10 features and released it to system testing. The test team has created test cases for these 10

  • Who should pay for fixes/bugs? January 4

    So I just started freelancing both in desktop/web development and this client who already accepted my work, and payed me keeps coming back at me each time he finds a bug etc. And I have found myself spending more time than I thought fixing them for f

  • A quick question on fixing bugs in repository software

    A quick question on fixing bugs in repository software January 28

    Although I am not a professional programmer, I have written a program or two. Yet, nowadays every engineer and scientist learns to program a bit as well, and as such I am used to writing programs in Python, C and MATLAB. Now I want to give back a bit

  • Is fixing bugs made by other people a good approach?February 24

    Let's assume the situation where a team of four developers is building an application. During the testing phase, bugs are reported by users. Who should fix them? The person who committed the erroneous code, or anyone who is free? What is preferred ap

  • Bounty points for fixing bugs?

    Bounty points for fixing bugs? March 29

    Ever heard of a company awarding bounty points for bugfixes? Making team members work to do the most, as some bonus money will be dependent on it? Having them split, or pay bounties to others to test, so they don't 'lose' points when it reaches a UAT

  • how to start fixing bugs in open source softwaresJuly 9

    I a student and have good knowledge in C programming and like to contribute any open source project which is developed in C. I searched sourceforge and selected 7-Zip because its widely used one and developed using C. I thought to start first by fixi

  • How should one try and fix bugs in Ubuntu?May 27

    Given that it can take ages for the software engineers at Ubuntu to fix bugs once they are filed, if the user himself or herself wants to fix the bugs in ones system, what are the steps that he or she needs to take? --------------Solutions-----------

  • Should tester fix bugs?November 14

    I've heard two guys from Microsoft and Google saying testers in those companies fix defects. Personally I think it is Ok and a better contribution than just creating a new bug ticket (at least in some cases). I really don't know if this is the forum

  • Fixing bugs generated by another teamMay 13

    I'm facing the following situation: There are 2 different teams working on the same project using Scrum, and every now and then, bugs related to user stories developed by team "A" are being assigned to team "B". We're used to fixing bu

  • Who fixes bugs in a team? February 9

    This question already has an answer here: Is fixing bugs made by other people a good approach? 11 answers In an agile software development team, who would be the one to fix the bugs introduced in an update? The developer who writes the feature? Someo

  • Should I release source code to fix bugApril 11

    I have a bug in my application that I'm building. I asked a question on S.O. and one of the users asked me to post or send all the code to him so he could look at it. I totally understand the request. It is valid and understandable. However, I'm havi

  • How to fix "BUG: soft lockup - CPU#0 stuck for 17163091968s"?December 1

    UPDATE: I updated the title of the message, because I've recently seen more of these problems with this exact time amount of 17163091968s. This should help people investigating the symptoms to find this page. See my (self-)accepted answer below. I ha

  • Can I make changes or fix bugs in my app after the App Showdown is over?July 12

    Is it allowed to make changes, like bug fixes after the deadline 09.07.2012 of the apps which are hosted on Launchpad for the Ubuntu App Showdown? I did not updated anything with quickly release or quickly submitubuntu because I don't want to be disq

  • How to check whether a fixed bug reported at Launchpad would affect my distro release?July 17

    Could you please help me to decide whether this bug affects Ubuntu 12.04? I found out the information about the indicator-multiload (which turned out to be the thing I have been missing in my installation of Ubuntu 12.04 for Toshiba AC100), but then

  • Daily Scrum when the team is just fixing bugsJune 4

    I understand all the advantages of Daily Scrum and my team does it when we are working on stories. But sometimes we just have bugs to fix for days, while we're waiting for new stories, and when this happen we put daily scrum aside. Some of developers

  • Where to find Firefox's internal files in order to fix bugs?January 31

    I use Firefox Nightly, so sometimes I find a bug. In those cases I file a bug in bugzilla.mozilla.org But I would like to help a bit more. Since I am good at JavaScript and I have seen that some patches affect javascript files, I think maybe I would

  • Fixing bugs may lead to delayed feedback February 14

    I worked in a group in Microsoft that developed the upgrade to the Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus. For a year we worked on the next version of the product. We had 6 milestones (milestone each two months). Most of the features were developed

  • Fixing bugs in other peoples code July 29

    This question already has an answer here: How can I tactfully suggest improvements to others' badly designed code during review? [closed] 16 answers I'm working with another programmer and we are always having issues with refactoring or changing each

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