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how to highly compress with cmd

  • cmd batch processing:how to compress all dirs under one dir to another dir?January 26

    I want to compress all dirs and all files under one dir to another dir. such as I want to compress all dirs in d:\test to E:\backup D:\test\testdir1 D:\test\testdir2 D:\test\testfile3 after compressing the dirs,I can get the zip file in E:\backup E:\

  • How to list the contents of a zip along w/ file sizes and compression ratio via cmd lineSeptember 17

    How do I list the contents of a zip along w/ file sizes and compression ratio (or packed size) on osx w/ command line tools? --------------Solutions------------- You have this tagged with both zip and gzip, but here's both. These are both pretty stan

  • Enable row level compression on all tables and indexesMay 25

    One of the (optional) requirements for the Works With SQL Server 2008 test is that row level compression is enabled on all tables and indexes. We have an existing database with a lot of tables and indexes already created. Is there an easy way to enab

  • Windows 7 compress utility September 4

    I recently lost the default file association for Zip files in Windows Vista (I think it happened when I uninstalled WinAce, but I can't be completely sure). How can I restore this association back to the Windows default? --------------Solutions------

  • selfextracting archive with 7zip via cmd.exeJanuary 2

    I downloaded 7za.exe and did this to compress a file.exe: 7za.rar a -mx9 archive file.exe Now I want to create a selfextracting archive (.exe), so I tried this: 7za.rar a -mx9 -sfx archive file.exe But I get the following error message: can't find sp

  • MinGW tar compression problemMarch 27

    I am unable to get the Mingw tar to work with compress files. It does not filter through the proper compression utility. However, tar will work if I manually uncompress the file first. I have tried in both the MSYS shell and Windows cmd. Has anyone h

  • How can I achieve the best, standard ZIP compression?June 21

    I don't care how long it takes to compress, all I want to achieve is two things: The absolute best possible compression ratio Compatibility with standard readers, such as Windows and WinZip So suggestions such as 7-zip won't be of much use, unless 7-

  • Does TimeMachine compress iPhoto library?August 7

    I'm getting TM backups whose sizes don't match the target. My 260GB content on MBA SSD may produce a 220GB backup. My ~125GB IPhoto lib may produce a 95GB backup. Yet the other 30GBs of photos in the pictures folder back up to precisely the same size

  • Copying compressed files from Server 2008 R2 network share to XP client via VPN failsApril 11

    At the first sight the question looks similar to this one. I have experienced an odd behavior while trying to copy a certain file from Windows Server 2008 R2 network share to Windows XP Professional client via VPN. The VPN was set up using RRAS on th

  • Creating an automated HFS+ compressed folderMay 5

    I would like to set up an automated way for archiving files in OS X Lion. By archiving I mean using HFS+ compression feature on a specific folder, and make every file that I move into this folder automatically compressed. I'm thinking of using this t

  • How can I tell if a SQL Server backup is compressed?March 26

    We have recently upgraded from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2012. Under SQL Server 2005 there is no option to create compressed backups as there is in 2012. If you attempt BACKUP DATABASE ... WITH (COMPRESSION); to a file that has already been initi

  • Compress backup file using T-SQLApril 19

    Is it possible to compress a backup file to .zip (or another) in a stored procedure invoked from a maintenance plan? My maintenance plan contains these steps: check DB (consistency, re_index, maybe not important) full backup to check backup file by u

  • How to not compress inserted pictures in Powerpoint 2011 for Mac?May 18

    I am trying to make a presentation for a conference, and am facing a problem that I cannot solve. I have a powerpoint presentation initially created with Powerpoint 2010 for Windows. I am facing picture compression issues as described here. In additi

  • Find and compress file in Python scriptDecember 30

    I've just replaced my bash script with a Python script, and this is my first script where I used class. Please review and give me suggestions. #!/usr/bin/env python # This Script will compress One day old file means yesterday files from __future__ im

  • Disable Windows 8.1 Component Store (WinSxS/DriverStore) automatic compression?

    Disable Windows 8.1 Component Store (WinSxS/DriverStore) automatic compression?January 4

    Windows 8.1 has a new Scheduled Task (Servicing\StartComponentCleanup) which will automatically delete or compress superseded and unused files from the Side by Side store, DriverStore and drivers folder. I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possi

  • How to dump and compress MySQL database in Windows only using command lineNovember 28

    Is it possible to backup and compress just like in Linux: mysqldump --all-databases | lzma > all.sql.gz I only have smb:// and cmd.exe access via winexe, so no GUI (remote desktop is not enabled, it requires kerberos or something), and phpmyadmin are

  • Mirroring harddisk with compressed files with RobocopyDecember 2

    I tried to mirroring an existing disks on a new disks with less space. It is very important that the file structure, attributes and ACL's are exact as on the source disk. For this I tried robocopy.exe: robocopy $sourceDisk $destinationDisk /mir /XD "

  • Command line PDF image compression optimizerApril 2

    It doesn't necessarily have to be CMD but I'd prefer it. It has to be free though. I have tried lots of different ones but all of them seem to optimize some bit data within the PDFs and don't even touch the image compression which is what I am after

  • Running SCP through PHP does not yield same result as CMDJune 30

    I have a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Foundation running an MSSQL server and PHP. My goal is to replicate tables from the MSSQLdatabase to a Debian Wheezy MySQL database. I have successfully created the required PHP and SQL files to achieve this.

  • Is Photo compression-ratio for JPEG exports too high?August 26

    Despite selecting the High option when exporting JPEG images from Photo, I am finding the file size at destination is around 3MB - 60% smaller than when I exported the same images from iPhoto with the High option. Image size is unaffected. If Photo i

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