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how to get lmhost file to work

  • What is the difference between hosts and lmhosts files?August 5

    What is the difference between hosts and lmhosts files? --------------Solutions------------- The letters "LM"? >smile< The "HOSTS" file contains entries that simulate "A" records in DNS (and PTR records, too). Only DNS-

  • HOSTS / LMHOSTS files on XP System in a AD DomainFebruary 19

    I have found that with in my Active Directory (Windows 2003 Interm), there are 4 DC and each is a GLOBAL CATALOG SERVER. So in theory any should be able to authenticate users. that our XP Clients have a lengthy HOSTS and LMHOSTS file (that are both t

  • How to add a DC to the LMHosts file so I can join a DC that's in a different subnet.May 3

    Solution: No ports needed to be open since sonicwall VPN's allow all traffic by default. I just pointed the client machine's primary DNS to the DC and it worked. Thanks guys, great site. -Will How can I create a static entry, so when the computer tri

  • When should I use an LMHOST file? July 30

    I'm doing research on the LMHOSTS file. Can anyone tell me when I would want to use the LMHOST file? --------------Solutions------------- I don't think you would run into the LMHOSTS file these days. It is (was) used for name to ip and name to servic

  • lmhosts and hosts file to allow user joining to domain controllerApril 3

    I have a domain controller on a diffrent ip range as my computer and would like to know if it is possible to join it to the domain using host file and lmhosts file? I don't want to use VPN I don't want to use MS Direct Access I don't want to put my c

  • How to refresh hosts file without rebootingMay 17

    On Windows, how do you refresh the hosts file without rebooting? --------------Solutions------------- You don't need to reboot. Any changes you make to the hosts file are immediate. You used to need to reboot for changes to take effect in Windows 9x.

  • Windows domain authentication using HOST filesMarch 13

    I am currently setting up remote office PCs running Windows 7 Professional to authenticate back to a domain controller running Windows 2008 R2 in the headquarters. Is it possible to simply define the domain name of the domain controller using the loc

  • Why does my "hosts" file entry have no effect when accessing network shares?

    Why does my "hosts" file entry have no effect when accessing network shares?February 7

    I added the following line to a Windows7 hosts file: mecserver Using ping mecserver works fine, but if I use this name to connect to the notebook (like localhost) to see the Windows shares it always wants me to enter user credentials. Enter

  • How do you edit the 'hosts' file in windows 7? September 12

    Possible Duplicate: How do you edit hosts file on Windows 7 I need to edit the hosts file so that I could restrict some sites from opening. I have tried to open it and edit it but when I save it, Admin privileges error is displayed. Even with admin p

  • Windows Azure: file share, named pipe between virtual machinesFebruary 19

    I'm not able to get named pipes working within a single VM or across 2 VMs within Azure. Availability set is not an option. So, if the VM name is testVM.cloudapp.net, the named pipe is failing with username or password is incorrect. If we use testVM

  • Mapped network drive in PATH causes delaysMay 4

    I have a requirement to have locations on a network drive in my system Path (Windows XP SP3). If for whatever reason my connection to that drive is slow, this makes everything on my computer slow. What can I tweak on my system to lessen the impact of

  • Virtual PC (machine), loopback adapter, LAN, SQL ServerMay 11

    I've setup my VM to mimic my DevServer. I've setup my Network Connections to read from my Loopback Adapter 1st, LAN 4th. But for some reason, when I create my connection string: "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=DevServer; Initial Catalog=myDB; User Id=

  • How to securely join two networks together over the Internet?May 28

    Let's say there are two locations. Both locations have their own fast Internet connections. How do you join these two networks together such that every computer can see every other computer? Do you need a domain controller, or can you do this with wo

  • How extensive is the use of Microsoft WINS nameservice these days?May 29

    I seem to recall over the years moves to try to stop the requirement of having a WINS nameservice as part of a Windows environment. My question is whether sites are still utilizing WINS or have switched over to something else and no longer need WINS.

  • Can you disable UNC paths in Windows?July 15

    We are trying to lock down a Terminal Server, and want to remove a commercial package's ability to accept UNC file paths, ie. paths in the app can then only be entered using the windows drive letters. Is there any way to do this in Windows? Can we di

  • Access SMB-Share on localhost under different nameJuly 29

    This scenario may seem a little weird at first ;) OS is Windows Server 2003. We make a daily backup from our production servers and just copy the entire application to our backup servers, where we want an exact duplicate from the production environme

  • Long pause when accessing DFS namespaceAugust 6

    We've recently migrated our Windows network to use DFS for shared files. DFS is working well, except for one annoying problem: users experience a significant delay when they try to access a DFS namespace that they have not accessed for some time. I h

  • Windows cannot resolve custom domains when VPN is up?August 27

    We have a DNS server on local network which has some custom TLDs such as "local, dummy" etc. The domains ending with these TLDs resolves to test servers like win2003test.dummy. The problem occures when a VPN connection is up. Windows tries to re

  • Can't access Windows share by hostnameNovember 3

    I have an interesting problem. One of my clients can't access our file server by hostname. If I open explorer and type \\Server1 all I see is a single folder, but if I type it's IP \\, I can see all the shares on the machine. I can see tha

  • Some XP clients intermittently getting wrong IP for STATIC IP ServerJanuary 5

    We have a server with a static IP, let's say x.x.2.5. We have several WinXP (but not all) that will occasionally resolve the hostname to x.x.1.59 (x.x.1.x is the local subnet). The DHCP range in the router is set to x.x.50-199 and the router has issu

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