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  • Any software to stub mails from a firmware with no smtp password capability?June 2

    We have a MGE U.P.S. (Evolution S 3000) with the ability to send mails when power down occurs. The thing is that the firmware settings doesn't allow to send using smtp accounts requiring password and our system requires it. Anyone knows about any mai

  • Has anyone managed to find a Windows 7 RC x64 compatible driver for the Sony Firmware Extension Parser (SFEP) on the Sony Vaio VGN-NS20S/S?July 24

    Problem OS: Windows 7 RC x64 Machine: Sony Vaio VGN-NS20S/S Missing Driver: Sony Firmware Extension Parser (SFEP) - sometimes known as SNY5001 I have tried various drivers for other versions of Windows and for similar laptops and searched online but

  • Simple, powerful and stable Firmware for LinkSys WRT54GLJuly 30

    I have just bought a Linksys WRT54G router, which has the ability to load custom firmware. As there are lots of them around the web, Can anyone recommend a FOSS simple, powerful and stable firmware package that also supports port forwarding? --------

  • WRTU54G-TM router with 3rd party firmware; Can custom firmware include stock binary portions?August 7

    I've been doing a lot of reading online about the Linksys WRTU54G-TM router model that I now own. It seems getting a custom firmware onto it is not a problem. But no one is talking about retaining the Voip features (yet). So far they're all disappoin

  • Tomato firmware - View port 80 trafficAugust 12

    I'm using a WRT54GL router and i've installed the tomato firmware. Is there any shell command or somehting i can use to view all port 80 traffic? I want to se which internal ip has a connection to an external ip. Adress resolving is a plus. Is this s

  • Linksys WRT54GL Reset to factory firmware?August 21

    I just purchased a WRT54GL that I want to flash with dd-wrt. On the dd-wrt wiki I read that I should first upgrade the linksys firmware to v.4.21.1 so I did so, but now the web gui is messed up. I can log in, but nothing is legible. I have used IE, F

  • What's a good Wireless N router for Mac that can run opensource firmware? August 30

    I've got a Linksys WRT54G running Tomato firmware right now, but I want to upgrade to Wireless N. What are good routers that have opensource firmware support AND are compatible with the Mac implementation of Wireless N? --------------Solutions-------

  • Linksys Router/Tomato Firmware DNS issuesAugust 30

    I've got a WRT54GS that I've loaded the current version of Tomato onto. I entered static DHCP addresses in for the devices on my network, released and renewed the address on my desktop and tried to ping another computer. All I got was The request cou

  • How to update X25-E SSD firmware in PowerEdge 2900 with PERC 5/iSeptember 1

    How to update the X25-E SSD firmware in a Dell PowerEdge 2900 with aPERC 5/i RAID controller? In other words, how to make the two SSD's visible to a firmware boot disk as such, when the RAID controller is presenting them as one RAID 1 volume? -------

  • .DLL error when installing firmware for Dell PE2900 PERC 5/i RAIDSeptember 3

    I'm installing a new RAID firmware version (2.5.0) for a Dell PE2900 which has a PERC 5/i RAID setup. When I run the installer, it gives the message "The procedure entry point RegDeleteKeyExA could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.

  • iTunes not responding while Firmware upgradeSeptember 6

    I am trying to update ipod touch into Version3.0 firmware. But after a 277 MB download, my iTunes has hanged saying "Preparing iPod for restore" How do i not brick my ipod and upgrade successfully, Also, where is the downloaded file stored. Pref

  • Adic Scalar 100 (Dell Powervault 136T) drive firmware downgrade problemSeptember 12

    I've got an Adic Scalar 100 (also commonly rebranded by dell as powervault 136T). recently one drive failed and we put in a spare LTO2 drive into the changer. Unfortunately, the drive has slightly newer firmware which causes the changer to complain.

  • Snow Leopard 64 bits mode (EFI64 Firmware)September 19

    How do I get the EFI64 firmware on my iMac 20" (late 2006) with Intel Core 2 Duo? --------------Solutions------------- As there is no EFI64 firmware update, the only option left to know if you have a 64 bits EFI is to run the following command: ioreg

  • What firmware to choose for ASUS WL-500GP v1October 1

    I've found several firmwares out there: OpenWRT, DD-WRT, Tomato and Oleg's. I'm wondering what is the best choice? Router is working in the home network (desktop through wires, laptop uses WiFi). Also I plan to run torrent and VPN client on it. -----

  • Buffalo TeraStation Firmware UpgradeOctober 19

    I was given a TeraStation HS-DH0.0TGL/R5 It came to me working with 4x250gb. I added 4 x 1TB, TFTP booted and data was copied. How do I load firmware and software now to get it running? I was going based upon this article: http://forums.buffalotech.c

  • Flashing the Firmware on a 3ware 9650SE RAID controllerOctober 29

    I've downloaded the required files to flash the firmware on my RAID controller I have also read the KB article:http://www.3ware.com/KB/article.aspx?id=10058 However it is not particularly clear - I do not have an OS installed yet, so how can I flash

  • Explain TRIM, and are all SSD's going to support this with firmware updates?November 4

    I just bought a Kingston 64GB SSD to install an OS on, but after purchasing it I noticed a review that said it doesn't support TRIM and that this isn't good to install an OS. So, I did a bit of research on TRIM, but I don't feel I completely understa

  • Update BIOS on Dell with Linux with no floppy drive, when firmware is not in the firmware-tools repositoryNovember 8

    I'd like to update my BIOS on my Dell Studio XPS 1340. I have the .exe file for installing it with Windows, but I don't have Windows installed on this computer. I'm currently running Ubuntu 9.04 64-bit. What can I do to update my BIOS from A07 to A11

  • How do I update my Modem FirmwareNovember 9

    I have a Linksys Cable Modem BEFCMU10 version 2. Is there a way I can update the firmware. I've read that only the ISP can update the firmware --------------Solutions------------- Looks like my modem can only be upgraded from the ISP. Check the admin

  • Block P2P traffic on a Linksys router WRT54G with Tomato firmware

    Block P2P traffic on a Linksys router WRT54G with Tomato firmwareNovember 10

    I'm running a small wireless network (6 to 10 users) on a Linksys WRT54G with Tomato firmware sharing an Internet connection. I don't want the users to download files with BitTorrent (mainly used) and other P2P apps. I've also found some solutions ab

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