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how to sim unlock for mediatek Device

  • What's the purpose of "Emergency Call" button on SIM unlock screen?April 12

    When SIM is locked with PIN1 or PIN2 and I boot my Android phone, SIM unlock screen appears which contains num key pad and "Emergency Call" button. I have seen this in all Android phones including non-dual SIM phones and those without native VoI

  • SIM unlock a rooted HTC Desire (Bravo) with UbuntuMay 27

    I've just followed a tutorial to root and install CM7 on an old HTC Desire using Ubuntu only: http://blog.adorjanitamas.me/2013/03/howto-root-htc-desire.html I now want to SIM unlock the device - how could I do with Ubuntu as I don't have access to a

  • I it necessary to SIM unlock my Samsung Galaxy S2 to use a custom ROM?October 9

    I want to upgrade my Galaxy S II to Android 2.3.5, and my provider only has 2.3.3. So I have to use a ROM from samfirmware.com. Do I have to SIM unlock my phone before installing one of these ROMs? Do I have to root it? --------------Solutions-------

  • Network Unlock Code vs SIM Unlock PIN July 3

    I bought an unlock code from http://www.unlockcode4u.com because my phone was asking for it (Enter PIN Code) I got the code and it does not work. Actually only allow me to enter 4 digits. Now this guys are telling that the code is for the phone's "Ne

  • ServiceProvider eating my battery after SIM unlocking

    ServiceProvider eating my battery after SIM unlockingOctober 13

    I had my Samsung Galaxy S3 SIM unlocked last week. It runs a rooted Android 4.1.2. Since then, I've noticed that ServiceProvider is consuming much more battery that I have ever noticed before. Can SIM-unlocking a phone lead to a higher battery consum

  • How does SIM unlocking work under the hood?April 27

    I know what SIM unlocking is and how to do it, but my question is how does SIM unlocking work under the hood? What is actually going on that prevents me from just popping another carriers SIM in there? More importantly, since many of us have root acc

  • SIM Unlock Samsung Galaxy S III straight talk wireless model # SCH-S968CDecember 3

    I have bought a Samsung Galaxy S III straight talk wireless model no. SCH-S968C via mail from WalMart. So, any GSM line is not working. I think it is SIM-locked. How can I do a SIM unlock and be able to use my Metro PC's line? Thanks.

  • What happens when you SIM-unlock a cellphoneDecember 30

    In the UK the process for unlocking a mobile phone (cellphone) usually involves either buying an "unlock code" from ebay which you then have to put into the phone to unlock it, or taking the phone to a back-street phone shop (where I presume the

  • I cancelled SIM unlock and now I cannot unlock the deviceAugust 18

    When I inserted SIM card into my phone I tapped the "cancel" button, assuming that it would be possible to unlock it later. But I fear that my assumption was wrong. The device is a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8. Sadly I cannot find anything in "S

  • How to auto unlock SIM/UICC on trusted devices?June 6

    I don't like manually entering PIN1 of SIM/UICC everytime I reboot my Android smartphone or switch SIM/UICC between multiple trusted devices. How to auto unlock SIM/UICC on my trusted devices? The case is similar to auto-decryption of external hard d

  • Does rooting a device and installing a custom ROM SIM unlock it as well?February 6

    I'm a bit confused about this topic. I have a T-Mobile myTouch 3G which I've recently replaced with a Nexus One so it's kind of standing there. I was contemplating rooting the myTouch and installing an alternative ROM but I also wanted to unlock it s

  • How to check if bootloader is unlocked mediatek deviceSeptember 20

    My Device: Rooted Karbonn A52+ Android 4.2.2 (Stock ROM) | MTK6572 CPU Hi friends, I was recently able to flash Clockwork Mod Custom Recovery followed by a Custom ROM flash from the recovery (though now I've re-shifted to the stock ROM). But, what is

  • How can I check if an iphone is sim unlocked already? September 23

    I have a carrier-unlockable iPhone. That means they sell it locked but will unlocked upon request. As is generally the case with carriers, mine is a sack of incompetence. I requested the unlock and got many different responses and directionless guida

  • How legit is this website in telling if the phone is sim unlocked April 26

    How legit is this website. It says my phone is not sim locked but I'm to scared to update it and ruin the jailbreak unlock. Somebody said they could factory unlock my phone for free so I gave them my IMEI number now this website says its unlock. Prev

  • How do you SIM-unlock the SGH-I317 (AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2) on Jelly Bean 4.1.2?

    How do you SIM-unlock the SGH-I317 (AT&T Samsung Galaxy Note 2) on Jelly Bean 4.1.2?July 3

    I have looked all over the internet, and a lot of the download links and information has gone stale, or is incorrect. I wanted to standardize it here for other people. --------------Solutions------------- Calling AT&T may get you an unlock code withi

  • Can not unlock my Android device as have no internet connection?December 20

    I have an Android device which is running Android 4.0.3 (or something like that). My little brother decided to try and guess my lock screen pattern the other day, and ended up locking me out. I have since been unable to log back in to the tablet usin

  • Network SIM unlock code not working

    Network SIM unlock code not workingMarch 3

    I paid to get an unlock code for my Samsung Galaxy S4 Active SGH-I537 locked to AT&T. I have tried to enter the unlock code given when the phone boots with my other carrier SIM card inserted, but get "Network unlock unsuccessful" error messa

  • Unlock screen with device managerMarch 2

    so im trying to unlock my galaxy s4 screen, using google device manager, or something similar (any suggestion ?). cuz my screen recently cracked a i wanna get backup from all my data and reset it before i change the screen entirely. but an app like "

  • Using Android device manager to get the SIM details of located deviceMarch 30

    Thanks to this question on SU, I was able to locate my mobile which was stolen a month back, but after using ADM (Android Device Manager) service, it notifies the tracked device that "Your location has been shared", but now I am getting this mes

  • Any way to configure SIM unlock after leaving flight mode?August 3

    I'm using an Aquaris E4.5 Ubuntu edition phone, and I want to know if there is a way to configure how the phone unlock the SIM Cards when I leave the flight mode or another way to disable one SIM card without restart. I had 2 SIM cards inserted into

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