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Huawei U8825D CM rom

  • Cannot add Google accounts on Huawei U8825D/G330DJune 24

    This is a Huawei U8825D/G330D running Android 4.0.4 on a contract with China Unicom. I have used two Android phones in the past, and was always able to sync all my Google services by logging into a Google account on my Android, but I haven't been abl

  • Huawei E303 "CD Rom Image" not mounting anymoreMay 21

    I desperately tried to get my HUAWEI E303 Surf Stick working on Mac OS X, without any success. I tried various Guides and Drivers. I think I also followed one Guide in which I deactivated the Image that used to mount when I plugged in the Stick. This

  • Huawei Sonic u8650, Im building custome ROM, need help with list of apps I can removeJanuary 4

    Im building Huawei Sonic costume rom for myself. And I will share it with all of you ofcorse. I own this phone for 2 days now, its great, my first Android :) And I tryed all custome roms and they all suck. Ok, ok they are ok, and have overclock and w

  • How to root a Huawei G330D (U8825D) phone?June 25

    The Huawei U8825D is on Android 4.0.4, and my computer is on Mac OS X 10.6.8. --------------Solutions------------- There must be some Windows machine you could use for 10 minutes. Follow this tutorial and you'll be good: http://forum.xda-developers.c

  • Wiped data, flashed rom, restored data and phone not turns on, keeps restartFebruary 24

    Phone is huawei u8800. aurorasp rom was in it. I had a problem. It was restarting before turning on. I tried a lot of things but could not manage to solve. SO i wiped data from cwm and installed aurorasp+ and restored backup. Again it went into resta

  • Android does not boot because of missing apk files in system/app folderApril 9

    I moved the question from http://stackoverflow.com/q/15872848/1665807 I have a rooted Huawei u8825d phone.I want to know if there were no apk files in "/system/app/" folder. So,I moved these apk files from /system/app/ to internal sd-card.When I

  • How to install ROMs without ClockWorkMod in Huawei U8800May 27

    I have official Huawei ROM installed on my U8800 (Android 2.3.5) and I want to try some custom ROMs like MIUI. So I researched and find out that I need to replace default recovery.img file in /.cust_backup/image with ClockWorkMod Recovery image file.

  • Is there any ROM for HuaWei U8800+/U8800pro May 2

    This question already has an answer here: What is Ubuntu Touch (Ubuntu for Phones) 4 answers What hardware does Ubuntu Touch support? 14 answers i am very excited that ubuntu has published a cellphone ROM, but it seems only avaiable on Galaxy Nexus &

  • Huawei Ascend G510 do I need to unlock bootloader and root to flash a custom ROM with CWMOctober 5

    My sister wants me to fix her phone, an Huawei Ascend G510-0100, which is having lots of issues in the stock ROM (she's not able to call, for instance). we tried an hard reset but in a few days the phone started bothering us again (this problem prese

  • Install newest ROM on Huawei Ascend G700January 14

    I want to install a new, clean OS on my Android phone. My phone is a Huawei Ascend G700, the specs are here -> Offical Huawei specs Where can I find the ROM for this phone? The only ROM's I see are for the more "known" phones, like Nexus, or

  • How to switch Huawei CDMA 2252+ to usb from cd-rom?October 24

    I have Huawei CDMA 2252+ phone and i want to connect it to linux to send sms. In Fedora 15 (64bit) it is taken as cdrom. This is the output of dmesg after the phone plug in. [10887.524339] USB Mass Storage support registered. [10888.614507] scsi 3:0:

  • Huawei P8 Lite - Bootloop after Rooting, Attempting to flash ROMNovember 26

    I got a new Huawei P8 Lite and unlocked the bootloader and rooted it. After that I updated the EMUI/System and rebooted it. Since I rooted it, it apparently doesn't like the update and is now in a Bootloop/Starts up and just stops after the Huawei Lo

  • How to return to stock rom on huawei y300 December 19

    There are several reasons to be looking for a ROM: Upgrading or downgrading your stock ROM Looking for firmware from a different region/language Flashing a custom ROM for different features, removing bloat, etc. But where can one find ROMs in the fir

  • Unable to connect to Mobile Broadband: Huawei EC1260 - TATA Photon+September 30

    I have a TATA Photon+ (Huawei EC1260) mobile broadband device and am unable to establish a connection either using wvdial or the network manager. Here is my wvdial.conf [Dialer Defaults] Init1 = ATZ Init2 = ATQ0 V1 E1 S0=0 &C1 &D2 +FCLASS=0 stupid

  • How do i configure huawei usb modem

    How do i configure huawei usb modemMarch 24

    i plan to purchase a Huawei E162e usb modem in Ghana when 11.04 is released. My question does it work out of box like in windows or do i need to go the ubuntu way! (tweak). Thanks in advance --------------Solutions------------- I can't say for your m

  • How can I use a Huawei E1750c USB modem?July 6

    'BIG' UPDATE I reinstalled the package (as I and binW pointed out) and now it recognises the modem as a modem. I configured the network, but I can't connect (acording to the 'lights' the modem shows I need to introduce the modem), so if you could hel

  • Install key 3G Huawei E1752 in DebianNovember 26

    I have a PC without a CD ROM drive. I have a connection with Orange 3G, using a Huawei E1752 device. I want to install Debian on my hard drive from a 15BG USB Disk. I tried with Debian Live but that does not give you an option to install Debian on yo

  • How to install Cyanogenmod on Huawei IDEOS U8150?December 31

    I am installing a custom rom for the very first time and I simply don't want to brick my phone (Huawei U8150). I downloaded and installed Rom Manager I downloaded Cyanogen 7 (update-cm-7.2.0-RC0-U8150-KANG-signed-dec5.zip) for my U8150 and stored it

  • Difficulty with mobile broadband device being recognized (registered as CD ROM)January 19

    I am running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS on a Samsung n150 netbook. I have bought a vodafone pay-as-you-go mobile broadband dongle. It is a Huawei device. I have *usb_modeswitch* installed. I installed betavine from betavineUbuntuLink. The program loads but dis

  • Do custom ROMs like CyanogenMod modify your bootloader?February 15

    Does a custom ROM like CyanogenMod come with their own bootloader or does it just overwrite the /boot kernel and /system? Does the bootloader take responsibility to lock your SIM card on a carrier? Basically, I'm interested in SIM unlocking my Huawei

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