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hp probook 4420 fan always high

  • HP ProBook 4720s - Fans running constantly at fullApril 4

    I was given a HP Probook 4720s as a work laptop, over the last 2 years I've predominantly used Ubuntu as my OS for work and home, but recently have needed to use Windows 7 as it controls the fans correctly. I am now at the point where I want to try a

  • HP Probook 4530s - fans are always on and noisy November 2

    How can I get the fans of my HP Probook 4530s to slow down when the CPU is cool? The following attempts to fix the problem that have been unsuccesful: Fresh install of oneiric I disabled discrete graphics (radeon) : blacklisted and switched off with

  • HP Probook 4530s fan constantly runningNovember 27

    I have installed Ubuntu 11.10 successfully and everything works perfectly except the fan, it is working constantly and it has nothing to do with the CPU because if I don't open any programs it will remain at high speed. I figured it may be because of

  • WiFi issues on new laptopAugust 2

    I have a new ProBook 4420s that I can't use the wifi at my office (It's my access point that I control). Other devices can use wifi here just fine, and I can use the laptop on my home wifi or other nearby access points. I am able to connect to the ac

  • "HtmlConverter doesn't exist." error when installing Sun Java 6 July 30

    I'm new to Ubuntu and Java. How do I correct this? [email protected]:~$ sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done The following packages were autom

  • Controlling Fans on an HP Probook 4525sDecember 7

    I would like to simply set my fan to run at 100% speed all the time. Is there any way to do this without fancontrol? Is there a way to physically make the fan run at all times (external power?) or would it be better to buy a cooling pad/external fan?

  • How Do I Increase Laptop Fan Interval in Ubuntu Linux?July 11

    I am worried about a fire hazard. My son has an Acer Extensa 4420-5237 model laptop. It tends to run fairly hot even with a newer version of Ubuntu -- Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Linux. Is there something I can install which will cause the fan to run a little l

  • High fan speed after return from suspend (on Ubuntu)January 6

    I've got a HP ProBook 5310m laptop with Ubuntu 10.04 (32 bit). When I return from suspend, the fan speed is usually very high: FDTZ sensor reports "90 °C". Yes, the units are wrong, since FDTZ does not report temperature, but fan speed – that's

  • My HP ProBook 4530s got much hotter with Ubuntu Linux than Windows 7September 21

    I have a ProBook 4530S with Windows 7 on it. I've got the software drivers from here. I just installed Ubuntu 11.04 x64 on it. I am noticing that the notebook became much hotter, even after installing the ATI Driver (which I got from ATI website) Are

  • Why does the fan stop in Windows 7?November 11

    I have Windows 7 installed on ProBook 4530S. How can I configure it so that the fan remains always on running? When the fan stops, the system halts and the screen freezes. I have a dual-boot system on another OS (Unix-based) with the fan always on an

  • AMD Switchable Graphics (HP Probook 4530s-specific) - any way to enable?January 31

    I'm proud owner of not-that-expensive, yet powerful laptop (HP Probook 4530s). Being a fan, and every-day user of Ubuntu I was unable a way to use discrete GPU from of my laptop (hd6490), the only way ubuntu worked for me - was to disable switchable

  • How to set the tempreture at which the fan must speed up - laptopNovember 29

    I have HP Probook 4530s and the fan speeds up at around 45C then when it reaches 35C slows down and repeats. In the interval between 35-45 it barely works and this results in very annoying speed up of the fan every 2 minutes. How can set a higher thr

  • How to upgrade the BIOS in a HP ProBook 6560b via the HP_TOOLS partition?December 24

    I recently discovered the there is a BIOS Update version F.28 available for my (work) notebook which is a HP ProBook 6560b booting with version F.20. I hope that this might fix the always-running fans in that machine. The BIOS Update is available as

  • HP Probook 4530s overheating problem (ati/radeon)February 4

    Well, this is a painful topic, because I see, that graphic card developers don't want to support Linux environment with their drivers. I have HP Probook i5-2430M CPU, ATI Radeon HD 6490M/ Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 4GB of RAM. I tried different drive

  • HP Probook 4510s Overheating IssueFebruary 21

    I have an HP Probook 4510s running Ubuntu 12.10 with open source Radeon drivers also I keep my computer clean and dust free. The following output of the sensors command is worrying me. acpitz-virtual-0 Adapter: Virtual device temp1: +77.0°C (crit = +

  • Loud fan and very hot pcMarch 5

    I know, that you don't like when someone ask same question as is answered but I try a lot of solutions and nothing helped... I installed Ubuntu 12.10, everything is good but fan is very noise and battery life decrease from about 3,5h to 1,2h. I tryed

  • Why does my HP ProBook 4530s get much hotter?March 10

    my laptop details :- hp probook 4530 s processor : Intel (R) core (TM) i7-2670 QM - cpu @ 2.20 GHZ (8cpus),~ 2.2 GHZ memory 8192 MB RAM about display card (VGA) : device name : mobile intel (R) HD graphics manufacture : ATI technologies Inc. chip typ

  • The cooling fan works on maxSeptember 3

    The fan on the board (and the processor) sometimes decides to go nuts and works on max power. I look in the Task manager and there is no process that loads the CPU, HDD or the memory. The fan is clean (I checked and cleaned again, even though there w

  • HP PROBOOK over heatingOctober 9

    MY hp probook 4530's fan doesnt seem to be turning up when it needs to. Im currently running the latest version of ubuntu aka 13.04. I dont play games much and my hp probook only has intel 3000 graphics. All the drivers seem to be in order. However m

  • Fan is constantly on when plugged, but goes silent when only on batteryMarch 3

    Problem Fan is constantly on when a laptop is plugged and not charging. Not noisy, but definitely audible. However, it occasionally stays silent (spinning slower or not spinning at all) when laptop is not plugged or still charging. Question How to ac

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