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huawei ws319 cannot access on network

  • Windows 2008 Server cannot access any network shareJune 27

    I run a Windows 2008 server with SP2. This server acts as a desktop alone. Recently, I switched between two networks (corporate and other) using this system. Ever since, I am unable to access any network share on the original network from where I ins

  • Windows 7 loses access to network drivesOctober 14

    Ok this is an odd one, but is happening often enough its getting quite annoying. I recently installed Windows 7 on my work computer (about 2 months ago) and every so often I lose access to network shares on our work network. Its one server in particu

  • IIS Strategies for Accessing Secured Network ResourcesMarch 31

    Problem: A user connects to a service on a machine, such as an IIS web site or a SQL Server database. The site or the database need to gain access to network resources such as file shares (the most common) or a database on a different server. Permiss

  • How do I configure IIS to allow access to network resources for PHP scripts?August 5

    I am currently working on a PHP front-end that joins together a series of applications running on separate servers; many of these applications generate files that I need access to, but these files (for various reasons) reside on their parent servers.

  • Configure application priority to access the network

    Configure application priority to access the networkOctober 8

    I noticed that when I am running applications such BitTorrent all the other applications have trouble accessing the network. I am sure it would be possible to limit BitTorrent's network usage but what I really want is to be able to set priorities to

  • Access a Network drive from another user from CMD (windows)April 15

    I have written PostgreSQL backups scripts that backup all the databases to file. pgAgent.exe (a scheduling daemon) starts the BAT scripts under the local postgres user. The normal setup is to backup to a local drive and get the backup program to pick

  • Can a laptop access wireless network through another laptop?May 8

    There are two laptops that are both on. One is running Ubuntu 10.10, and the other Windows XP. There is only wireless network available, and there is no wired network here. The Ubuntu one cannot use wireless network now for some unknown reason, but i

  • Accessing windows network printers from a VirtualBox WindowsXP clientJune 6

    Is it possible to access windows network printers from a VirtualBox WindowsXP client running under Ubuntu 10.10 host? The networking type is NAT. Would Bridged Networking solve the problem? If so, is there a tutorial on how to set up bridged networki

  • Looking for definitive answer to accessing a network drive/NAS/SMB drive via Windows 7 HOME and Windows 7 Professional. Is it possible and how?

    Looking for definitive answer to accessing a network drive/NAS/SMB drive via Windows 7 HOME and Windows 7 Professional. Is it possible and how?June 30

    I want to be able to access my Lacie 2Big network drive in Windows 7 Explorer. I have a machine with Windows 7 Home and one with Windows 7 Professional. Neither Windows 7, home or pro, can access the drive. The Windows 7 Home machine displays the dri

  • How to prevent Domain Admins from being denied access to network folders?July 4

    As I understand it, if a user creates a folder they become the owner and can control NTFS permissions including removal of inherited permissions granted to Domain Admins. What is the best approach to prevent Domain Admins from being denied access to

  • Disable access to network shares for one userNovember 8

    I have a Windows 7 computer with two users. One of them is Administrator the other is limited user. Limited user should have access to the internet but should not have access to any network shares of any computers in LAN. Best if he didn't even see t

  • How can I use iptables to block certain processes from accessing the network? March 24

    Is it possible to block the (outgoing) network access of a single process? --------------Solutions------------- With Linux 2.6.24+ (considered experimental until 2.6.29), you can use network namespaces for that. You need to have the 'network namespac

  • asking for password before i can access the network driveApril 10

    I mapped the network drive of Server 2k3 to an XP xlient computer (join to domain), However, whenever i access the network drive to the client computer, it always asking for a password. What will i do to access directly the network drive. -----------

  • Can I access a network resources through SSL Vpn (OpenVpn)?May 3

    I'm really confused about some related things in the Vpn uses.. especially in sharing only the internet & accessing all the resources(printer, files..etc) that are available in the network and be like your are really in the same local network(even if

  • Can I create a single ftp to access multiple network locationsMay 7

    I have an ftp server setup using FileZilla Server and 5 application servers which each have a backup folder that is shared. On the ftp server I have setup symlinks in the root ftp directory that point to each of the backup directories. When using Win

  • Deleted/Added a DNS host entry to access a network share: path not foundMay 27

    I was requested to delete a host record (a CIF server on a NAS) I haven't deleted the AD account, only the DNS host record. Then I added the same host record with a different IP address which belongs to another computer. This other computer is a memb

  • Access local network through one public IPAugust 8

    I have a local network built up with 8 computers connected to switch. Main node has a public IP, so I can ssh it from external network. Is it possible to access other 7 nodes without assigning public IPs to them?(access them from the node that has pu

  • How do I prevent a user from accessing a network drive?November 6

    Is it possible to prevent a user from accessing a network drive through Explorer, mapping the drive, or with the Run command -- for example, by modifying the registry? I found part of the solution here, but I would still like to know how to disable c

  • Access two networks with two network cardsNovember 27

    I have two network cards listed here with the route print command: Interface List 29...10 fe ed 02 d9 8e ......Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family PCI Gigabit Ethernet NIC (NDIS 6.20) #2 24...00 14 d1 2a 4d a4 ......Realtek RTL8169/8110 Family PCI Gigabit Et

  • Exchange 2010 allows outside access to network filesMarch 26

    One of our users discovered by accident he could access our network files from his smartphone while at home. No VPN needed. He was sent an email with an internal link to a network share on his android. When he opened the email and clicked on the link

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