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  • Problem with .htaccess on Ubuntu 10.04June 25

    Yesterday I installed LAMP on my Ubuntu 10.04. At first everything seemed fine, but, when I launched my PHP app (I copied it from Windows 7, where I use XAMPP) it didn't accept my .htaccess file. So all of my URLs are broken at the moment. What I did

  • Not able to use .htaccess in Ubuntu 10.0.4August 8

    I have AllowOverride All in /etc/apache2/sites-available/default. I added .htaccess with the following code. RewriteEngine on RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php|images|robots\.txt) RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /index.php/$1 [L] Without this htaccess, I am able to se

  • Localhost .htaccess not working on UbuntuAugust 16

    I have been trying to get my .htaccess file to work on my localhost. I know that the file works because it is on my server and works. However it doesn't seem to be working locally. I have followed the tutorials I could find to set overrides to all, b

  • Followed the instructions to enable htaccess on ubuntu 11 to no availOctober 26

    So I've followed these instructions to setup htaccess on my ubuntu 11 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingUseOfApacheHtaccessFiles and yet I'm not able to get a directory with an .htaccess file containing the text "Options +Indexes" to lis

  • How to enable .htaccess for Apache 2 in Ubuntu 11.10November 22

    I upgraded my laptop from Ubuntu 10.04 to Ubuntu 11.10. Now my apache webserver doesn't seem to recognize the .htaccess file because none of my url rewrites are working. I tried an a2enmod rewrite but apache says it's already enabled. I restarted the

  • .htaccess file ignored on Ubuntu serverDecember 10

    I'm having a problem with an .htaccess file on a newly installed Ubuntu server running Apache2. The .htaccess file in the directory where the WordPress files are located isn't being take into account when the server loads pages. There isn't an AllowO

  • .htaccess file ignored on Ubuntu Apache 2 serverDecember 10

    I'm having a problem with an .htaccess file on a newly installed Ubuntu server running Apache2. The .htaccess file in the directory where the WordPress files are located isn't being take into account when the server loads pages. There isn't an AllowO

  • .htaccess problem on Ubuntu 7.04 server

    .htaccess problem on Ubuntu 7.04 serverJanuary 16

    Hey all this is my second message and my first message on how to questions so im sorry if im asking at wrong place Problem: I cant use .htaccess files. I get "Cant find the page error." What did i do?: Installed Ubuntu Server [7.04] with this gu

  • .htaccess issue on Apache Web Server in Ubuntu VMOctober 2

    I just installed Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 11.04 in VMWare Workstation. I created a basic HTML page, named it index.html and placed it in /var/www directory (document root). I am able to access this web page from my Host OS (Windows 7), by pointing

  • ubuntu 12.10 .htaccess still not workingMarch 7

    I have just installed the Ubuntu 12.10 and I am getting some errors.. I have install the apache2 - ok. But when I am using the .htaccess file in my webfolders I am still getting error 403 forbidden. I rewrite the /etc/apache2/sites-available/default

  • Enable .htaccess on ubuntu serverApril 24

    I am looking to enable .htaccess in my Ubuntu server, I have ssh access and have attempted: sudo nano /etc/apache2/sites-available/default and changing AllowOverride from none to all under directory /var/www/ , but that causes my server to give me a

  • configuration issue with respect to .htaccess file on ubuntuJune 28

    I am building an application tshirtshop I have following configuration in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/tshirtshop <VirtualHost *:80> ServerAdmin [email protected] DocumentRoot /var/www/tshirtshop <Directory /var/www/tshirtshop> Options Indexes

  • htaccess does not work on Ubuntu Dapper Drake

    htaccess does not work on Ubuntu Dapper DrakeJune 28

    Hi, I need some help with setup my Apache. I did the Perfect Setup on the server where ISPConfig is running. The problem is that Apache ignores my .htaccess files in the web directorys. For example, I have here a directory /data/www/web9/web where a

  • htaccess not working on ubuntu 12.04 tried everythingJanuary 29

    I have frusted doing all things given on web for htaccess get working on ubuntu. But I could not do it. Actually I want to run my CodeIgniter app on LAMP, its not production server. so in www directory, there could be multiple folders e.g. www/punepc

  • How to enable .htaccess on ubuntu 13.10February 4

    I installed apache+mysql+php on my ubuntu 13.10. I want to use customized .htaccess file. But it is disabled by default on ubuntu system. There are some tutorials on how to enable it on ubuntu 12.04 but there are no tutorial on how to enable it on ub

  • Is this a correct way to enable htaccess in Apache 2.4.7 on Ubuntu 12.04March 5

    In almost every solution of "How to activate htaccess", they say that the /etc/apache2/sites-available/default file needs to be edited. But there isn't such file in Apache 2.4.7 I read somewhere that the new default file is 000-default.conf. So

  • How to enable use of .htaccess in Apache on Ubuntu?April 23

    I'm trying to enable use of htaccess file in Ubuntu 14.04 (Apache 2.4.7). I know that this question has many possible duplicates, but none of them helped me yet. .htaccess: ErrorDocument 404 /404.html 000-default.conf <VirtualHost *:80> AccessFileNa

  • .htaccess not being loaded in Ubuntu 14.04 (Apache 2.4.7)September 12

    I'm trying to use the .htaccess file in Ubuntu 14.04 (Apache 2.4.7). Here is what my .htaccess looks like # 1 YEAR <FilesMatch "\.(ico|svg|woff|eot|ttf)$"> Header set Cache-Control "max-age=31536000, public" </FilesMatch> #

  • Ubuntu touch mobil phone browser htaccess not acceptedMarch 24

    I have a big problem. My new bq ubuntu phone browser can't access websites that are protected by htaccess. What can I do? Thx a lot for any help. Bye, Thomas --------------Solutions------------- Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do. Basic Auth

  • ubuntu ispconfig joomla .htaccess

    ubuntu ispconfig joomla .htaccessMarch 31

    Been round and round the forums looking for answers but cant find so here goes The Perfect Setup - Ubuntu 6.10 Server (Edgy Eft) ISPConfig 2.2.9 Joomla CMS 1.0.11 On An ISPConfig Server Within 10 Easy Steps Everything seems to work fine until I need

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